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  1. Hi, I'm rather new to Fiverr forum. I see a lot of people asking questions like: How do I get more orders? How do I get more impressions? How do I get more clicks? Some of them don't post the link to their Fiverr gig in their questions so it's hard to answer said questions. I've tried to search for the button that leads me to their Fiverr gig but can't find it. Did Fiverr make it so that we can't access a seller's gig through their forum profile?
  2. I want to know is it legal to sell different services like
  3. If you're a US citizen and eager to know more about "Tax Day" and how to better prepare for it - Please watch our Webinar Recording: How to Prepare for Tax Day. We hosted a live webinar led by certified tax professional - Paul Haimowitz and Fiverr Workspace team members. Watch the webinar to learn about: Structuring your business income, Maximizing deductions, Choosing the right business entity, and Proper filing and reporting procedures. https://business.fiverr.com/content/tax-day-recodring-feb-22 Stay Amazing! Fiverr Editorial Team
  4. I had a goal to work as a PHP developer on Fiverr, initially lacked the necessary skills. However, I was determined to improve and took the time to gain the knowledge and experience needed to reach my goal. Now that I have returned to Fiverr as a senior PHP developer, I am likely well-prepared to take on new and challenging projects and excel in my field. My dedication to improving my skills is admirable and will likely serve me well in my career.
  5. Can 2 users from different places/cities use same fiverr account? Can me and friend (we don't have an existing prior fiverr acccount) use the same account on Fiverr as a seller? We would be using this account for our startup that we started togehter.
  6. Can anyone help me how to build high quality image for fiverr gigs? (free tools)
  7. I'm much curious to know: 1. How fiverr algorithm works for "matching" feature. 2. What is essential for qualifying "match"? 3. In which part of my gig/profile I should work to get best fit for "matching"?
  8. Now FIVERR does not allow new seller account. I want to know why the account is not approved. What are the main reason?
  9. This Policy makes the fiver unethical because of now many buyer can complete their work & then make a dispute for Tracking This happens many times with me
  10. I received an email on being not being approved as a seller. Fiverr is not explaining their decision process. Here are the details. 1. I run a small business in NYC 2. The images I used are from the work I have completed. I include the images I used. 3. My gig was data analysis and visualization using Tableau and R 4. My description for my gig was unique. It written from scratch and I did not copy anything I'm laying out these details because when I googled, this were the concerns but they don't apply to me. I also have verified credentials. Can someone please help and explain. Fiverr Support Team won't explain. My W2 Forms also were confirmed. https://www.fiverr.com/karimthemathguy/data-analysis-and-visualization-tableau
  11. I have heard about this compensation when a buyer has harassing behavior, are there other cases in which the seller is repaid by Fiverr in case of canceled order?
  12. Hi, I see every sellers getting Year end review with details of how many orders they get this year and many other details. How do I get one? I know they are getting this automatically but is there any other way?
  13. I have been using Fiverr for 5 years not one sale. I tried every approach known to man. I have changed my gigs on multiple occasions to optimize them. I recently copied the exact description from a top seller and made small changes to fit my profile, that still has not worked. I got 291 views and 2 clicks since trying that tactic in November still no sales up to date. I have promoted my page on social media and end up getting clients to work directly with me who refuse to use Fiverr. I'm going crazy, this platform has me questioning my own skills. Please have a look at my gigs tell me what I've been doing wrong these 5 years https://www.fiverr.com/dzinebysleepy
  14. Hi Fiverr community, I have a very important question: Can i sell my own Tik Tok accounts on Fiverr? Is that legit and not against Terms Of Service? If you help me with this question i will be so grateful. Thanks.
  15. I tried multiple different files both in png and jpg to upload as my pfp, but they just don't go through. It shows the popup to select the file, but it doesn't go through properly. Please fix this asap bc this is stopping me from posting my gig
  16. I am unable to respond to a user that is marked as unavailable. The text area is grayed out and I am unable to type. This looks like a bug but I am unable to confirm this. I'm on seller mode and I'm worried that this would affect my response time. Is this something I should worry about?
  17. I worked on other freelance platform and i am a top rated talent there but in fiver my experience is so bad, it looks like freelancers are servants here who can't ask anything to clients. Its clients choice where they pay or take the work, abuse and just go happily with the work. My work is always good , i deliver correct work. Its not because its my i am asking this because my work is good. I had worked more than 100 clients successfully. But here on fiver the support team is only for the clients support not for freelancers. 1) client gave me 3 orders for running the project and i successfully done that and pushed the code to github and showed him the project is error free and now working with proof but when he got the work he started saying nothing working nothing working and cancelling order again and again, absued me, my religion and my country. And i contacted to fiver support because its my first order so i dont know that fiver is only for clients. I gave every proof but what they did they cancelled the order saying stupid lines. 2) now after few orders again one person came, he was like a too good to be true, and i had a feeling that he is trying to be so much nicer, and i had an order with the client open he asked me to contact outside i just said ok because i had order, i swere i never contacted him, got warning and also he started cancelling the order after taking the complete work. 3) now again one other client after taking and after the order is completed and after month came back to me and syaing the free work which was ever discussed and was not the par of order he said do it free, i said i can't do it. I had told him every detail of the order and what he will get and what i am providing and what he was asking for free was in my extras of gig. He contacted fiver and fiver cancelled the completed order, the client is happy he took the free work from me. And after all the work i have nothing. Why? where is justise? Dont the fiver people investigate? if they don't want to then why the freelancers have support option for orders and gigs? Such a bad pltform
  18. Why some buyers ask for google meeting?
  19. Hi there! I am Ludovica, I am a video-editor and I've been a Fiverr member since July 2022. My experience with Fiverr is great, but i have a problem: I make many impressions and even some clicks, but I still haven't received my first order yet! Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any advice for me to follow? Thank you for your help! Have a nice day, Ludovica
  20. I'm available for custom orders, drop me a message and I'll be back to you in less than 24 hours - thanks! Yet, can not message the seller for some reason. All I got is an gray box. The seller can message me but can not message them back? Do I have to wait until Monday?
  21. Can I get match with buyer briefs using smartphone?🤔 Thanks in advance 😃
  22. Today I received notification about to upgrade seller plus program, what is the benefits of this program, expert opinion needed who actually enrolled into this program, thanks
  23. I created my gig before 2month then I create 6 gigs on my account and my impressions and clicks went well suddenly impressions and clicks dropped. I attach before after image below
  24. Does my OCR goes down if I cancel a order as a seller? the buyer doesn't helping with the order.
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