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  1. Congratulations and good luck.. its just a start and many more to come..
  2. its a scam i guess.. please read TOS
  3. only best performance by delivering great work can improve success score as per criteria.
  4. nothing i guess, if cancellation is through support and the reason was like order placed by mistake , or beyond expertise, then support can interfare and reverse the effect, otherwise it will stay there
  5. yes i have seen your profile.. anyways delivering best work is only solution now. so do your best and see the results, hope for the best
  6. Hi. Yes, sadly it does effect badly. but no rather than focusing on what already happened, try to avoid as much as you can in future even in above case you don't have your mistake, still try to avoid such things as much as you can and deliver outstanding work, good luck
  7. yes it does effect your ranking overall, but for future try to avoid it in any ways. best is to avoid such situations and deliver what client is saying. that's all its best possible way
  8. sad to know. but i will strongly recommend and encourage you to keep going and keep doing great work , it will surely improve your stats gradually , forget score for some time and keep delivering best best work it will be better with the passage of time, quitting is not a solution , delivering your best and doing wonderful work is the great option to consider, so focus on work rather than leaving. i wish you good luck
  9. wonderful, many congratulations. deliver wonderful work, do your best.. deliver above and beyond, and satisfy client in all ways. good luck and its just a starting of a great and long journey. best of luck
  10. Hello, By the way its the concern of everyone now a days, you are not alone. I saw your profile as well, having 2k reviews and your level is 1, if I am not wrong you are demoted? may be it was the reason , but I am saying MAY BE, as no one is sure about this. i wish you good luck
  11. welcome to a wonderful platform and have a wonderful journey
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