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  1. 🥇Congratulation on your achievement. Level-1 is one of the most important stage in Fiverr journey. To enjoy this stage you must ensure these points: Amazing gig image and video, specially the primary gig image/video. Killer sales converting gig description. Awesome work quality. Best support to your buyers. Great with repeat business opportunity. Know some facts before you know more about the adventure of the Level-1 stage. TRS is a manual process so not every people get it though they complete the requirements to be nominated for TRS (Top Rated Seller), So I'm skipping TRS part from this post. And also skipping the new seller. This post only for Level1 and level 2 comparison. Number of Level 2 sellers are double than level 1 sellers usually in Fiverr for maximum categories. When anyone search with a specific keyword in fiver, Fiver shows a list of gigs for 20 pages (sometimes 21 pages) for that specific search keyword. Each page contain 48 gig means total 960 gigs for maximum for a specific keywords. So basically ranking is actually are you listed within this 960 (maximum) or not. According to my personal opinion based on research for a year, There is always a competition in ranking and metrics within the level as well. It means competition between sellers within other same level sellers. So when you're in a specific level, your ranking will depends on how good your gig, your work, your reputation than all other sellers from that specific level. There is some quota for each level and also shuffling system to give opportunity to others. So by using that quota if you're one of the best one in active list/waiting list, you will be enlisted within this 960 gigs. It could be from page 1 to page 20 anything. That's the reason you see mixture level sellers in search result. Facts of Level 1 seller stage you should know: (Once you go best with above points) Level 1 is mostly get good at ranking and easier. as I said number of level 1 seller is about half of level 2 seller. And your first competitors are Level 1 sellers and also you are blessed with a good numbers of quota for each specific keywords you're using. So the low competition for ranking than a level 2 seller. Level 2 requirements are far ahead than level 1. $2000, 50 orders and 120 days selling seniority is the main difference than all other level. So you're getting a long way to establish yourself with low competition. With this low competition advantage you can establish your reputation, create great opportunity for repeat business with numerous buyers. This is the actual key to run smoothly when you will be promoted to the most competitive stage level 2. Pricing is not directly related to the level actually. For pricing phenomena, you can read more at You must ensure the Awesome work quality, best support to take the advantage of this stage. Generally I will suggest to be more dedicated in this stage. Good performance as a level 1 seller will be more effective in your level 2 stage. As number of level 2 sellers are higher, so there will be huge competition and also you're in a competition with newly promoted to level 2 seller and already established highly reputed level 2 sellers. So I suggest you to get yourself perfectly ready to face the challenge of Level-2 seller with a great achievement of buyer network, repeat business, work quality, best support within this level 1 ***Again repeating, this all are my personal opinion based on my personal research. I am not an official person and also, I do not guarantee that this is the facts Fiverr follow. Thank you.
  2. During the last few weeks, we opened 2 new categories which include 7 new services - stay up to date! Meet Fonts & Typography! This new and exciting category offers services in font design, typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy. Find out more here -> https://fiverr.com/categories/graphics-design/fonts-typography Say Hello to Design Advice! This brand new category offers mentorship services for designers, review & consultation, and 1:1 lessons. Find out more here -> https://fiverr.com/categories/graphics-design/design-advice
  3. Hello to all, Quite new to this fiverr actually and looks very promising in sense of services offered. As I am looking for a service to optimise my company website, it seem I need to provide admin access. I being looking at fiverr and found out fiverr level 2 which sound very promising and confident to what he being doing ...rating has gone to 5 star with 230 people provide those rating. It is okey for doing so such in provide admin access? How realible of trust from this 5 star rating....please share some comment.
  4. Dear sellers, do you think the stickers are in demand among buyers ?
  5. Hello, I'm a new seller on Fiverr. I draw cute stickers in my style in Photoshop. Come to my concert and see for yourself. I'm ready to listen to your advice on promoting my concert. Thank you for your attention.🖤 Here is a link to my gig. _______________________ https://www.fiverr.com/avgustinashoshu/draw-cooll-stikers-for-you _______________________
  6. Hi everyone! I am about to be a top seller soon and I was wondering everyone’s experience with being a top seller. Does this mean your views get incredibly high and you are on the front page constantly? Also if you have any tips for a top seller that would be great as well? For example should I increase my prices? Thanks a lot and have a great week!
  7. Hi there, I hope you are well. I am a new seller on Fiverr. I actually published a gig on a recent Instagram promotion but haven't received any orders yet. I get a lot of impressions on my gig but the clicks are much less. So now if you have the right advice on how to get an order quickly, please tell. I will do instagram promotion and marketing for fast organic growth
  8. Hi all my valuable Fiverr community, Today, I received an unfair rating from my client. So, I would like to ask you all for your idea or solution on how to deal with such issue. Here is how it all started. While customizing my client's order, everything went smoothly. Although he did not come up with enough details or references for which he wanted me to follow, he agreed upon all the brand-new writing info and format which I outlined through my own research from scratch for him. He liked what I drafted for him, and I was so happy for that. And I thought that everything would go as perfectly as plan. As the deadline arrived, I completed the work for him just on time, on point, and on agreement. There was no requirement left unfulfilled. Before we ended the deal, I did even ask him if he had any feedback on my work so that I could polish the final-best outcome for him. So, he went through my submission and gave me a little feedback that I had to do a little touch up on. And of course, I did what he suggested. Eventually, he accepted my submission without having any other comment, and left me a review shortly after. The moment I got notified that he left me a review, I was so glad and rushed to give him my good genuine feedback for him as I had no doubt nothing went wrong. The surprising thing was, he left me with a 3.7 star rating which made me feel so shocked and disappointed. Also, I believe it is kind of unfair. I have never received such a low rating so far since I have been working on Fiverr platform for 1.5 year. I understand that getting less than a 5-star rating is truly normal in such service proving industry especially when we as a seller cannot satisfy our client to their ultimate need. However, what I intuitively think “UNFAIR” is when my client did not give me a realistic idea on what I lacked behind to achieve his need, but he ended up giving an instant unfair rating to my profile. The truth is through his rating, he mentioned everything is good in communication (4 star), service as describe (4-star), but recommendation (3-star), in which I suppose I deserve better. For this reason, it absolutely saddens me as a thriving seller who holds a title as “Fiverr’s Choice”. I always have a strong pursuit to deliver my clients the most compelling outcome for what they paid for. Therefore, when such an unfair-outlier rating appears, I really need our Fiverr’s community to advise me on how to deal with this kind of scenario. All your constructive feedbacks on this issue are wholeheartedly appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards, Winniekim
  9. Hi all, I am seeking advice here from full-time Fiverr freelancers that are Level 2 & top rated sellers, who have spent years working on the platform. Thank you in advance. I am working as a full-time freelancer on Fiverr and on another famous platform. For my freelance business needs, I need to prove the work done and the services I offered as a freelancer on these platforms to local and foreign authorities. I need to to get credible and legitimate evidence of my work and services to claim my "professional experience", that in my case would be the WordPress Website Design & Development service. I was able to collect evidence from the other platform in the form of invoices billed to clients, however, in case of Fiverr I cannot do that as "Fiverr does not issue invoices for sellers". I need some form of evidence from Fiverr. If I am unable to do that my professional working experience on Fiverr , unfortunately, would be considered ZERO. And, yes, I have requested statements of earning from Fiverr as well but that only proves the "earned revenues" not the "services given" as a freelancer. Kindly advice me on my given situation, I need to know how experienced "Level 2 & top rated sellers" claim their professional work experience on Fiverr as there is no official document that supports the claim and testify about your experience on Fiverr as a seller. I have another query, has anybody "issued invoices to Fiverr", if so I would like to discuss the process with you. As per the support representative: "Please bear in mind that Fiverr does not issue invoices for sellers, but sellers can issue invoices to Fiverr to report their earned revenues to the tax authorities if it is needed. These invoices don't have a specific form and you can create them as you wish. You can send invoice to the invoice to support@fiverr.com or mail it to our TelAviv headquarters." Kind regards, Fatimeh R
  10. Hi fiverr forum I'm new here and very exited. I get some buyer request and send buyer req. But get no response from they. So Please some advice for how to send a properly buyer request. thank you guys. ... I wish the new year to have more smiles , love, love and fewer masks ..
  11. hallo fellas , i would like to ask each one of you to participate with an advice or help for new users to land their first order and between those new users is me , appreciate it in advance and have a great day or night !
  12. Hi guys, I am new to fiverr, it would mean a lot to me if you could check out my gig, and give me any helpful tips to improve. Thanks
  13. I am so blessed to be a member in fiverr community
  14. Hi all! I'm a new seller on Fiverrr. And I've just come across the problem of no reviews. I'm interested to read how buyers feel about sellers without reviews but with Gigs. Do you risk ordering from newbies without a rating? Does it meet your expectations? Also, perhaps personal stories and tips from sellers without reviews who were able to find their first customer. Please share your experiences😃
  15. A buyer accepted a custom offer I sent, then five minutes later sent a request for me to cancel as they wanted to purchase the gig themselves on their end. Is this something I can contact customer service about so that it doesn’t negatively effect my ‘order completion’ Or am I just going to have to take the loss? Thanks for your help!
  16. I'm happy to join with Fiverr family. Please tell me some advice.
  17. Hello Everyone, I am newly joined seller to Fiverr Account. I would like to earn more income. Hence can anyone advice me your thoughts? Can you share your personal experiences, tactics? I am welcoming new ideas, advice from everyone. Thanks in advance.
  18. I'm blessed to be a member in Fiverr community
  19. I do Photoshop, even though I have a Gig, I still haven't received a buyer request so I only got one order in so many days and what can be made available
  20. Hi everybody, I'm new here in Fiverr. I've finally set up my account to do freelance jobs. Any advice from my fellow sellers on getting my first client/buyer? Many thanks
  21. I'm so blessed to be a member in fiverr community
  22. Hi there, hopefully you all are having a wonderful day. In August 25 , 2021 I have received a order from a client, for 2 logo + additional 2 business card services. I have made these businesses card and logos as he has instructed but he is not providing me enough feedback to complete the project. It's been 6 days I have trying to get a response from him but no progress . Although he accepted my time extension request twice in the meantime yet didn't provide any feedback ! I know I am a new seller on fiverr also lots to learn , I really not good at handling such situations . Requesting help from you guys. Please give me best suggestions according this situation. Order deadline is about to close tomorrow. Regards Asif
  23. Are there any tips that successful members of the Fiverr community could share with us? Our company is trying to get their first client on Fiverr! I believe our gig is optimized with attractive images, a detailed description, and keyword tags. Is there anything we're missing? Here is our gig: https://www.fiverr.com/seosplat/wordpress-site-speedup-onpage-optimization-and-speed
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