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  1. Believe it or not, I just checked, I have that freakin’ “Empathetic” badge as well. The most unempathetic person to get the honor, I would say.
  2. Well, I’m certainly not feeling empathetic.
  3. Have no expectations! Be thrilled with every order, be grateful for every $1. Treat everything you make on Fiverr as a bonus and have other sources of income. April was my best month on Fiverr, May was my worst, and in June I have already made more money than I did in May. So be happy and surprised every time, and never get dejected. Never complain and stay away from the negativity. Get orders, do them. Don’t get orders, do something else. Good luck! (Yeah Jon, I know what you will say…social media marketing etc. Yeah, doesn’t work for me. I don’t even have a Facebook account.)
  4. Well, I wanted to join the Indian Army as a kid, but my parents forced me into engineering. But my respect for soldiers remains. Too old to be one now, maybe in my next birth. Anyway guys gotta go, have to write about Jack Russell Terrier.
  5. I was referring to murdering people, not worrying about feelings. They are soldiers. What do you think a soldier does? Everyone has a role or duty in life. Because of your soldiers you are able to comment on an online forum and pass judgment without any fear.
  6. No you don’t - you mention it all the time! 💳 Because I have nothing else to talk about that is allowed…I have deep philosophical thoughts, I can’t discuss them as they are not appropriate for a freelancing forum…anyway, at this rate this thread will be banned and my return might well turn out to be a shortlived one. Gotta go.
  7. Which one is it? 🙂 I’m pretty sure that people of Vietnam wouldn’t thank you for doing that job. Okay, my last comment as I am neck deep in work for next 36-48 hours. Earning my bread is my duty - it’s the work I do to earn a living - making money is a consequence. I have a detached attitude towards money/wealth. I don’t get excited/dejected about it. My focus is on the process, not on the consequence. None of this is an original thought, it’s from the Bhagwad Gita. Of course, people pretend to read that book, but only a handful actually follow it. I am one of those who do. As for what happened in Vietnam, the Gita has an answer for that as well. It’s not the soldier’s job to worry about people’s feelings from whichever side. His job is to do his duty.
  8. I’ll have you know religious talk is prohibited on this forum! As for this whole ‘your generation thing’ please stop. You’re a maximum of 3-4 years older than me and don’t know how to boil an egg. Also, being familiar with the book you mention, I don’t really see how it applies. I think if you personally would like a book to live your life by, you should go for Marcus Aurelius Meditations. - That’s pretty much: “Be like a bee and just do your job.” - Apart, of course, from if you actually are Marcus Aurelius and have hoards of servants and gold and strange mental octagon lucky charms. That’s the problem with your generation. You’re just not well read enough. Okay, gotta go, have to earn my bread. Bye.
  9. LOL…My philosophy is straight out of a 5,000 year old sacred Hindu text. The Bhagwad Gita. Google it. Your generation seems to mistake snarky for being smart.
  10. Ah, you’ve met Kaya… image.jpg633×624 97.8 KBWell, I can’t stand dogs (or humans, for that matter) but have so far made about $3k writing about them. Make it $3.5k by tomorrow night.
  11. Quite right! 🙂 @lloydsolutions started this thread not to discuss how to refer to buyers in messages etc. but how not to word gig descriptions and profiles. @catwriter Yeah, good catch…guess I just skim through the posts, never completely read them. Happens many times even with my clients. Have to be more attentive. True story: One nice client said recently you did a great job and I wanted to tip you but didn’t because I lost my job. Hope you don’t mind. I said: Haha, no problem, thanks! Then I read the job loss part. Then I made a thousand apologies. Always gets me into trouble. [Maybe that’s why I am Writer99025 not Reader99025… food for thought]
  12. Lol! I know why you are saying this… let’s hope so. 😄 Haha, hey brother, I’m still depressed after the loss in Karnataka (which was not really a loss, but is still a loss. Haha).
  13. Hey Sue, how are you! How’s your business coach business going?
  14. So when Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard, was he being an adult? When Steve Jobs built computers from his garage, was he being matured? I’m not comparing myself to them, I’m just saying there’s more than one way to be an adult. Maybe you like the 40-hour a week grind, I don’t. I’ve done it, I’ve worked all over the country, small and big agencies, and they’re all the same. Besides, I’m 43-years-old, I’m too old to go back to advertising. I know that industry! A 60-year-old coworker of mine, a freaking genius, was kept away from the Nike pitch because the Creative Director believed that Nike is a young brand and old people have nothing to say. It’s the only industry where being experienced isn’t worth a damn. I would love to do that, thanks for the suggestion. Beekeeper? I’m terrified of bees, always have, always will. Just the buzzing they make freaks me out. Don’t know if the faraday cage will protect your beehive, a faraday cage protects electronics during an EMP attack. Of course, having read One Second After and other EMP books, the best course of action would be to own a Jeep or another vehicle built in the 70s, with no electronics. Maybe a Pre-1985 Toyota Hilux 4×4, pre-1980’s American-made Trucks and SUVs, Sand Rail or Dune Buggy. I’m no expert, but I can google. LOL @fastcopywriter and @newsmike are two of my favorite people here. Hate to see them fighting all the time. I mean, politically at least we are all on the same side. Let’s cool it down a bit.
  15. I can pay property taxes online in India these days. Took me 5 minutes to pay taxes for all properties. In the past, I had to be physically present at various government offices and take 2 days off work. Netflix and Amazon Prime and Amazon Fire Stick are now available in India. Also, they cost very little. Amazon Prime just $8.3 per year. Amazon Unlimited is also available - just $2/year, or is it per month. Bought a coffee maker, make my own coffee, it’s better than what they make at Cafe Coffee Day and Starbucks. Starbucks coffee is overrated. Am in the best shape of my life after I switched to a protein-based diet - Whey protein shakes, eggs and chicken. I can now order food online from any of the 100s of great restaurants in Bangalore because of apps such as Swiggy and Zomato. Food gets delivered in 30 minutes, with only an extra 30-40 cents for the delivery. My stock market portfolio went up by 45% in 2017, but down by 2-3% in 2018. Still happy. I can automate the payment of utility bills - power, digital TV, water, mobile, landline, internet etc. with an e-wallet solution called Paytm. Awesome! No need to remember what I have paid and what I haven’t. SummaryPM Modi is still Prime Minister of India (Phew, thank God for that.) His buddies are still Prime Ministers of Israel, Japan and a good friend is still President of U.S. Awesome! And let me add, for the benefit of one of our mods, his sister is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh!Life’s good, when you think of it. Take every day as it comes. [Edit: Anyway, the only reason I call it depressing and it is depressing is because we lost the election in my home state of Karnataka despite coming so close to victory. Otherwise, when I think about it, take that out, and life is perfect.]
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