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  1. I have an order that is very late because Bayer wants more work from me. I sent an extended delivery request. By then the delivery time had also arrived. The buyer was new and he did not know how to accept, and he was saying that at present he does not have a laptop. I have told him with the help of screen shots and video how to accept on phones. The buyer is now offline for 14 hours. What do I do now ?Will this affect my account?
  2. Does Promoted Gigs feature help sellers get more exposure? Is it profitable?
  3. My Inbox Response Time is getting down and showing red color. But I didn't get any message for the last two months. Now, what do I have to do?
  4. Hello everyone, my name is José, I live in Argentina and I'm new to Fiverr. I will focus on creating 3D products from ideas, drawings or concepts. If you want you can check out my profile . Thanks! https://www.fiverr.com/joserllambi https://www.behance.net/josellambi
  5. I'm a level2 seller. My sell day by day decreasing. For at least 10-12 days, I don't get any message from any buyer. I have promoted options open for one of my gigs and I set the CPC rate high also. What's the problem with me? I noticed while I search my gig with filtering by "online seller", I can't see my gig. I need the best solution here. Can anyone help me out here to grow my business?
  6. I did Fiverr Joint in November last year. So far I have completed 11 orders but all of a sudden the impressions and clicks have decreased and the buyer knock is not coming. No order, what should I do now. I want advice from experts.
  7. How to make an effective buyer request? Any samples can be given please?
  8. Absolutely Not, Fiverr never allowed buyer and sellers to deal and communicate outside because of security reasons Fiverr's system is very active In case of any seller or buyer ask you to deal outside Fiverr you have to report It After that Fiverr checks that really this person is asking to deal outside Fiverr and Finally Fiverr block seller or buyer or both accounts So be careful Never accept or Give payment outside of Fiverr
  9. Hello, I know that we shouldn't ask or push buyer to write a review but sometimes, I feel disappointed with a review, for example a buyer told me on the chat that he's super happy with my work and thanked me many times for performance, fast dilevery...etc but when he rated my work he only wrote something like "great work" my question is how can I encourge buyers to write detailed reviews as what I see wriiten to other sellers, even some of the reviews are with a screenshot of the work I hope you share with me your techniques of encouraging detailed review, I am sure there's a way!
  10. Hello , hope you all are doing good ! I've a doubt suppose I make a delivery on Date 01/01/2022 , the buyer has not either accepted or rejected it , so according to Fivers norms it will be auto-accepted on 04/01/2022 if buyer takes no action (3 days from date of delivery) but , if I make a delivery again on 02/01/2022 then that 3 days will be counted again from 02/01/2022 (ending at 05/01/2022)or it will be same 04/01/2022 .
  11. can we sell serices using middleman on fiverr for direct payments?
  12. Have you encountered buyers who just chat and waste your time and never place an order? They come and talk to just waste your time and keep on asking questions but have no intention to order. Have you encountered such people?
  13. The Most Important Thing Which Most of the Sellers Ignores A common mistake done by new sellers is publishing a gig without proper description. Today I will talk about some of the mistakes and will try tell about what should you do. You see, if you want to sell something then you have to describe your product specialty to the customer. You have to make your customer understand that why your product is special in the market. Then he will convinced to buy your product. Exact same theory is applicable for your Fiverr gig. Buyer have to find something special in your gig description then he will convinced. Now, I am telling about some common mistakes the seller does with the gig: Doing copy/paste of someone else's gig description. Not introduce the service properly. This means lack of proper detail about your service. Don't offering special offer which is unique if you compare it with other gigs on your category. Doing grammatical mistakes. Many others are done by the new sellers. But these are some common mistakes. If you want to prepare a professional gig then you must avoid these mistakes. Here are some important things you must include on your gig description if you want to make it professional: Research other sellers gigs and get an idea on your mind. Plan about what you will include on your description and what will you avoid. Then write a rough sketch on a paper and revise it again and again. If you found any mistake make the correction. And while it's final then write the final one on your gig description. Include some special offers which aren't on other's gig description. For example: give 10 days after sales service, give special offer based on your service e.t.c. Try to write your service areas properly. I mean for example: I work as a web uiux designer. I have included my designing tool names, My delivery files details, My portfolio site link e.t.c. Do the same related your service. To avoid grammatical mistakes use Grammarly or similar extentions help. Use several columns to write your descriptions so that it don't look noisy. Hope my writings will help you a little bit. If you follow these words while writing your gig description hope your description will look professional. If you have any question please feel free to ask me on comment section. I will be happy to answer you! Next time I will try to talk about the pricing of the gig for the new sellers. Thanks a lot for your time! Tanim Ahamed UIUX Designer
  14. How do i can increase my gig impression & clicks and engagements . I know some ways like social media shearing and stays online , But is there any other way that i dont know , can someone tell me ?
  15. Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! My name is Jessica. I help people to learn Chinese language and culture on fiverr. Thanks!
  16. I have a question to all of you that if suppose i work on a particular category on fiverr and many of my rivals also work with me if that competitor report on me so that fiber ban me and he get my position If possible, fiverr should do such a system in which if someone reports on anyone without meaning, then his gig should be banned because if fiverr does not do this then he will never be able to get good sellers because good seller who will rise a bit The opponents below will report on him and ban his gig. And gradually the virus will stop believing in the fiber because it will get lost well and those who, together with their friends, bring down the top one, they themselves will stay up.
  17. It has been more than 6 months. I have tried everything, SEO, attractive gig image and everything to rank gig. But still I get no order. I feel very frustrated because I am trying very hard. Please help. Please review my gig and tell me what I am doing wrong, please guide me. Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/veeraj_designs
  18. A buyer ordered from my voice over gig, as per usual I completed it using the script provided by them in the order. After completing the order and the buyer accepting the delivery completely, they are now coming back to me saying it was the wrong script, and they'd like me to re-record the one they meant to send. They also placed the order wrong. They paid for 1800 words assuming they sent the other script, but sent a 1000 word script. I'm offering a discount of the difference for what the order should've costed on a re-order of this script. They're still giving me a hard time and want me to re-record it for free. I already did the work and delivered as required, I'm really not in the mood to re-record because of something that isn't my mistake. I'm worried about a bad review. What should I do here?
  19. Hello I am experienced Network Admin and Windows ,Linux and Mac troubleshooting and it support technician with over 14 Years of Experience and I am new to fiverr and still waiting for a order . If you can please share my gigs and help me to find jobs. Thanks ..... My Profile : https://www.fiverr.com/shenalcharana
  20. So, this type of seller who is a female singer, her account has been saying this message "Looks Like This Service Is On Hold" but it has become over a year now. I am not sure as to why this is even the case. Seller details: I will write and sing you a wonderful original song Seller name: jarielandlily Seller is a level 2 Seller Link to gig Her voice is lovely and I wanted to ask her regarding her work and maybe to order one of her gigs, but sadly, it has become over a year and not sure what's going on with this seller.
  21. If I ask a buyer after completion of a project as "if you may you can give feedback " also a violation?
  22. I'm here with Fiverr for around two years. I have a lot of knowledge about graphic design like logos, Business cards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, etc. I created some gigs over this product but I didn't stand out my gig withing over a million sellers. That's why I didn't get any buyer messages and anyone didn't hire me. After a couple of months, I was going with no job with that type of product. Even now too I don't get any messages from buyers to buy my graphics-related product. I was hopeless about my family's survival because I had no domestic jobs at all. Then, this Forum helps me to get stand out from other different products that have fewer sellers. But I have knowledge of graphic design and I am thinking I have to use my knowledge and have to earn more money from freelancing by using knowledge with proper use. Are there any possible or best tips for standing out with graphics-related gigs over million of sellers?
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