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Celebrity AMA w/ the Grand High Poobah of Nothing


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In Bulgaria, there is no cop that is not corrupt. There is no politic that is not corrupt and that is not thinking of yet another way of stealing from It’s own people. It is very sad to see, my home land to get destroyed like that. Most of the younger people, are leaving to study in foreign country’s and never come back. I myself work in Poland.
Greed for money, fame and power, this is the problem. Money is good yes, you can eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, rest, dress trendy, but there are things that money will never ever be able to buy, such as love ( not talking about sex here) , a real friend and much more.
The way things are going, I think that the corruption will raise much more in the future.
But, it is also important not to lose faith, for there are still many decent, good and warm people and politics, who try to change the current situation, to make a better world.

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It’s not much better in Greece, where a lot of your fellow countrymen chose to live. One time I was sharing a room with some Bulgarians from Varna. This was pre-EU/BU days. Anyway, dawn raid ended up with me presenting my UK passport with some sharp words before flipping back over in bed. Pretty minor.

I’ll stick with NWA. Fun fact, Greek law changed some years ago so that police aren’t allowed to police their “home patch” anymore–they have to go elsewhere. This is to prevent corruption. In reality, we just swapped one variant of fat, useless, donut-eater for another. It’s also regarded as a profession for family members too thick to be trusted with the family business.

I’ve also dealt with them in the role of the victim (I was basically mugged and almost raped, but luckily managed to only get mugged–I punched the first attacker in the face a lot until he ran away. His accomplice did the stealing–I would have been smarter, but I had just been pushed off a bridge and climbed back off after punching the initial, rapey, attacker off. I mean, I’m still not sure what his intentions were, but they were not pleasant and he had ruined my night, so I punched him in the face a lot.) and that was even more woeful, but that’s a story for another day. Elliniki Astonomia definitely needs a bit of “sensitivity training”.

As NWA said, **** tha Police. This is all a few years ago. I was pretty lucky overall.

Meanwhile in the UK… lol. The London Met are possibly the most corrupt force in the country, followed by whichever constabulary is in Leeds. West Yorks? Look up Jimmy Saville for more info, and that’s a fraction of the story.

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Bulgaria in my eyes, is one of the most beautiful country’s. It’s landscape is 75% of Nature. It is known for is " Magical" and healing places in Nature. The politics are ruining this treasure.
They forgot how the brave Bulgarian revolutioners sacrificed all their lives, to free our Nation from the Ottomans. They forgot all of that. It is shame.

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