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  1. There are 18,000 people offering flyers and 200,000 people offering logos. You are going to have to figure out a way to stand out in the crowd. Are you providing graphics for local people that you know? It is hard for people to order from you when you haven’t had an order. But everone on Fiverr had to start there. When I started, I had to entice people to give me a chance. Always look at this like you would a real business. It is no different than renting at cart in a shopping mall. You have to provide something that someone needs, do it really well, communicate well and hope they choose you. Fiverr is better because if you don’t sell anything, you don’t have to pay for the exposure. The mall wants their rent even if you didn’t do well. And if you don’t do well, you can’t blame the mall.
  2. The failure is in the thumbnail design. Create a thumbnail that attracts people to click on it. Fiverr is presenting your gig in the search results. (impressions). People are not “clicking” on your thumbnail to read more about your gig or watch your gig video.
  3. I agree with everything said. I understand how you feel. With these first time big orders, I call it getting married before you go on a date. I have learned from similar situations. Make the first delivery small enough that you can walk away if the customer just doesn’t like it. It occasionally happens… I know it’s taboo, but I will sent a paragraph sample before I ever take one of those orders that just feels a certain way. That way the customer knows exactly what i am going to do. I do not proceed with revisions unless I have a clear understanding as to what finished looks like. Otherwise, I am concerned that I am digging a deeper time hole. I have rarely cancelled orders. I have had 250 cancelled orders out of 7000 orders. But I have requested a cancellation for less problems than what you described. I believe if they cancel before you have delivered once and it is more than 24 hours late, you will get an automatic 1 star review from the system. Has anyone seen this change? If it is going to be a cancellation anyways, I would deliver the finished work and he will except and review or he will kick it back to you for revisions. If he kicks it back for revisions, you will be in control of the order. Once it is in revision, it can’t be closed out until you deliver again or request a mutual cancellation. If it is mutually cancelled, the buyer can’t leave a public review or rating. Someone kindly correct me if you have experienced the process differently lately. It has been quite a while, so there is hope that this won’t happen often for you.
  4. I would consider focusing on clients that are moving in this economic environment. That has been a bigger issue for me than which sales platform. Do you have current customers that are working more in this season? I see tons of new video commercials and ads from companies that are distributing media right now. Much of the work can be completed online and not in person. I have an active account on Fiverr. I have seen a 30% increase in my business during the crisis. People have gone home and now they have time to complete the things they have been too busy to finish. They are less distracted now. There is economic unrest which will keep some people from paying their bills. You and I just need a small percentage of work from the people who can spend. The pest control business also suffers during times like this. It’s easy to hold on to cash and be 30 or 60 days behind on paying the pest control bill. I have friends in the business who almost go bankrupt every time it happens. It really causes a cashflow problem for them when 80% of their customer don’t paiy this month’s bill.
  5. USA got hit with hard news over the last few day. My online work is about 30% higher right now. Many of our customers have a longer game. They may have more time to get caught up on their projects. Getting materials to us and following through with online content development, new products and sales funnels. I expect more online traffic since people are stuck at home and away from physical contact.
  6. you need to get CS to cancel it or cancel it yourself. If the customer cancels it after it is 24 hours late, you will get an automated negative review.
  7. I forget that my secret to success was the 23 some years of freelancing before I started on Fiverr. You can’t just get a Fiverr name tag and expect for it to work. It is also better to learn in front of real customers. Kind of makes your offers a little more real. A little more practical.
  8. Yeah, it’s just a coincidence how they always get the girl and get away with causing millions of dollars of damage to public property—and get to go on awesome adventures and have secret bases… :roll_eyes: Come on. We all know why they really do it. They like to destroy public property?
  9. @landongrace is correct. You clearly don’t know Batman. Batman ALWAYS did what he did for free. That’s why he’s a superhero. True heroes are selfless. Why do you need to know who agrees with you? Are you conducting a random poll? jonbaas just gave me the recipe to become a super hero. I’m on it.
  10. I would suggest targeting something that takes 30min-2 hour to do (For someone that is really good). Something you see selling on Fiverr. There will be less competition for the work. People just don’t want to work that hard. Your competition will probably go from 10,000 to 500. The market for the job should pay $50-$200. Offer this for $5.00, unlimited revisions, and 24 hour turnaround. That should get the ball going. Do about 100 of them and get your account off the ground. This is exactly what I did to get started. I did 100 orders in 60 days. Now I’m at 6000 orders. Now my hourly is $50-$100 on Fiverr. You won’t get stuck there. It will launch your profile and your gig.
  11. 5 stars all the way. Then sometimes a block. 🙂
  12. Batman was good at what he did and he always did it for free. Who was he giving this advice to?
  13. Messaging so easily feel like an attack. All love here. I didn’t realize the power of the service productization until I had been selling here for a while. Google searching service productization really finds some interesting reads. You could consider a consultation gig. Let’s just talk about what it would take to provide what you need. They could either pay the $5 to talk or they could message you to pre-talk about the project before they pay. Then jack the prices of the actual gigs high so they want start an order early. You always could send a final quote for any price. Just make sure the gigs all align with the tos. Just food for thought.
  14. miiila, You almost asking for a site where customers ask multiple provides to bid on a job and then 1 gets the job. On bid type sites, they usually have 25-50 submitted bids. The cost of the time that it takes to bid will double or triple your costs and the price you have to charge.
  15. In my mind. A direct fiverr order and a custom fiverr quote are two complete different products. Service productization is turning a service into a product. It removes the customized process of submitting a quote and waiting to be rewarded the contract. I have to factor in all of the conversation and the time it takes to figure out what the client needs. If someone orders a 150 word video on my gig, the cost is $50.00. If I have to submit quotes and only win 50% of the jobs, my cost for the same 150 word video goes to $150.00-$250.00. I don’t make more money. It just costs more time and I am pushing more paperwork than I am making videos.
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