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Now that Fiverr has taken a big step towards the Pro experience - is there any chance we're gonna get a better portfolio? Right now the max 50 MB limit on video uploads makes it impossible for me to upload anything in high-res - Which is a really important part of representing your work the right way as well as presenting it in a professional way.

Also, one minor update that would be neat visually - especially on the pro page, but also on your profile page. Allow newline/line breaks in the description (you know, hit enter for the next line spacing should be visible). Right now it's just a wall of text and it doesn't look nice - should be clean and simple or less overwhelming to look at. 

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 15.07.19.png



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I couldn’t agree more about the file size in the portfolio. It’s a bit like the first digital cameras lol they had storage cards that only held about 200 mb! That can easily be 1 quality file today!  I have to take my time to create a portfolio entry only to find out my file is too large and I end up cutting out parts that make it sizzle!! I own a website so I understand the data storage must be massive for Fiverr. 

I am in the process of updating my voice over demo and I suspect a 4k resolution for a video demo is laughable 😂 so I will have to create a sub par version of the high quality just to fit. Although I love being able to transmit 2g!!!! 

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