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  1. Don’t give up, learn new things and be courteous, show customer support and when you cannot do a task let the buyer know, do not say you will then deliver lower than what is expected, treat this as a business.
  2. I have a lot but my main 2 ones are spam requests in my inbox and buyers who want more than what they are willing to pay. For the latter I do not necessarily work with these buyers when they order I give them two options, I upsell or cancel.
  3. Awesome tips, I have been doing that but not with using through this platform.
  4. This is a creative way of explaining the difference between sellers, I like it.
  5. I agree to do custom if you can take on the task when a buyer sends it to you, and not all buyers do reviews.
  6. When you browse click on your tab and right click on settings you are suppose to see view in incognito mode, that is if your browser in Google.
  7. I think when you say unlimited it will appear that you will not be delivering the quality that your buyer require, I think one revision is suitable, but then if you are in the creative side of business I think 2 is reasonable.
  8. I got a spam message as well today, I responded and it still got affected, so I too hope they eventually get rid of this system, because if we are timed by first messages and we are affected by messages that are spam I dont see how this system will help us.
  9. October is the worst month ever! I am experiencing the bug as well.
  10. Smh these bugs, even I am not online as well.
  11. I think this post is awesome, it is not only related to the sellers in your niche, but some of these points can assist other sellers with some of the examples you gave. I really like the one when a buyer comes and say “Do this and I order more gigs for you everyday!” This is similar to yours with budget is small and they will send more clients, such a bribe.
  12. Yes I still have this bug and it still has not been resolved from my side.
  13. I always change my videos on some of my gig but some gigs that I have with no video has been having sales as well, not sure if its because when a buyer click on my other gigs they see the others as well.
  14. I normally update the order page with what I offer for $5, if a buyer orders too little I upsell or deliver what they pay for.
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