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What are you wishes for 2024?


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My wish is simple.  

Could I please ask Santa for me to be able to send a gig to my UK clients in pounds (£) instead of dollars ($) ?

Whilst I appreciate that Fiverr works in $, some of my newer clients have no idea how different currencies work, so for me to say it will cost you this many £, and for them to then receive a gig to that value will make me very happy! 

Whenever I try to send an offer to match the value in my local currency it can take up to 5 attempts to get even close, this can be quite embarrassing at times. 

Happy to write a letter to the North Pole if it would help?

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On Fiverr: That customers I send a custom offer can accept it (as it used to be), while I'm in unavailable mode. Unavailable mode is too all or nothing. I'm sure there are many sellers who generally need or want to turn on unavailable, but still want customers to be able to accept custom offers that they sent to them. Maybe solvable through a "Yes, I really want my customer to be able to accept this custom offer that I'm going to send them now." check box.

Else: world peace. 


A peaceful, healthy, and happy New Year to everyone!

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I had high hopes for making the most of my Fiverr account this year. However, the opposite has happened. Suddenly, none of my gigs are getting any impressions. I've tried editing my existing gigs and creating new ones, but nothing has changed. What could be the issue? What am I doing wrong? What can I do to improve this and have a successful account?

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