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  1. We studied the most successful logos on Fiverr’s Logo Maker and discovered they all have a few key ingredients in common. The main takeaway? The more options a seller includes when publishing a logo on Fiverr’s Logo Maker, the more likely it is to be a top seller. Here are the four design aspects to consider, plus the average number of options to include for each. Variations - 28 per logo The basic layout variations are provided in the editor, but it’s good to have as many variations as possible. The more versatile your variations, the better. Colors paletes- 4 per logo Multiple color palettes entice potential buyers to play around with your logos and increase the chances they’ll find what they want. Tags - 3 per logo With the right tags, your logos are more likely to land on the right buyers’ lists and improve your individual logo rating. Fonts - 4 per logo Try including options with uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as mixing and matching different fonts for brand names and slogans. Now put these best practices to use and publish another logo. Designed by Gilidavid
  2. Hello everyone, How are you doing? Today I will discuss about gig marketing on social media specially on Quora and Linkedin. Quora and Linkedin are the most powerful media where we can get quality buyers. For getting buyers first you need to do some research about Quora and Linkedin. Then you need to create a wonderful profile on that sites. You need to know: 1. Quora is an online site where people can post questions they are having trouble answering. (Collected) Try to set up an account on quora first then find your niche related questions. You need to answers all the questions smartly and offer them to take your service. 2. Another one is Linkedin: LinkedIn is a social network specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect. (collected) Try to set up an account on Linkedin first, you can offer your service here by uploading on Linkedin with proper title, description, gig link with images and proper hashtags Thank you so much!
  3. Answer all their queries, Communicatat to your customer that you are always approachable and they can contact you verry easily for small or large questions..... Go out of the way.... Surprise them..... keep your promise.... Be spontaneous.... Treat them as thanks for read i am new seller on fiverr
  4. Designers, you understand the art of proportion, calligraphy, and grids. Your buyers however are less familiar with these aspects. Therefore when they use Logo Maker, we advise showing them completed designs, with a range of diversity, so that they can see if it matches their needs. Well-presented work is everything: Some buyers may choose not to purchase a logo if they don't like the layouts provided. And so - we suggest giving them options that are very professional and differ in variation so that they are more likely to buy what you’re selling. Remember to take into account the many different uses of a logo, such as social media, business cards, and more. Tip- Keep in mind that the user already has the "Suggested Layouts" feature in the editor which is used to automatically generate great suggestions. Try creating options that are unique to your style of work instead. Need some inspiration? Don't forget our editors offers awesome examples
  5. Forget the word success as long as you can't blame yourself for everything you do, you have to take responsibility for every mistake you make and you have to welcome yourself for every success. The reason behind saying the above is that we often notice that we are blaming Fiverr for not getting the job, blaming the level sellers, but in fact the responsibility is yours. Think about how much research you have been doing on fiverr so far, only this brother says that brother is doing that, I will do it and I will get the order. Everyone's tricks and tips are different. Today I will go with some guidelines for getting the first order, thank you or you will give it after receiving the order. Tips for New Fiverr Sellers 1. Folks, get the plan ready, then go ahead You are a new seller, which means a newborn baby in a big marketplace, if you want to run now, it would be very foolish, the first crawl, then walk, and then not run. I mean, Take some time, think about what you will serve, do a little ghat about that subject. And think of the following 5 aspects and create the service: Long tail keywords. Low competitive keywords. Do you see if the new sellers are ranking in this keyword? How many orders are there in the first 5 gigs? If the minimum is 20 hours, you create a gig with that service or keyword. Gig does SEO. (I will post on Sunday about Gig SEO) 2. He also added a video Those who know social media marketing must know this, video images are more Reach. You can make a 60-second video with your service, even if you can't give a voice, and you are ready with a slide show and light background. He made the video better Who are you What service are you providing? Why would the client take this service? A few work samples Your impressions will increase, clicks will come and of course, your chances of getting ranked will increase a lot. 3. Gig Delivery Time We are masters of Bangladeshi Cellar Ra, Gig Copy Paste. We don't just copy and paste the gig, the service package is all copy and paste, and for that, it's so wailing, it takes a little time to write everything about brother gig. And I make this mistake that other sellers offer the service in 10/15 days, we may or may not offer it in 7 days, the client will ignore your stupidity very well. Adjust the delivery time along with your gig prize so that the client understands that you are a professional. Fiverr is a professional marketplace, go for tickets if you want to be silly. 4. Sort the profile The client will not see your home status, political background, what you will see is the profile, create an ideal profile, which looks like you are a professional. E.g. Take a headshot of yours and have a smile on your face, a smiling person is easily trusted by another person. Keep a warm background so that your face is clear. Size 250 × 250 Px. Use a good slogan, please don't have common ones, look unique and beautiful and whatever goes with your service. In the description you tell about yourself, tell about your service so that the client gets positive feedback about you. 5. Keep the app installed on the phone Keep the Fiverr apps installed and think that you will turn on the online status from the settings, if you are out of the house, for no reason, consciously or unconsciously scroll through the apps, it will help you to be active and online. Remember You need to know, learn a lot. You will be able to earn income only if you learn and learn as much as you know, life will not give you anything like that, you have to know. You new means you have to give twice as much time as others. If you read my previous articles, you will know a lot Suggest You to read my others tips for news sellers and level one and level 2 sellers.
  6. I've been toying with the idea of writing a post about my journey to TRS ever since I got the badge. I mean, I'm not the type of person to blow my own horn and the thought of writing this made me feel like I would be gloating. Nonetheless, I had often perused this very forum to find tips and tricks to help me grow my Fiverr business, so I thought that perhaps my story could serve as inspiration for others too. Where do I begin!? Pandemic In March of 2020, as the world descended into scenes of empty streets and "We're Closed" signs, I found myself on the brink of financial ruin. My husband had been operating a catering company with his mother while I had just opened up a kindergarten. Before the pandemic hit, things seemed to be going ok for us financially, but our meager savings wouldn't be enough to get us through the impending lockdowns. Long story short, the catering company took a dip with no parties, weddings, or corporate events happening. Schools were closed and, let's be honest, having little ones sitting in front of a screen as part of an online kindergarten program was never really going to work - not with our curriculum anyway. As a play-based school with a director who was adamant on limited screen time for children under the age of 7 (me being that director😂), there was no way I could charge parents to hold their children's placements while we were closed. Funds dried up and we were on the verge of losing everything. I have always been a voracious reader, devouring everything from business books, to articles, and more - anything I could get my hands on really. One fine evening, I came across a CNBC Make It article about a young woman called Alexandra Fasulo. I say evening, but it must have actually been about 3 in the morning and I, struggling to sleep under the weight of my stress, was mindlessly scrolling through news articles. That article changed everything. After reading about the success she had on the platform, I decided to put my skills to use. I had already been ghostwriting on and off for about 10 years at that point, but I had no idea that I could make a career out of it. You see, living in a tiny, landlocked country in southern Africa (one that doesn't even come up on many platform lists of accepted countries), we have limited resources in terms of online work. July 2020 - Signing Up The next morning, I decided to give it try, holding my breath as I scrolled to see if Swaziland would be listed as an accepted country on the platform. Bingo! There it was. Like many of you have probably done, I spent most of the next morning watching Soren's introductory video, taking the test, and setting up my first few gigs. Being driven by the need to succeed, I set to work on bidding. I bid on almost every single buyer request that popped up on my feed and I made sure to bid a fraction of the listed price. Finally, I got my first bite - a proofreading gig for $35. I went all in, creating multiple versions of this customer's document with tracked changes and suggestions. This was my first order and the first of many 5 Star ratings. I was over the moon and there was no holding me back from there. I continued bidding, night after night until the orders began to roll in on their own. I quickly made it to Level One and it was a serious shot of motivation. I found myself checking my ranking requirements daily, pushing harder each day to reach my goals. February 2021 After almost a year on the platform, our tiny 2-bedroom house was starting to feel a bit cramped. We were at home ALL THE TIME. I was working from the master bedroom and mostly at night because my husband and I also have two precious little ones - aged 3 and 5 at the time. Between homeschooling, cleaning up the kitchen a million and one times a day, playing with the kids, and taking our 4 fur-babies for walks, I was exhausted on a daily basis. But - and this is a big old but - I had this vision. My mind constantly took me back to Alexandra's article and I thought to myself, if I can just make a quarter of what she's making, our lives will stabilize. Earning in US dollar and living on South African rand makes life a whole lot rosier. 🤣 So, I kept pushing myself and by April of 2021, we had moved out of our tiny house into a 4-bedroom home on half an acre, paid down half of our debts, signed up for premium medical insurance, and could actually afford to live comfortably. For the first time in our lives, we were also able to invest money in stocks and crypto. Then came Level 2. Once that gate was opened, it was like someone had flipped a switch and I was in overdrive mode, staying up as late as I could and working my tail off. October 2021 When October rolled around, I held my breath as I reached all of the milestones for TRS. I knew that the chances of me getting it were pretty slim since some people wait years to even be considered for this level. But, I had hope. The 15th of October came and went and I didn't get so much as a message to say that I was being considered for TRS. I felt a little disheartened, but I quickly picked myself up. I looked back on how much I had accomplished. I was flooded with this sense of gratitude because I was able to provide for my family. I had created an actual business out of something that I love: writing. I had a steady income, something that most people were struggling to maintain all across the globe. I smiled and carried on with my work as I had always done, telling myself "If it comes, great! If it doesn't, I'm still grateful." November 2021 It was a normal day when I got that fateful message. Well, normal in our household anyway. My husband was out running errands and I decided to take the time to decorate the house with our kids. *Gasp* Putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! How dare she! Look, we've all had a crazy year and I absolutely love the holidays, so I set up a little earlier than normal this year. I got the familiar ping on my phone and knew it was a Fiverr notification. I just wanted to sit there - to just be with my kids in that moment and finish decorating, but I decided to check the notification. It took me a while to register what I had just read: "Congratulations! You're now a Top Rated Seller." Say what now? I laughed, I cried, I did a little dance - the kids joined in, probably thinking that mom had finally gone crazy, but it looked fun enough so they laughed too. I was beside myself. I couldn't stop smiling. I paced around the house, called my mom, then my sister, and then waited for my husband to drive through the front gate (FYI all houses out here are gated - crime rates are a bit...yeesh). I ran out onto the driveway in my socks, waving my phone around like an insane woman. He could barely put the car in park before he jumped out to hug me. It was a huge, moment for us. My Tips If you made it all the way to the end of this post, kudos to you. I tend to ramble when I'm excited. 😅 My tips for sellers that want to make it to TRS: Try to live with an attitude of gratitude; Always look back on how far you've come; Don't compare yourself to other sellers; If there is anyone you should be competing against, it's you; Listen to your gut over and above any advice (including this advice); Start slow, build up momentum with your pricing, and always try to stay on par or below other sellers in your category; Develop a customer service mentality. No, the customer is not always right, but try to make them feel as if they are. Nothing comes easily. If you want this badly enough, you are going to have to put in the hours. You are going to be exhausted, but try to find a balance. I am by no means saying that anyone should push themselves to the brink of burnout, but understand that you are a business on Fiverr and you are on your own. You are the sales staff, the accounts department, the marketer, the creative, the tax specialist, and so on. You are a one-man band. You can look at that as a burden, or as an opportunity for you to perfect your business YOUR WAY. I have seen tons of comments where people say "draw the line with your customers", "don't work late", "don't stay up and bid." They all have merit and I am not discrediting the people who have posted such things in any way, shape, or form. HOWEVER, almost every person that has made a success of their chosen entrepreneurial efforts had to make sacrifices in the beginning. I watched an interview with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and something that he said struck me. It went along these lines: We must do the things that make us uncomfortable - the things that we dislike, or that tire us out. We must do those things now so that we can enjoy the rewards later on. Depending on how much of the dislikeable stuff you do now, results in how quickly you'll get to those rewards. Now, guys, please don't fight me on this. I'm actually such a sensitive soul. 😂 Ultimately, this journey on Fiverr is yours and yours alone. No one is going to make the decisions for you. Trust your gut, work hard, and always be polite to your customers. How you treat people, shouldn't be hinged on how they treat you. To be honest, I haven't had that many problematic customers. As long as I communicate well with them, make small talk, get to know them, and create a relationship (no matter how short of a deadline we're on), I always find that the results are positive. I could be proven wrong at some point and, if I am, I will evolve with the new information I receive and keep on trucking. Best of luck guys. PS Use Grammarly Writing Assistant to fine-tune your bids if your English needs some work. People tend to make assumptions based on grammatical errors, even if your gig has nothing to do with writing. GWA is free!
  7. So I've been getting a lot of tips on Fiverr from a lot of my recent orders (not that I'm complaining in any way, thank you universe for blessing me with this positive karma), and ever since the first tip I got I was confused (well, I'm not anymore, but I was then). It reflects on you earnings page as a regular order so the first time I didn't pay proper attention and thought they were just regular orders. Till it was time for payout and I saw my earnings wasn't complete and went back to check and realized the tip had a 20% cut taken from it. Now this isn't me raising a torch flag at Fiverr, but back when I went to look for resources that explained whether they take cuts on tips or not, I found nothing. Not even posts on it on the forum. (Which, p.s, niiiiice forum update! I haven't been here in a while and was surprise by the new upgrade. I like it very much! 💕) After I got more tips from more orders I realized that this was just how things were and didn't think to question it. After all, anytime you even breath about Fiverr's commission fees, there's someone ready to rip you limb from limb and scream that "If you don't like it then leave!!!". Which isn't what I'm here to do. I just wanted to see what other sellers think about this. Do you feel it's perfectly all right to charge 20% for your tips since they provided the platform that facilitated the exchange of your services? Or do you feel no, it's kinda wrong, it's like a restaurant taking a percentage of the tips waiters earned while working there. I'm going Philly D with this and asking you what you're thoughts on the topic are and where you land on the spectrum? I'd love to hear from you! (If it turns out that they DID mention this "20% from tips" thing somewhere in the terms of service, and my monkey brain just didn't find it, then kindly just ignore this entire post.)
  8. Want to boost the sales of a logo you’ve already published on Fiverr’s Logo Maker? The best way to do so is by simplifying your logo. Appeal to many brands A logo with too many elements tells a specific story and is unlikely to have broad appeal. Focus on one or two insights This ensures your logo will be relevant to many businesses across different industries. Stick to the basics Our buyers see your logo alongside many other logo options. Simplicity stands out. Time to polish your logos and increase their sales. We asked one of our designers, MijalZagier, to demonstrate how she would simplify a logo based on those tips- We hope this will inspire you 🤩
  9. Happy Thursday peops! We were all there once, new to the design profession, new to this beautiful world of aesthetics, new ambition young designers. What would be your number one #TIP for those newbies? #sharingiscaring
  10. Ignore these types of requests Long like really long requests Requests with only the link Using links for unwanted needs and in unusual places Anything that is too good to be true Examples Hi guys https://www.youtube.com I need a logo designed visit these links for more info https://www.youtube.com and more links Hi everyone I need a short video edited 5 to 10 seconds. Budget: $3688888 (definitely not suspicious) Every single time someone posts a buyer request make sure there are no links to YouTube videos and website links as these tend to be promoting for their benifiting and note that some are legitimate and you can spot these by reading the request and evaluating if the link fits in to the scenario And sometimes you can't differentciate if it is legitimate or not 😢 Tips Don't directly message them about the request (very dangerous) Don't request if too many people has already requested especially if you are a new seller Taking usernames is not effective if it doesn't look like a real name Don't waste your time with people who need a service that takes hundreds of dollars to complete done with $5 Don't make your requests complicated Always To the point. Suggestion I suggest that fiverr asks buyers who post buyer requests to verify their payment methods as these can avoid at least a bit of the bad buyer requests and also save our precious 10 buyer request Hope this helps 😊 Happy bidding everyone 🎉
  11. I have just completed 37 orders with 34 five star reviews. Advanced Tips For new Sellers: try to use low competition keywords for gig ranking use eye-catching gig images marketing your gig to targeted people. Provide the best quality services forever every buyer. learn from your competitor gig and implement it. learn trending topics As a new seller publish 7 gig keep patience
  12. I have 4 gigs in my profile, but suddenly my all gig doesn't show in search page, i have 1500+ review in my profile. can someone please help me in this situation? my profile www.fiverr.com/meherun_nesa
  13. Number of logos and variations Have you ever wondered how many logos you should upload to see a significant change in your sales? How many variations will give you the perfect range? We went out and did some research for you to find all the answers, backed by real data. Here’s what we found: Number of logos: Sellers usually have a spike after uploading their 6th logo and their 10th logo. If you want to see what the algorithm can do for you, it’s preferable to give him more options to work with. Number of variations: For better performance, it’s not the number of layout variations that counts, but the number of genuine and unique variations that really make a difference. Keep in mind that buyers are able to change color palettes and basic layout templates independently using the editor tool. So, when considering variations, you should aim for 5-6 one-of-a kind variations to set your logos apart. For buyers, seeing completed logo options in the form of variations helps push sales forward, even if they do choose to use the editor tool. Keep in mind that the simpler the logo variation, the more applicable it will be to a range of businesses. And if you aren’t familiar with the editor yet, take some time to play around with it and test out the Logo Maker from the buyer side. Going through the buyer side helps you understand their point of view and what attracts them. For inspiration to give your logos a boost, check our latest in demand trends list- here
  14. How can I improve my gig and increase my order? What aspects need to be improved to get a gig order faster? If any aspects of a gig are incorrect, quick orders are not available? What are the most important things to keep in mind when creating a gig? https://www.fiverr.com/share/D231jX
  15. I'm new in fiverr. any suggestions for me🙂
  16. How Can I Get My First Order And Make My Gigs on First Page. any Tips For Me🙂
  17. Hi! I'm Raihan and full time freelancer. My working experience Google ads, Google Analytics, GTM and FB CAPI with server side Tracking.
  18. 3 month i was busy for some work for this time I paused my gig .now i want to active fivrr regularly . i want to active my paused gig but some seller said try to create new gig and delete old gig. Which is better for me delete paused gig and create new gig or just active paused gig?
  19. Many new sellers ask for my #1 tip. Even though, there is no one tip thats going to determine your success on Fiverr BUT if I had to pick one, it'll be offering 24 hour delivery. You'll climb the ladder much faster and you can also charge a premium. Bare in mind, 24 hour delivery is a strong commitment. Don't offer it if you can't keep up.
  20. Hi designers! A few new sellers in our community reached out to me to ask where should they start their Fiverr journey, and in which field or category, I thought I'll turn this question to you guys, you're the experts! #help
  21. Hello! I've spent a little over three months on fiverr and will soon achieve level two badge! (probably on 15th of Jan). Here's a few generic thoughts on how to interact on this forum and how to get sales over marketplace! Marketplace tips: 1. The most important tip for new sellers on fiverr is to just follow the basics. Creating a gig is/should be an art; writing a few incoherent sentences and using a stolen image/thumbnail won't get you any sales. Yes, you need to know what's you niche? Is it situated or super situated? If it's super situated, do you've something unique to offer? No, a logo your momma thinks is the best one doesn't count. 2. Staying online anywhere, even on an app that's magical and may make you a king of the world beneath Bermuda triangle wouldn't get you sales, let alone staying online on this forum. 3. You absolutely are responsible for your own success and failure, don't expect anyone else to help you. 4. You need to send custom offers only on those buyers requests you are confident enough you can go above and beyond on. Remember, getting an order isn't your aim, rather aim at providing the kind of quality you would be proud off. 5. The freelancing world is dynamic; it changes every time so you need to pace up and run as faster as you can to be able to maintain your business. Otherwise, you're doomed and nobody cares. 6. I understand how important your first, second, third, or tenth, etc. order is for you, it doesn't matter for us and we don't care. You need to be silent in your journey and not to waste your time on providing us with the irrelevant info we may not notice. Spend that energy on your business and find your target customers. Tips about this forum: 1. There are a few icons that you can use for thank-you, good, yes, haha, confused, etc. so spamming the forum with those words is unnecessary, unwarranted, and rude. 2. It is understandable that we are a mixed bag of Asians, Europeans, Americans, Australians, and Africans and not all of us speak English as a first language; however, regurgitating prawns isn't acceptable. You must work on improving your English before plunging into the arena of international business. 3. Staying active 24/7 is absolutely NONSENSE and don't listen to anyone who tells you to do this. 4. It is annoying to post questions about certain things that are already answered in ToS, community guidelines, or in previous posts. So just ask questions about the unique situations you're caught in and you can't find a solution for. 5. Dear, sir, bro, sir, I will p*** for you, etc. are considered to be rude, so...... Refrain from using such terms. 6. Last tip, you're not an employee but a freelancer, an independent contractor, so be like one. Please pray for me!
  22. I have established my Gig 2 weeks ago. My impressions are 60, 0 click and 0 orders. What should i do now? what kind of steps will be beneficial for orders?
  23. Hi Logo makers 🤩 Here's some design tips and tricks for you to up your logo maker game! You’re a Fiverr Logo Maker seller, which means you have loads of creativity running through your veins. Jumping right into your logo designs is exciting, but before you decide to upload them, we’ve put together a guide that can help you optimize your designs and maximize your chances to convert and sell. The Logo Maker editor allows you to tweak and touch up your designs to create variations with different colors, background shapes, fonts, sizes, and placements. Simply upload your SVG file and create multiple versions of your logo. A few technical requirements before uploading your SVG symbol: Text - Avoid using text layers Layers - Do not exceed 100 layers Graphics - Use vector elements only Text bounds - Ensure symbols don't limit text length Every logo is designed differently Even before you start editing your logo, you want to make sure that the designs you upload are the best they can be. Here are a few points to keep in mind: Be unique, be original - Show off your creativity by adding some personal flavor to your design. Don't be shy to draw it by hand. Keep it simple. It’s that simple - Avoid over complicating and over designing your logo because a good logo can go a long way when kept simple. Forget the small details - To maintain clarity and sharpness, avoid using small elements that can make parts of your logo appear distorted when printed. Get your logo to turn heads - Make your logo stand out by combining non-common combinations of symbols with a clear graphical language. Do you have any more logo design tips? Feel free to share it here 🙂
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