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  1. There are 18,000 people offering flyers and 200,000 people offering logos. You are going to have to figure out a way to stand out in the crowd. Are you providing graphics for local people that you know? It is hard for people to order from you when you haven’t had an order. But everone on Fiverr had to start there. When I started, I had to entice people to give me a chance. Always look at this like you would a real business. It is no different than renting at cart in a shopping mall. You have to provide something that someone needs, do it really well, communicate well and hope they choose you. Fiverr is better because if you don’t sell anything, you don’t have to pay for the exposure. The mall wants their rent even if you didn’t do well. And if you don’t do well, you can’t blame the mall.
  2. That’s awesome! and if they return every month, you can have at least 40 orders every month… Why don’t you stop doing a job for someone else? and start working for yourself full time and make more money? You are right about working for yourself. I have been self employed for 25 years. About 20% of my work comes from Fiverr. Fiverr has been really steady and predictable. I have never had a salary in my life. My regulars order 1-2 times a week so you are right, they are very predictable.
  3. It has been a good year for me. My Fiverr work has become more profitable in relation to the hours I spend on Fiverr each week. I have also developed around 60 regular customers. Fiverr is secondary work for me. I always challenge myself to keep my secondary work only part time hours, but to let the income of the secondary work surpass my regular job income.
  4. I have been 100% self employed for the last 25 years. Right now Fiverr is one of about 6 streams of income for me. I am a freelance audio and video producer. Fiverr’s income has been one of the steadiest predictable streams of income that I have ever had. Go Fiverr! Fiverr since October 2013.
  5. My first 4 months on Fiverr started in October and I pushed hard through January. Fiverr had more momentum through the holidays than I had ever seen in my experience before. Reasons customers might spend money in December: Preparing for a product launch on January 1st. Spending remaining 2017 Budget money before January 1st. I have 1 customer that batch orders in December. She wants to take January, February and March off. So she prepares all her media in December for automation.
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