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Found 3 results

  1. While many designs are beautiful, not all align with the idea of offering a ready-to-buy design to a wide variety of buyers. Here we will address what type of logos work best in the Logo Maker, and learn how to maximize your options. Logo maker Monograms: one letter only When designing a monogram for the Logo Maker the logo must be a 1 letter monogram. The reason we support only 1 letter monograms is because the businesses checking the logo maker are not likely to have the exact combination of initials as you’ve designed. We want to get your logo the highest selling potential and that can only be achieved by accommodating as many businesses as possible. Choosing to do one letter is safer than many combinations. Avoid limiting the text length When “closing” your text within a frame you set the maximum length of the brand name or slogan. The more versatility, the greater number of businesses interested in your design. This means making (literal) space for “Superduperlongname and co.”. Try to take into consideration both long and short names. Here are a few tricks to make your closed text logo more accessible: Open the sides of the logo or banner on both ends where the text is located In emblems and frames that contain the brand name or slogan, don’t place the text on the design. Try placing it below the logo or on top Logo variation vs. logo versions Ensure your designs are significantly different from one another because: We want to keep the logo maker versatile. Our algorithm doesn’t know how to differentiate between very similar designs Having many variations of the same logo increases the likelihood of the logo to be chosen. Merge the logos that are too similar into one design with many variations Variations of the same design which should not be uploaded as a separate logo: Same symbol in different colors Same symbol upside down Same symbol but outlined Same symbol different font The best way to “reuse” a design is with a different VERSION of the symbol. If you choose to do so, it should be done by adding and removing elements within the original icon. The best way to “reuse” a design is with a different VERSION of the symbol. If you choose to do so, it should be done by adding and removing elements within the original icon. Contrasting designs that would be acceptable to publish as a separate logo would be like this: We encourage you to go back to your published logos and see what upgrades you can make Check out our new Best practices article for more tips like this Read more about what counts as logo variations in the Logo Maker here See more about what we recommend publishing in the Logo Maker here
  2. Selling more logos and increasing your revenue is the name of the game. But like every game, it comes with a playbook. We’ve put together best practices guidelines with everything you need to know about logo success. We put a lot of thought into it those articles to make sure we answer as many questions as possible. Our new set or help center articles are aimed to help you get the best out of the Logo Maker. The guideline includes: How to tag your logo Pinpointing the relevant industries What to avoid when picking a logo to publish Other tips and tricks to get your logo in front of thousands of potential customers Ready? Follow these Help center guidelines and maximize your potential Let’s do this Our team loves it when you share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section. Let us know what you liked- What was the most helpful thing to you? Do you have any suggestions for additional articles? Comment below
  3. Using the Logo Maker Editor The Fiverr Logo Maker Editor is used to create and edit logo designs and logo variations to be sold in the Logo Maker. The Logo Maker Editor will be available for you after uploading a logo symbol as an SVG file. Once the SVG file is uploaded, you’ll create logo variations - different versions of your logo, varying by color palettes, fonts, positions, and background shapes. Logo variations are meant to make it easier for buyers to change your logo without editing each specific element, and without needing to really understand design. Keep in mind that you’ll need to create three logo variations before you finalize and publish your work. However, we recommend at least five for maximum effectiveness and reach. Creating various designs with different color palettes, layouts, and typography will increase the chances that your logo will sell. Tips: Variations with background color really stand out and help maximize the user experience. We recommend you include this in some of your variations. Centralize your elements on the artboard in a way that always makes them look best on the card (taking into consideration the size of the artboard). Create only well-designed logos. After all, your reputation as a designer is at stake! Use Fiverr presets to create additional variations with different layouts. Upload simple logos with bright ideas. These types of logos tend to communicate your idea better vs. more complicated logos. Change the positioning of your logo by either dragging the symbol using the slider in the right-hand panel or manually entering a value next to the slider and click Enter to apply the changes. You can also fine-tune it more closely by using the arrow keys. Use Shift for larger/broader movements. You can use Snapping to align logo elements to other elements and/or to the artboard. You can do so by dragging them on the artboard. Layering is set automatically, from the front to the back. It’s always in the order of the text on top, then the symbol, then the shape. For Stroke and Shadow, using the +/- icons adds and removes strokes and shadows wherever they exist. Any logo element can be rotated using the Rotation slider. Logo Symbol By double-clicking an element within a symbol, you can change its color. Tip: Make sure that the symbol you import once you create your logo is cropped. This way, your logo will display in an optimized manner on the card itself. Typography The Logo Maker will ultimately take your logo and change it to the buyer’s brand name and slogan to fit their individual needs. Buyers will not see your logo with the words “Brand Name.” Follow these tips when designing your logo’s typography: Font - After selecting a font, you can use the up and down arrows to see the fonts change within the brand name. Note that this applies to any type of text. Alignment - Enables you to set how the text will grow. For example, if you set it to the center, the text will grow out from both sides of the center. Setting the alignment in the right direction will ensure your logo looks well for different lengths of brand names. Remember, a brand name can be as short as 3 characters or as long as a few words. Curve - Enables you to curve the text. Slogan - Slogans aren’t mandatory. You can use the trash can icon to delete the slogan. You can always add it back later using the square found at the top left. Tips: Within each logo, you should have a blend of variations with a slogan and without. This will ensure that your logo is relevant to buyers with and without preference for this. Buyers will input both short and long names. Make sure your brand name fits within the logo. Longer names are ok, but some of your variations should have shorter names as well. Set your text direction/alignment when designing your logo (i.e., set how you’ll want your text to grow on the specific variation you’re designing). The Alignment toolset sets how the text grows; you’ll want to make sure the text is set so that it doesn’t go over the icon or outside the edges of your logo. Shapes Add shapes (ellipse, rectangle) at the top left. You can size shapes by dragging them from the edges, or by using the sidebar positioning tools. You can use the lock icon to lock/unlock the ratio. Note: You can only add one shape per variation. thanks for reading 🙂 See this article here.
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