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Announcing Improvements to Custom Offers


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Heads up, sellers!

We have a new update to Custom Offers which improves the Offers you send to buyers. Instead of choosing between creating a custom offer or sending an existing Gig, we decided to combine the two.

There are times you want to send your existing Gig, but need to make tweaks to customize it for your buyer. Other times, you use the Custom Offer option, but then need to fill out all the details, which can be time consuming.

Starting today, when you send a Custom Offer, you can select one of your existing Gigs and customize it per the buyer’s request. You can easily do this by selecting an existing Gig, add your predefined Gig Extras, set a custom price, delivery time, and the number of revisions for each offer you send.

Another advantage of this change is that all ratings, reviews, and work samples will now automatically be attached to a Gig you offer.

How does it work?

When you receive an inbox message or respond to a buyer’s request, just click “Send an Offer”. Select a Gig you want to offer and Gig Extras you want to include, and then describe what’s included in your offer. Next, define additional details, such as number of revisions and delivery time. Finally, enter an amount for you offer and click “Submit Offer”. That’s it!

We’d love to hear your feedback here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14wA7icigwuYQxbwxKqJgVKgS7z--TvbqEA_EaoqODl0/viewform

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This is a post that I posted a few days ago in the forum.

Previously we could click on a “send a custom order” button and promote our service/product that is relevant to the buyers requests, using up to 1500 characters to promote ourselves to them. But, now Fiverr has a new way to send custom offers, which takes you to your Fiverr page and only allows you to mark relevant gig extras to make a sell, and you only get 500 characters to place in your description box. This new custom offer process doesn’t allow for, in my case, other types of graphic design products. Isn’t that what the custom order is for anyway?

I feel that as a new Fiverr member, this will drastically cut down my response rate from buyers. So far, I have been able to get a decent response rate. As a matter of fact, I have pretty much solely been dependent on Custom Orders from the Buyers Requests page to sell my services. Any repeat business to my gig page, has been from those buyers from Buyers Requests.

I realize I’m only one person in this vast community here at Fiverr, and I wouldn’t be missed if I had to leave, but I’m beginning to feel comfortable in the Fiverr process and have found a way that I can make a few extra dollars to help me get by, and also by helping buyers who are also on a tight budget. If I lose my buyers from the Buyers Request page, by having to leave a generic description on how I can help people with their graphic design needs (500 characters). I won’t look any different that the rest of the gang here at Fiverr.

Please take this situation into consideration, and put the “Custom Offer” box back the way it was. I’m sure other members here will have the same issue as me and would likely lose prospective buyers in the interim.

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I don’t like that this change takes away the option to send a completely custom offer. I got my very first gig earlier this week - and it was with a completely custom offer! As a new seller on Fiverr, I’m limited to only set up 7 gigs at this point, until I make more sales and level up. (But I can do a lot more than 7 things.) So when a request comes along that doesn’t resemble one of my pre-established gigs - but it’s something I know I can do - what’s a girl to do? Bidding on custom requests is one of the ways I can MAKE sales, and therefore level up. With the old way, you could already send an existing gig and tweak it for the buyer, without being limitedby your gigs. I would like to see the completely custom offer option make a return. Thanks for listening! And if there’s a way to still do totally custom offers, please let us know!

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