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Have any questions about the Top Rated program? Share them with a comment, and we'll try to answer you on the webinar!

We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in our Top Rated program, and as part of our larger commitment to transparency on the Fiverr platform, we want to make sure each and every one of you have all the information you need to succeed.

From a clear breakdown of Fiverr’s Top Rated seller expectations to best practices on your way to the top, we’re bringing you the webinar you’ve been waiting for—join us on March 18 at 11:00 AM EST and take a deep dive into:

- What it means to be Top Rated 

- Fiverr’s TR quality standards

- Our evaluation process

- Maintaining your metrics

- What’s new & how the TR program fits into Fiverr’s new level system

Ready to take your next steps to the top? Sign up here.

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Do gigs that have a "Fiverr's Choice" badge affect being a Top Rated seller ?

Are we competing with each other to be Top Rated Sellers ? I mean, Do you have a quota for Top Rated Sellers ? OR, do you just have specific qualifications and we just need to meet these qualifications and you just need to investigate us more specifically ?

Do our earnings affect being Top Rated Seller ? (I do not mean that reaching the $10,000 limit, I mean that earning more makes me more qualified to be Top Rated than others...)

* I may edit here with more questions - I have many orders to work on...

Thank you very much 🙂

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i have two question:

In the new system, in place of adding more benefits with higher ranks, like having a TopRated 3 Stars (like if they were level 4,5 and 6) helping freelancers to reduce the Fiverr's interest or maybe adding the capacity to invest in other freelancers and create connections, Fiverr decided to lower everybodys ranks, lower the score, and make everybody feel useless.

1- was done because Fiverr likes to feel more powerfull than the freelancers? like a need of a boot on the head, or was just waking up a morning and wanted to see every freelancer sad for demotion?

2- is Fiverr a machine that rejoice on chaos and pain of their workers or just money?


😄 thankyou very much for the webinar! 

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