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  1. Whatever, @nikavoice 😒 Hee, hee, hee! Jk, how U doin’ gf?!? 💕 I had no idea who was left to be honest. I haven’t been on the forum for a long time. Happy New Year! 🎉
  2. As I said earlier, if someone knew the recipe for sticking to the first page months on end, would they share it? Would you say to me what you did so I can get more sales? Obviously not, because this is a competitive marketplace. What I recommend you to do is to study the market. See what best selling gigs have, how you can improve and what you can provide. Deliver something different when compared to your competitors. Kudos, Donnovan! :clap:t4: and dedication for any business to thrive. @humanissocial Right, Fiverr gave us a platform to sell our services, no startup fees, etc. It’s up to each of us to decide how far we want to take it.
  3. Um, …And what seems to be the problem? Fiverr can do whatever they want, it’s their platform, their business model. If they want to give new sellers a push, I don’t see anything wrong with that. We were all new at one point. 🍍
  4. Hello, @ruthlancer! Never condone bad behavior from anyone in life. If the Buyer makes you uncomfortable, I encourage you to send a note to CS so they can document her behavior. Remember, you are here to be treated with respect and kindness and nothing less. 🍍
  5. We have missed you and the ray of sunshine you always bring! 🙂 You’ve received a few ♥️ from me LOL. I’m trying to catch up on the notifications. I hope all is well, you’re in good health and having a Happy Holiday season. 🦋
  6. Follow the rules like everyone else and you’ll be ok. 🍍
  7. Hey Mario, OMG my mouth hit the floor when reading your message. I haven’t visited the forum for a long time, too. Work and college are keeping me busy. It’s so good to see you. 😊
  8. Ooh, I love your new toy, @frank_d. 😍 I’ve been playing app games to pass the time when I get bored. I used to play Playstation but gave it up to concentrate on other things LOL.
  9. You are not entitled to a feedback. Fiverr allows Buyers to opt in or opt out of leaving feedback for Sellers, it’s at the Buyer’s sole discretion. 🍍
  10. Is the answer Planes, Trains and Automobiles? (By the way, I hope you didn’t throw away the rental agreement for those cars. Otherwise, you’re… well, you know the quote!) Ugh! You’re really good. 😁 I’ll be back to see what Bubbles comes up with.
  11. “all proceeds” would include the entry fees, or? If so, you can donate (and probably deduct it from your income tax as donation or advertising costs), and at the same time get a chance to win an award, might be interesting for some people. If I was a New Yorker and/or in the relevant niche, I’d probably consider it; if I didn’t win, it would still be a donation and no big loss. If perhaps mostly sellers from NYC (because of the donatee) and only those who want to pay/donate (?) the entry fee take part, chances of winning might not even be so bad. I’d agree that the wording is a bit off, “competition honoring …” doesn’t really sound like something you need to pay to take part in, maybe that should be made clear right away, and not just in the end through the “1/2 off code for entries”, by calling it “charity competition” or something (but I’d call your wording a bit off too, so I may not be a good meter, to me maybe most wording seems off ;)). About the future, my prediction is that like 90-100% of the people who only comment because they think it gives them some magical boost, won’t click the link anyway, as they usually don’t read the posts they comment on, so I don’t think there will be many realizations and "Eek, the water is cold!"s. However, good luck to any forum participants who don’t mind cold showers and will enter the competition! Um, Mila, cold showers 🚿
  12. Thank you very much ❤️ You’re welcome. But you do know this thread is like 3-years-old, right? 🥴
  13. Listen it wouldn’t be the end of the world. When you’re in business you’re bound to get a negative feedback from a buyer. Just keep pushing forward, I encourage Sellers to stop selling themselves short by accepting peanuts. Know your worth, don’t allow Buyers to dictate how you should run your business, never fear Buyers. This is your Business, take the wheel. 🍍
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