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Changing your account username

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Good evening, Fiverr community.

This message is to suggest the implementation to the system of a way to change user names. Maybe it will happen to you like me, that you took the first username that occurred to you because you thought that your account was not going to be very recognized and ... 4 years later, you ended up working professionally at Fiverr.

But you would like to change your username the same way you do on Instagram, to a username that represent your experience, status or your brand.

Is this being considered among the future changes within Fiverr by any chance?

Thank you for reading!

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11 hours ago, corsogr said:

This is not available at the moment. It would be an interesting feature if sellers could change at least once their username even for a fee or for free. It serves as a rebranding too at times.


Yup. It's necessary for all Fiverr workers, altough it should be free whenever it's available for us. Fiverr takes out fees on our orders so, that kind of features should be free.

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I feel like it should be an option. I wouldn't want to see sellers changing their names all of the time, but maybe a one-time username change, or a once a year username change. 

When I started on Fiverr, I didn't think it was going to go anywhere, so I just picked a silly name. I have regrets, but it has led to some silly conversations. 

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Hello everyone, I’ve been on Fiverr for as long as I can remember and I know it is a rule that usernames cannot be changed. However, I believe people evolve as they learn and grow. Personally, my business has grown and I wish what it has now become could reflect on my username as it is often mentioned in reviews.

I believe this will be great for business as I can import these reviews to my website. But now I can’t change my username 😞

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I changed mine, by first deactivating my old account... but when I went to reactivate it with the new username, the system would not let me use the same email. After contacting support, the solution ended up being:

1 - Fiverr reactivated the my old account (with same username, nothing changed)

2 - I changed my email address (which you can do easily). 

3 - Then deactivated my account again.

4 - Initiated a NEW account with my old email (not the one I changed it to), plus a new, and better Username. 

That worked for me.

Best of luck.

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