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  1. I read the terms of service and it says 13 year olds can use fiverr! So do you think teenage sellers are allowed to sell on fiverr? And I heard that there are teenage sellers who have pro gigs or is this a lie?
  2. There is no surefire way to avoid bad sellers on Fiverr, but there are a few things you can do to minimize your risk: 1. Check the seller's reviews and ratings before placing an order. 2. Pay attention to the language used in the seller's gig description. If it is full of grammatical errors, this is usually a red flag. 3. Communicate clearly with the seller before placing an order. Ask any questions you have about the gig, and be specific about your expectations. 4. If possible, request a custom gig from the seller. This way, you can provide more detailed instructions and the seller will have a better understanding of what you need. 5. Be willing to pay a little extra for a seller that you can trust. In general, the saying "you get what you pay for" is true.
  3. Recently i shared 3 posts related to Seller tips, buyers tips, and one great article about a person life change through Fiverr, NOT DOUBT ITS COPY I JUST SHARE. MAY IT WAS MY MISTAKE I DONT KNOW FIVERR RULE THAT WE CANT SHARE ARTICLE HERE. then there are judge people in the comment whom they called themself moderators i guess they reply me this Theamitsingh, Mjensen (forum leader) said a person's forum activity has no effect on their gig rank. I know sharing articles and forums doesn't lead the rank to grow, I just feel to share unaware of rules and regulations. here these people only come to judge instead of helping like No Pal! You, Cant, post something like this please be careful next time, As for my Fiverr rank part, I Earn 500-1000 USD on EVERY ORDER I DONT THINK SO IM SHORTING OF ORDERS AND RANKING ON FIVERR, IM NOT SHARING MY FIVERR PROFILE AS THEY CLAIM FOR PROMOTING GIG.
  4. Tips For New Sellers! 🤩 If you want to work in the Fiverr marketplace, then you must be an expert in any one category. E.g. Graphic Design, UI / UX design, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, etc. There is also another category of work on Fiverr. But be careful. Quality is more important than quantity. The better your work, the faster you can progress. Of course, first, you have to be proficient in any one category. Thanks
  5. Hi yesterday i received add subscription option for my fiverr gigs. I want to ask that everybody gets add subscription option or its available to selective sellers. If its for selective sellers what do you think on which basis fiverr provides this option ? Repeat orders , Good performance ? Please drop your value able suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sellers who have two or more gigs, please tell me if it is difficult to fulfill orders from several gigs.
  7. when a buyer hire us at a first time we contact them friendly. At the started point We knows about the buyer, and then we ask them about them project and kind details. For Achieve a good order we build our gig smartly. we complete our order buyer satisfyingly and
  8. After 5 month later I have got level-1, It's a great achivement for me. Please keep me in your prayer. Thank you Fiverr & Thanks all
  9. I'm new here. I hope on great achievement using this platform.
  10. Hello fellow sellers! I had a question and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. After a lot of hard work, I finally met all the requirements to be a Pro Level seller on Fiverr! I was super excited but then confused when my status didn't change after the monthly evaluation. After reaching out to Customer Support I was told that becoming a Pro Level seller isn't actually guaranteed and that it's a manual selection process. I wondered if maybe because it's a manual process that it takes extra time and maybe I'm just not approved yet? Or if there is something I need to adjust on my profile to meet the requirements. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!!
  11. Hi everyone. My name is Raymond. I joined Fiverr on December 2021. I sell Logo design. I have read tons of tips in this forums (thanks @frank_d for your valuable tips). But I don't gain any order. I have tried to optimize my profile, but the order are not coming (and my impressions are very low: less than 10 per day) Is there anything else I should improve in my profile/gig? Or what can I do to get more impressions and more order? Thank you at advance for your answers! PS: I apologise if I did some mistakes when writing, English is not my first language.
  12. Hello, I am Visith. I am a professional Graphic designer and have been freelancing for about two years. Clients often choose me for my iconic designs which grab the eye of the audience. I have been on Fiverr for about four months but did not engage actively. But in this session, I am planning to be online and provide services more than ever Why do you choose us? We provide iconic designs which are unique to your brand Most of the designs are designed with the concept of minimalism which helps the audience to remember your brand We provide high-quality service Lifetime support ⭐100% Satisfaction Guaranteed⭐ I hope that you will visit my profile and start a project Right away Thank You.
  13. Good day guys. Just back in Fiverr. So how is sales? And what's the new ranking system on getting on the first page and making more sales?
  14. Yesterday i got the notification from fiver you are unqualified for promoting gigs the same time i have check my gig ranking it is not on the first page its totally disappear from search. So i want to know does it happen?
  15. Why's my gig not found in search? after setting up an attractive gig image and video. Also no gig impression. for an account of 4days. Y?
  16. Are your sales higher or lower after the epidemic? If less then how are you trying to increase sales?
  17. Hello there! My name is Annika and I am a new seller on this platform. I am a professional digital marketer and I will be glad to work with everyone here.
  18. Good day to everyone here Please I wanna make an enquiry about Fiverr buyers "last seen". Is the last seen always correct? Please I'm confused.
  19. Can anyone tell me the best selling game and app gig presently with keyword and how to rank it high to first page, Any suggestion thanks as you do so.
  20. Thanks to Allah! I have completed 10+ Order. My name is Ishtiaqbappy and I am new to seller. Can someone please advise me on how I can rank my Fiverr gigs?
  21. Hey! I'm a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I'm going on a vacation and I've set unavailability for a few months. I wanted to know does it affect the level superiority in anyway? If yes, is there any better way to keep things smooth? Thanks.
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