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  1. Keep waiting and keep improving. I am waiting for the last 28 months consistently maintaining my stats for TRS. Check more here: https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/263755-reason-for-not-getting-trs/?tab=comments#comment-1642065
  2. I never contacted Fiverr CS to cancel those 2 orders because they were buyer's mistake. I simply cancelled the orders myself without asking FIverr team to cancel them for me.
  3. Now I get your point. I am in communication with Fiverr CS. Let say what they say
  4. I always thought the same that Fiverr team manually reviews an account to make the promotion. But this demotion seem to be automatic and it didn't happen as expected. So I concluded that there is some glitch with the system in checking my account.
  5. I am also an old user and had some conversations with these guys in the past. So I tagged them. I still see they have good earned good ranks here.
  6. When we hover on the 89% red stat, it says, you should have at least 90% to maintain this level. 89% is below 90 and is also red so clearly it's the system fault for not monitoring my account.
  7. Thanks for your response @mariashtelle1 My order cancellation is still below 90% and the next evaluation is now showing up as Oct 15
  8. @humanissocial @mariashtelle1 @radennorfiqri @vickiespencer @wp_kid @uk1000 @english_voice
  9. I got nominated for Top Rated Badge back in Feb 2020. Since then I have maintained my stats but never got promoted. Finally, after waiting for 28 months consecutively, I found the reason for not getting the TRS badge and that reason is: Fiverr system NEVER evaluated my account 😐 Let me explain how I knew it. I went on a recreational tour in August and thus I paused all of my gigs. When I returned back, I had to cancel 2 order (buyer's mistake) and then my "Order Completion" dropped to 89%. This is the first time in my 6 years of Fiverr career that I had to demote to Level 1 on September evaluation. So I was waiting to get the notification of demotion. To my greatest surprise, the evaluation period ended but the system DID NOT demote me to level 1. That was the "Ahhhan" moment when I realized what I am missing to get the TRS badge. My profile was not being evaluated at all! So I contacted Fiverr customer support and explained everything. As expected, they responded with a template response 🙄 After some more struggle, I convinced the agent to forward my case to Fiverr Tech Team so they can look into my account and see what the problem is. I will update this post when I get any update from Fiverr team. Recap:
  10. Lil breaks are like a blessing. Do enjoy them, drink coffee and have fun. Once you dive into the cycle of consistent orders, you will miss this time too lol
  11. You can withdraw partial or full funds as per your own choice.
  12. Same happened to one of my gigs. I created a ticket yesterday. Let’s see how long they take to respond
  13. This is not true. One of my friend has been earning over $1500 each month consistently and he too isn’t promoted yet.
  14. PayPal isn’t available here so use Payoneer
  15. WasSalam @fawnine, Withdrawing money from Fiverr to any local is quite easy. Here is step by step procedure: Go to “Earnings” PageClick “Fiverr Revenue Card”You will be asked to link your Payoneer account. If you already have a payoneer account, just link it. If you don’t have, Sign up on Payoneer. You must provide your 100% original details to avoid any problem in future.When you have linked your Payoneer to Fiverr, it will be reviewed and approved in a few days. You will receive Payoneer Master Card in following 7-10 days on the address you will use while creating the payoneer.You can then click Fiverr Revenue Card to withdraw any cleared funds in your Fiverr account.Your money will be sent from Fiverr to Payoneer in 1-3 days.You can then attach your local bank to your payoneer account and withdraw your earning to your local bank account. OR you can use the Payoneer Master Card in any ATM bank and withdraw your earnings directly from ATM. Yes, you can. No. On each transection from Fiverr to Payoneer, you will have to pay fees ($1 for 3 days transfer time or #3 for urgent 1 days transfer time) Hope it clarifies.
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