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  1. Thinking it might just be me with the rash of chargebacks and cancellations. However, I am starting to wonder what is going on. I go to look on my earnings to see how long it'll be before I can do a withdraw, and all of a sudden, I see a rash of cancellations on orders that have been completed. No notifications about these orders being cancelled except for two orders. Two of these orders that were canceled came from a client I have been working with since 2016. I've reached out to CS, but I honestly think the rest of these are bugs. One even says I had an $8 order cancelled and reimbursed.. but the order was for $12. Now, how am I supposed to know how much I'm allegedly owed for the work I've done. Anybody else experiencing this problem?
  2. If you requested academic-related work to be done, the seller likely marked it as spam, as it’s against the TOS to do anything school-related. However, it could be the bot flagged the message itself if certain words were used in your message to a seller.
  3. Same… I can’t answer messages or anything either. Blah.
  4. https://www.neafp.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30216 I use gloves similar to these BUT… when the ones are two-in-one gloves - basically, I can use the fingerless gloves over the regular gloves or remove the fingerless gloves and use them by themselves. Does that make sense?
  5. I have that problem in the winter a lot. I wear gloves without the fingertips. It seems to help with keeping the hand warm and ensuring the blood flows into the tips to warm them up. You may also want to talk with a dr. about this. It could be poor blood circulation going into your hands.
  6. I gave him several samples of my article writing skills. Then he gave me an assignment. I also submitted it. then he gave me a doc file where the instruction was there to write an article. I said I will fulfill your demand. looks like he is pleased with me. he is ready for order. then he wrote reward. now, what will I do? ***********. Mod Note: Screenshot removed. Please remove the username before reposting. I might be wrong here, but since the OP appears not to be a native English speaker, it may be the word “assignment” was chosen to specify "job’. If not, then if it’s related to academic work, it’s def. against’ Fiverr’s terms of service. Never begin a project before an order is made. You are one of the few that will likely get paid for your services, but many times, a buyer will claim they’ll pay but never do. You need to be sure the work is done only after an order has been made.
  7. Sorry to hear that your experience with the writing project was not successful. It can be unnerving when it happens. I can understand being under the weather bit, but after an extension already, that makes me suspicious as well. If you do need help with your article, I’d be happy to discuss with you the project, your particulars and the depths of the project. I don’t normally advertise my services in the forum. I feel icky when I do. However, I’m reaching out to assist you.
  8. Do you mean that you have messaged someone on the main site and asked them for help? That’s what I asked, but the OP is adamant that the Hello Fiverr is what did it. I don’t buy it!
  9. You should have still used the Resolution Center to extend the delivery timeframe. Empty deliveries elicit a warning from Fiverr. As I said, you need to read the TOS and learn how Fiverr works to ensure you don’t make these mistakes again… if Fiverr reactivates your account.
  10. This was a huge mistake, and with two strikes already, this third may have summed up your future on Fiverr. What you should have done was use the Resolution Button to extend the delivery time. Of course, this begs the question, why would you create an offer for one day delivery if the order wasn’t due until Friday anyway? Empty deliveries are a big no-no on Fiverr, and I’m not surprised that your account has been temporarily disabled. On your second breaking of rule, you said you asked for help. I doubt the Hello Fiverr would have caused the infraction. Did you reach out to another Fiverr seller for help, tips, advice, jobs, etc.? If so, then that person reported you for spam. If you do happen to get your account back, I would say you need to really read the TOS to avoid making these “stupid” little mistakes in the future.
  11. I have never asked for a tip from my buyers. It’s rude and speaks negatively of my character. If a buyer tips, then great. If not, then it is what it is. More important to me than tips actually is the repeat service. If a buyer likes my work, I’d rather them buy my services again before the tip… but that’s just me. Go with your instinct here. You’re probably right. And, this begs the question, what happens if the person you hire for a second time is unable to reach that same person for the work? What kind of blog post would you get then? Good luck.
  12. As Vickie said, I lost mine a couple of years ago, but honestly, I concentrate more on my clients than I do on a badge that has little more to offer than the weekly payout. I’m used to being paid two times a month (a timetable I give myself) that I see levels are nothing more than a carrot that Fiverr uses to entice buyers. In all honesty, I never remember the evaluations anymore. My focus is on the clients and providing them with quality work. That’s all the matters to me.
  13. I am doing this very thing right now for a client. He has the document in Google Docs and wants it written in there. But, I decided to copy and paste it to a word document and each time I am done with a section, I paste my new work into his doc. When I am done with the order, I can submit the Word copy to the order and Fiverr will have a record that I completed the work.
  14. LOL… That’s too funny. Got to love the sense of humor here!
  15. They’re increasing because it’s been that many days since your warning took place. If you commit another warning, it’ll reset. The number of days increasing is a good thing!
  16. No… being active on the Fiverr Forum is not important to getting jobs. I don’t know where you are getting your information but that’s blatantly NOT true! OP, what are you doing to improve your gigs? Reading the Fiverr Forum can offer a plethora of help to improving your gigs. What also are you doing to market yourself? You need to stand out and make yourself be seen.
  17. I reached out to Fiverr CS about the order. Provided them with information about the contradictory nature of the project. Waiting to hear back. Hoping they will cancel. Upon learning more, I realize my client is a middleman for the article. This makes the nature of the article even harder. I would have no problem conducting an interview with a client if I am given information that is pertinent to the needed article. I did reach out to the buyer as well - explained how I felt we were no longer a good match and that the project was fast approaching with no real movement from the beginning of the project. He’s already requested a cancellation, but I’m going to allow Fiverr to handle this one. Thanks everyone!
  18. Got a client on a new gig I have - stipulates I will turn an interview already conducted into an article for print. Not so bad right? Well, right out the gate, I have a problematic buyer. First off, before I could even ask anything more about the project, he orders only to find out that he’s not conducted the interview and wants me to do it. Gives me information about who it is for, then contradicts me when I repeated the same name. Then, tells me the questions I ask are all wrong but were written based on the information he provided me that the article was “supposed” to be about. So, my question to you is this - Would you consider continuing to work with this client, KNOWING the contradictions you have had already or would you suggest a cancellation via support or mutual? My thought is, I need to go to support about this contradictory client and have them end the order based on this client’s inability to clear express what he needs.
  19. Contact CS to cancel the order. Let them know that you have requested the extension and the buyer is not holding up their end of the deal by providing you the work upon ordering. Be sure you clarify that the order is going to be late within the day as this may help them to resolve the issue immediately. Once they do this, I suggest blocking the buyer to ensure they cannot order again from you. This is bad behavior on the buyer’s part.
  20. We always hear the horror stories of Fiverr not answering in a timely manner. Some as never, some as in a few days, maybe a couple of days. With the pandemic, it was up to 10 days for a response, which hurt many sellers in the end, I am sure. However, KUDOS and BRAVO to Fiverr CS this evening. I had another client who ordered my gig, requesting I do some academic work. This, in spite of my saying on my gig, I do not offer this service. I wrote to Fiverr about 30 minutes ago, and about 10 minutes ago, I get a message that Fiverr canceled the order. I am not a TRS, so that’s not it! CS was just on top of it today! AWESOME JOB!
  21. 20210220_1354042064×1548 1.24 MBI was offered the option to do promoted gigs in October with the $10 credit. In the middle of November to the beginning of 2021, I opted not to use it - too much going on personally to do anything. In the last month and half, I saw my most popular gig getting the most exposure. I say, for myself, promoted gigs have helped out tremendously. In fact, eight of the 12 orders I have in my queue are for promoted gigs. I’ve been busy, even though the personal stuff went into overdrive. Husband had an emergency surgery at the start of the month, and then a set back on Valentine’s Day. To say I’ve been under stress is an understatement, but I hold my own each and every day. The promoted feature has net me even more long-term clients, and so long as it works out… So be it!
  22. I have a thing for hot chocolate with nutmeg and cinnamon (the two combined are a natural high and can rev the metabolism). Other than water and the occasional unsweet tea, that’s pretty much my list of beverages.
  23. We know 2020 is a bad year. After all, you have the coronavirus, then murder hornets, then a messed up U.S. election and the recent Nashville suicide bomber attack. There hasn’t been a lot of 2020 that’s been good (at least from my perspective). Despite all that, is there anything you are thankful for in this year? I’ll start. I am thankful for the ability to give my son’s best friend a forever home. Yet not official because of the lack of money to make it be that way, we welcomed this teenage boy into our home and call him our own. When his mother removed him from our care last month, we were worried we’d never see him again. Last week, she dropped him at our door at 1 a.m. with no prior notification. Yes, authorities are involved, and we were told that chances are he’d be ours for good is high. I’d like to make it official, but I need to gather the money to do this. It’s been a rough year with the loss of my school job, covid diagnosis and husband’s ICU and hospital stay for another health ailment. Still, knowing that the DHS is on my side for this, makes me feel confident that he has his forever home. What about y’all?!
  24. I’m getting tired each time I deliver a project that the order has been extended for 7 days. No kidding! Once was enough. Geeze!
  25. Hey GG, Things are okay this direction with everything FINALLY slowing down for me. Lost the job at the school after they downsized the Pre-K, and started freelancing again full-time. Hubby suggested I take the year off from any outside job to relax. After all, I’ve been doing 3 jobs for 7.5 years with no real slow down. I guess this year was as good a time as any. As for the freelancing,I’m definitely seeing benefits this month of my decision. 🙂 Take care, and come by more often.
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