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  1. The same here - Pro Seller - TRS. The last month has been kind of slow for me. Ever since the new SS system, my business has been slowly getting worse or maybe it's the AI era. I work in Music & Audio.
  2. Hey Yoav - I see the portfolio has gotten a new look - it looks really nice. Would you please consider adding a feature so you can arrange the different projects in order? Right now there's no way to put one project above or below the other in the view or arrange them in any way. The latest added just goes to the bottom column. It would also be nice to have at least 720p preferably 1080p as the streaming standard inside the portfolio (with that you would also have to up the max 50MB to something like 100MB). I know this is for server reasons and costs - but would just be really nice to have to showcase your portfolio in a professional manner. I know I'm repeating myself.
  3. Great to hear! Thanks for getting back.
  4. Is there any news on this?
  5. I've had Fiverr Staff contact me via the inbox. For example Yoav and Ran. There's a little Fiverr logo next to their name if they are legit. Where the "Pro Client" badge etc usually is.
  6. When is this happening? Have they announced a webinar where they address this?
  7. Wait what is happening? Is Fiverr using AI to scan our chats with the client and use this information for what? Determine our score/rating or? Can someone link me to this information or help me understand?
  8. Does anyone know or have experimented with pausing or deleting a gig to improve your overall review rating? Profile rating, that is (not the success score) or is it confirmed that this can only be changed by future reviews?
  9. Oh, my bad - I thought that meant "Paused" status. Thanks for clarifying for me. So deleting it could be worse, because if you at least keep it you could try to improve it and get it back up to normal/good? Or are my maths bad here?
  10. Does anyone know if deleting that badly performing gig (badly performing in private ratings) would make up for the rankings overall? With this scenario above in mind. I was in a roundtable meeting with Fiverr and someone asked this question and they told us it would delete that success score metric and not count towards the overall score anymore - but this was some 2-3 months ago and a lot has happened since. Does anyone know? Probably not.
  11. I feel the same way. I can't get myself to do this - it just seems very unprofessional as you mentioned. I'm here to make my client's life easier - I'm not here to give them homework. For the most part, it's the very well-paying and big clients that don't leave a review even though they are returning. They are busy - they have other things to do and I'm not going to bother them with stuff like that. Now that I hear this is a bad thing - I'm starting to question if I should start doing it - but I'd rather not. Both for professionalism towards serious clients but I know I would also dislike it as a customer. What are everyone's thoughts on here - are you gonna follow and remind clients more or keep on as usual? I'm super conflicted about it. If you follow up for potential feedback - how do you word it?
  12. I do the same on all my gigs. Gives me a bit of peace of mind.
  13. Here's what CS shared with me: "I wanted to send you I'm here to provide you with an update regarding the rating you see. Please bear in mind that your rating changes are part of a test that we are conducting, which applies to all sellers on our platform. We're adjusting the rating system to accurately reflect performance, easing the pressure of aiming for a perfect 5-star rating. Research shows ratings between 4.0 and 4.9 are actually more trustworthy. We're conducting these tests while ensuring fairness across the marketplace. The test will only be on the buyer's side, and not all buyers will be exposed to it. If buyers are included in the test, they will witness the new calculation for all sellers on the platform. Scores will consider ratings from the last 2 years and incorporate historical private ratings, to present a more realistic view of your service. This adjustment may result in some freelancers seeing a decrease in their public rating scores."
  14. Yeah - I think this is correct. It's just a matter of time. @vovkaslovesnyy thanks for the reminder - makes sense in relation to this topic
  15. I don't think you should be so worried. It's also kind of scary for me to go down to 4.9 - but as long as that's most people - I don't mind it. I've also found the rating system on Fiverr to be very inaccurate and almost meaningless. It's scary but I hope this will be more fair in the long run. Edit: If this is only affecting a small group - I should be worried for sure - I hope not. I guess my point is - as long as it's an even playing ground in terms of the rating for all sellers - I'm all for it.
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