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Announcing Improvements to Custom Offers


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Please lets all vote against this. This is not the kind of update we need. This makes getting orders difficult. I was just about to send a client a custom order and discovered that even the auto-selected gig had no bearing with what the client was asking for. This is a horrible update? Was there any complaints about the old method?

This has just complicated working and getting orders on fiverr

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There are a number of issues with the inability to provide a custom offer not related to a current gig:

1- Inability to provide work not directly associated with a currently live gig. Clients see my work in one area and often ask if I can accomplish a similar task…a perfect chance for a custom offer that I don’t want linked to a particular gig.
2- Once custom work is now completed, it is tied to a particular gig…meaning the seller can leave the work in a Live Portfolio contributing to future confusion among potential sellers about the scope of that gig.
3- When gigs are paused for any reason, you can no longer provide custom offers (the “Accepting Custom Offers” button now no longer relevant. Often, when I am too busy, I have been able to pause my gigs in the past to prevent new public orders from coming in, while still being able to accommodate orders from long term clients. This is no longer possible.
4- When on vacation stop, you can no longer provide custom offers to buyers to have their projects in the queue upon your return.

Looks like the only work around is to create a new gig that is just for custom offers, which is unfortunate.

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You can still have a completely custom offer. You just discuss it with your clients, come to an agreement on price, set up the offer, and connect it to a gig. Even if it isn’t related it still comes up as positive feedback on your profile, and on the selected gig. I can’t see how it causes any restrictions?

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