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  1. The time it takes to comb through Fiverr to find all the users copying my photos and gig descriptions just isn't worth it. I wish there was an easier way.
  2. I guess I have been gone quite a while. This is so different. Did the Forum feedback from Forum users go into creating the new Forum?
  3. Will this affect those already assigned a Seller Success Manager?
  4. This is more the tone I was hoping for in the ad spot. Thank you for sharing.
  5. My pricing is pretty precise as a writer. I do have extras, but everything my clients need is included in the packages. I don’t consider my packages as “starting prices.” I admit my prices are high, but my buyers know they are getting everything they need when they place an order, and that order extras are just that, extra.
  6. Seriously? Did the warning stay on your account?
  7. Are you receiving an error message? What happens when you try to deliver your order?
  8. How did you reach Fiverr support to get the message about a new email being sent out?
  9. When a customer pays for a service, they now own the rights to your delivery. They can do whatever they want with it, unless you charge additional for commercial rights. If you feel like you’re being exploited, raise your pricing to an amount you’re comfortable working with. My only problem working with resellers is that it’s sometimes like playing a game of telephone. The client tells them what they want, they rephrase that to me, and then I send them what I interpreted from their communication. Then, when it’s time for revisions, the buyer (who is a reseller) is sending information from their end-client. I prefer to work with the person who is in charge of approving my work, without a middleman.
  10. Read the Fiverr TOS to see which rule you broke. Also, you can reach out to Fiverr support at the link they provided in the email for more details.
  11. I got the same email, with all kinds of red flags on it from Gmail. I am waiting to see if Fiverr sends a new email with a Fiverr-linked email account.
  12. This is definitely a scam. Look up “payroll scams” or “check fraud scams” to learn more about this type of scam. It looks like this type of scam has gotten a lot more steam this year with more people looking for work from home jobs.
  13. I report them as SPAM, but I have this message set up as one of my autoresponders. I click the automated response to avoid having my response rate hit, then report as SPAM. My hope is that sending these messages with my report will get these sellers to refrain from sending the same messages to other sellers.
  14. image806×496 51.9 KB - Then there are these messages, which I receive daily.
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