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  1. How Much Minimum "Avg Selling Price" Need to Get TRP Badge ? Already i completed TRP Requirements in last Year but won't got The TRP Badge yet. can someone tell me How to maintain all to get the TRP?
  2. Fully qualified for fiverr top rated badge. But I don't get it on 15th of every month. What is the reason for this?
  3. My gig past impresion 380 and click 3 now my gig impression 283 and click 2. This is my gig please see my gig and find out what's the problem. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b8efc6fab8
  4. Getting more impresion on my gig but no order, what's the reason. I can't find this reason. So I post here for getting help. This my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b8efc6fab8 Anyone can help me. To see my gig and find out what's problem in my gig..
  5. I am a new seller, how can I get my first order? I'm a new seller on fiverr so I want advice from the pro. This is my gig:https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b8efc6fab8
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm Aaftab Sheikh, I have spent 25+ years in the Graphic Design field, and worked in famous advertising agencies in Islamabad. For the last 2 years, I quit my job as Asst. Art Director post from a reputed advertising agency and now working full-time freelance work on Fiverr. I have started Fiverr regularly in May 2021 for Logo design and Book Cover design for KDP. The first couple of months were tough for me, with hardly 1-2 orders per month (but I was working on other platforms as well to manage my expenses). The journey on Fiverr is now more than 1.5 years and last night Alhamdulillah I completed 348 Orders and 5 active orders. Also, I have achieved all goals to be nominated for a Top Rated Seller. I don't know when I'll get the TRS Badge and how it feels like to have a Top Rated Seller. I guess this does not matter whether it's Level Two Seller or Top Rated Seller, the main thing is to do GOOD WORK. I wish you all the best of success in your niche. 👍 Happy Selling 🙂
  7. There’s a big mystery about how to become a Top Rated Seller. There are lists and more lists about what it takes to be awarded the TRS badge. It occurred to me that all you need is TWO-words to follow… YOUR BRAND! Please note: This doesn’t mean you need to pay anyone to develop your brand. Branding comes from a belief, a philosophy or a mantra. If your philosophy is to “help your buyer love you and Fiverr” then I would say you have stumbled onto your personal brand and you are ready to expand your business. Of course there are many creative and technical ways to demonstrate your brand, from how you write your gig description to the way you explain your revision policy or how to handle a tricky buyer. If you stick to your brand philosophy and fall back on it when times are tough, you will be on your way to reaching the TRS. Everything you do, say, express and create should relate to who you are as a brand and DO NOT DEVIATE. CAUTION: if your brand is to show how amazing you are and how you never make mistakes or teach your buyers a lesson… then your brand may have challenges fitting into the Fiverr culture. Just saying. I can’t even tell you how many amazing sellers there are who reach the TRS technical milestones but somewhere along the way there original brand or intent may have had struggles. You can question yourself and integrity when you feel “you are right and the buyer is wrong” and trust me, this has happened to me so many times. BUT stepping away for a moment and coming back to your BRAND can help you through some of the struggles that may lead you down a dark hole. No new seller gets on the platform and says, “I want to be a jerk and upset my buyers” at least I don’t think so…. Most will say, “I want to make money for my family, or dominate the front page of Fiverr or start my own business!” But what some sellers may not do is to create your BRAND, philosophy or mission statement even before they write their first gig description. Fiverr loves your THOUGHTFUL BRAND and especially if it shows off not just you… but Fiverr too. If this post resonates with you, then the mystery of becoming a Top Rated Seller has just been solved with two words, YOUR BRAND… Yeah that’s right! Just my opinion of course. So if you will excuse me, I promised a buyer a timeline and I need to stick to it.
  8. hello guys hope you fine.😊🤗 i am new on fiver and i have a lot of skills of graphics designing. just give me one tip that you have applied. thanks everybody 🙏
  9. I've been toying with the idea of writing a post about my journey to TRS ever since I got the badge. I mean, I'm not the type of person to blow my own horn and the thought of writing this made me feel like I would be gloating. Nonetheless, I had often perused this very forum to find tips and tricks to help me grow my Fiverr business, so I thought that perhaps my story could serve as inspiration for others too. Where do I begin!? Pandemic In March of 2020, as the world descended into scenes of empty streets and "We're Closed" signs, I found myself on the brink of financial ruin. My husband had been operating a catering company with his mother while I had just opened up a kindergarten. Before the pandemic hit, things seemed to be going ok for us financially, but our meager savings wouldn't be enough to get us through the impending lockdowns. Long story short, the catering company took a dip with no parties, weddings, or corporate events happening. Schools were closed and, let's be honest, having little ones sitting in front of a screen as part of an online kindergarten program was never really going to work - not with our curriculum anyway. As a play-based school with a director who was adamant on limited screen time for children under the age of 7 (me being that director😂), there was no way I could charge parents to hold their children's placements while we were closed. Funds dried up and we were on the verge of losing everything. I have always been a voracious reader, devouring everything from business books, to articles, and more - anything I could get my hands on really. One fine evening, I came across a CNBC Make It article about a young woman called Alexandra Fasulo. I say evening, but it must have actually been about 3 in the morning and I, struggling to sleep under the weight of my stress, was mindlessly scrolling through news articles. That article changed everything. After reading about the success she had on the platform, I decided to put my skills to use. I had already been ghostwriting on and off for about 10 years at that point, but I had no idea that I could make a career out of it. You see, living in a tiny, landlocked country in southern Africa (one that doesn't even come up on many platform lists of accepted countries), we have limited resources in terms of online work. July 2020 - Signing Up The next morning, I decided to give it try, holding my breath as I scrolled to see if Swaziland would be listed as an accepted country on the platform. Bingo! There it was. Like many of you have probably done, I spent most of the next morning watching Soren's introductory video, taking the test, and setting up my first few gigs. Being driven by the need to succeed, I set to work on bidding. I bid on almost every single buyer request that popped up on my feed and I made sure to bid a fraction of the listed price. Finally, I got my first bite - a proofreading gig for $35. I went all in, creating multiple versions of this customer's document with tracked changes and suggestions. This was my first order and the first of many 5 Star ratings. I was over the moon and there was no holding me back from there. I continued bidding, night after night until the orders began to roll in on their own. I quickly made it to Level One and it was a serious shot of motivation. I found myself checking my ranking requirements daily, pushing harder each day to reach my goals. February 2021 After almost a year on the platform, our tiny 2-bedroom house was starting to feel a bit cramped. We were at home ALL THE TIME. I was working from the master bedroom and mostly at night because my husband and I also have two precious little ones - aged 3 and 5 at the time. Between homeschooling, cleaning up the kitchen a million and one times a day, playing with the kids, and taking our 4 fur-babies for walks, I was exhausted on a daily basis. But - and this is a big old but - I had this vision. My mind constantly took me back to Alexandra's article and I thought to myself, if I can just make a quarter of what she's making, our lives will stabilize. Earning in US dollar and living on South African rand makes life a whole lot rosier. 🤣 So, I kept pushing myself and by April of 2021, we had moved out of our tiny house into a 4-bedroom home on half an acre, paid down half of our debts, signed up for premium medical insurance, and could actually afford to live comfortably. For the first time in our lives, we were also able to invest money in stocks and crypto. Then came Level 2. Once that gate was opened, it was like someone had flipped a switch and I was in overdrive mode, staying up as late as I could and working my tail off. October 2021 When October rolled around, I held my breath as I reached all of the milestones for TRS. I knew that the chances of me getting it were pretty slim since some people wait years to even be considered for this level. But, I had hope. The 15th of October came and went and I didn't get so much as a message to say that I was being considered for TRS. I felt a little disheartened, but I quickly picked myself up. I looked back on how much I had accomplished. I was flooded with this sense of gratitude because I was able to provide for my family. I had created an actual business out of something that I love: writing. I had a steady income, something that most people were struggling to maintain all across the globe. I smiled and carried on with my work as I had always done, telling myself "If it comes, great! If it doesn't, I'm still grateful." November 2021 It was a normal day when I got that fateful message. Well, normal in our household anyway. My husband was out running errands and I decided to take the time to decorate the house with our kids. *Gasp* Putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! How dare she! Look, we've all had a crazy year and I absolutely love the holidays, so I set up a little earlier than normal this year. I got the familiar ping on my phone and knew it was a Fiverr notification. I just wanted to sit there - to just be with my kids in that moment and finish decorating, but I decided to check the notification. It took me a while to register what I had just read: "Congratulations! You're now a Top Rated Seller." Say what now? I laughed, I cried, I did a little dance - the kids joined in, probably thinking that mom had finally gone crazy, but it looked fun enough so they laughed too. I was beside myself. I couldn't stop smiling. I paced around the house, called my mom, then my sister, and then waited for my husband to drive through the front gate (FYI all houses out here are gated - crime rates are a bit...yeesh). I ran out onto the driveway in my socks, waving my phone around like an insane woman. He could barely put the car in park before he jumped out to hug me. It was a huge, moment for us. My Tips If you made it all the way to the end of this post, kudos to you. I tend to ramble when I'm excited. 😅 My tips for sellers that want to make it to TRS: Try to live with an attitude of gratitude; Always look back on how far you've come; Don't compare yourself to other sellers; If there is anyone you should be competing against, it's you; Listen to your gut over and above any advice (including this advice); Start slow, build up momentum with your pricing, and always try to stay on par or below other sellers in your category; Develop a customer service mentality. No, the customer is not always right, but try to make them feel as if they are. Nothing comes easily. If you want this badly enough, you are going to have to put in the hours. You are going to be exhausted, but try to find a balance. I am by no means saying that anyone should push themselves to the brink of burnout, but understand that you are a business on Fiverr and you are on your own. You are the sales staff, the accounts department, the marketer, the creative, the tax specialist, and so on. You are a one-man band. You can look at that as a burden, or as an opportunity for you to perfect your business YOUR WAY. I have seen tons of comments where people say "draw the line with your customers", "don't work late", "don't stay up and bid." They all have merit and I am not discrediting the people who have posted such things in any way, shape, or form. HOWEVER, almost every person that has made a success of their chosen entrepreneurial efforts had to make sacrifices in the beginning. I watched an interview with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and something that he said struck me. It went along these lines: We must do the things that make us uncomfortable - the things that we dislike, or that tire us out. We must do those things now so that we can enjoy the rewards later on. Depending on how much of the dislikeable stuff you do now, results in how quickly you'll get to those rewards. Now, guys, please don't fight me on this. I'm actually such a sensitive soul. 😂 Ultimately, this journey on Fiverr is yours and yours alone. No one is going to make the decisions for you. Trust your gut, work hard, and always be polite to your customers. How you treat people, shouldn't be hinged on how they treat you. To be honest, I haven't had that many problematic customers. As long as I communicate well with them, make small talk, get to know them, and create a relationship (no matter how short of a deadline we're on), I always find that the results are positive. I could be proven wrong at some point and, if I am, I will evolve with the new information I receive and keep on trucking. Best of luck guys. PS Use Grammarly Writing Assistant to fine-tune your bids if your English needs some work. People tend to make assumptions based on grammatical errors, even if your gig has nothing to do with writing. GWA is free!
  10. Alhamdulillah! Finally got the dream badge "Top Rated". We are waiting for it last 2 years. All credit goes to Coder71 Team and our valuable Buyers. Always tried to be Honest, Dedicated, and provided Good Quality Work.
  11. I am top rated seller on fiverr. I have completed more than +1500 orders but suddenly 2-3 days ago my all gig went on last page. I need expert suggestion, how I will again rank my account.
  12. Please do not share your any personal contact using any method. because if your are completed top rate requirment then check your profile manualy, so do not share your any personal detail using any trick.
  13. Hey everyone, “My name is Jasmine and I have 7 completed gigs on Fiverr as a digital marketer. I want to help my client solve their issues." As I used the platform more, I realized that my services were not ranking above the other people. A recent study of mine showed that when outsourcing content creation, it is beneficial to find someone with a proven track record through Fiverr forums. I would love to figure out how you can help me. And my questions, does it my profile setup, keywords or Gigs. You can check my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/users/marketingjasmin/ Note in appreciation
  14. Folks, I hope you're doing so well. It's been over 2,3 years that I'm working on my profile and earned over $50K+. I've completed all the requirements for becoming a TOP RATED SELLER, but still not getting. I tried to reach out Fiverr, they said that it is a handpicked program, so things will be evaluated manually. I'm very good at communication 99% of clients are happier with me I have a lot of repeating clients, it means anyone gets help from me, comes back to me for sure I've been ranking on 1st page for most of the keywords Now, I'd like to have some guidelines from Top Rated sellers, maybe they can guide me something? Rabia R.
  15. Hello Everybody! With the grace of Almighty Allah, I have fulfilled every requirement to be a TOP RATED SELLER about 6 months ago. As Fiverr hand pick TRS, thereby, I couldn't get the badge yet. Do you guys have any suggestions that will help me to boost my profile/gig. Of course, rank doesn't matter but, psychological speaking it gives you a relaxing feel when you see TRS BADGE on the profile. 😉😉 Anyhow, I wish everyone best of luck and praying for everybody to shine like stars. Cheers!
  16. Evaluations happen today and I know that I’ll be demoted due to not having 90% on time delivery (I’m at 89%). My husband was in the hospital at the end of April and we found he was in heart failure. Life spiraled out of control for a few weeks and I missed several delivery dates, dropping my stat. I have been working like crazy to get my stat up, but it just hasn’t been enough. I just want to know how bad the demotion will be? I’m currently a top rated seller. Will I be demoted all the way back to no level? I’ve worked so so hard to get to this point on fiverr, I’m devastated that I’ll lose my standing. It feels like an extra kick when I’m already down. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  17. So many people on the forum! Yes I worked hard, had wonderful buyers, dealt with some tricky buyers, had a solid SSM and always tried to over deliver but I could not have done it without the wealth of advice and kindness that other sellers (and some buyers!) offer here - THANK YOU! Seriously, I learned so much from you all, from gig optimization to how other aspects of the platform worked to keeping my head in a good space when things were an uphill battle. There are too many of you to mention but special thanks to @frank_d @lloydsolutions @vickiespencer @newsmike @vibronx @miiila @zeus777 @mariashtelle1 @humanissocial @uk1000 @catwriter @melanielm @yannisenglish @visualstudios @smashradio. @jonbaas You have all taught me new things, shown me different perspectives and rightfully challenged and changed my opinions on different subjects. You all give up your time to contribute in a way that helps others to be successful. This is wonderfully kind and generous. I know the forum can suck sometimes, it can be akin to buyer requests but you are all a light in the darkness! (I know that's cheesy as hell). Anyway, I don't know many that would appreciate how much this promotion means to a seller (and I know levels aren't everything and I can be demoted) but I wanted to share my thanks and good news with the people who helped get me here. Maybe I'll do a post on 'my journey' as some others have done, but in the meantime I'm going to go buy a coffee and a donut (2 donuts) and enjoy the feeling. THANK YOU!
  18. Hey everyone, I hope you are having an amazing day. Finally I got the TRS badge after a long wait, it's like a dream come true because I have work so hard for this. I need your opinion for the future of my gig. My gig prices are currently lower than the other TRS sellers in my field, do you think I should increase them? Or what adjustments should I make in my gig so that I can get benefit of the TRS and also maintain the quality of the work. Any tips or ideas? Thank You.
  19. I have completed all the requirements to be eligible for Top rated badge but still haven't got that? I am looking for expert advice that what could be the hindrance and where I can improve myself to get the badge? Thanks
  20. Alhamdulillah. I completed 2K+ order on Fiverr. Pray for me everyone. I am level two seller. But I can't get top rated badge. And also Fiverr's Choice Badge too. Can anyone help me to how can I get those? Thank you
  21. I have been working on fiverr for around 9 years now and got Level 2 Badge around 5-6 years ago at the time when ranking system came.. Earlier you know that It was only Star system and even after introducing Intially there was some bad experience in transition but still Now for around 3-4 years I have been in Level 2 Seller.. In these 9 years I have completed around 1.3K order with only 148 cancellations and have generated a reveneue of 75k dollars after comission. Imagine the sales they got too.. Still No privilleges for sellers like this to get ino Top Rated... I have around 4.9 stars overall in profile too. Imagine how hard is now to sustain revenue flow in fiverr. I dont know Why fiverr is giving Top rated badge for even new users without prioritising us? Anyone knows whats the reason..
  22. Hello every one.....hope you are all well. 😊 My question is for Fiverr legend sellers. 😎😎😎 2-3 month ago i was fulfil all requirements for TOP RATED seller but can't get any notification about TOP RATED level. How does it work for my level promotion....can any one give me any idea about this please.....!!! I'm so excited to get TOP RATED level 😇😇🤗
  23. I only sell guest posts. So can I be a top rated seller?
  24. it's been 3+ years fully active from last 18 months it was an amazing journey to this point only 1 performing gig with 237 orders till date (24-12-2021) what are some tips to fall in editors eyes to award Top Rated badge to me Thanks in Advance
  25. Hi everyone. It is nice to share my experience with you for the first time. My name is Alessandro and I am Italian. I started here on fiverr to try to question myself. To date I find myself having more than 1000 feedbacks with very high ratings and satisfactory earnings and 1502 completed orders. For about a year and a half, I have already achieved the goal to become a TOP SELLER. Unfortunately, after an improvement in the graphics of the gigs, presentation videos, and an expansion of services, every 15th of the month I always find myself in the same place, that is, as a second-level seller. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you very much and good FIVERR everyone !!
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