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Never give up on your goals


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A question for sellers:

What do you want to get out of Fiverr - whats your goal?

When I started Fiverr, I just put up a Gig to see what happened.

That was 2019 - the year is 2023 and it's been a 4-year whirlwind.

Whether you're new to Fiverr, or have been selling for a long time - what's your goal with Fiverr in terms of revenue, orders and career?

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I've completed almost 900 jobs here on Fiverr over several years. I got sick and stepped away for a couple of years and had steady off-platform work coming to me via my web content writing business I launched 9 years ago.

With AI, I have seen a painful dip in business but it seems to be coming back slowly.

I hope to re-build my Fiverr career to "fill in the gaps" between my other writing contracts.

In other words, Fiverr is one of many streams of income for me and I see it as nothing more than a part-time opportunity. When I combine that with my other "part-time opportunities" it adds up nicely.

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