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  1. Absolutely NOT possible..read their T & C you will have more elaborated answers. cheers.
  2. Necklace on gold 


  3. sri lankan leopard inspirational ring...


  4. Jewelry designs inspired by nature


  5. Hi there, ‘active on fiverr or fiverr forum‘ I have this question staying active on the Fiverr forum how will that reflects on receiving orders.? I know that,Being active on forum = Buyers will see our profile ONLINE Is there any other reason.? Thank you.
  6. Now the competition is increased. So orders are divided. Stay online Fingers crossed you will get orders. You are a lvl 2 bro
  7. Hi there, Never remind or ask for a review after delivery or in the process. it's a bad experience for the buyers with you. When they accept your delivery they have to rate you it's a part of the process. In most cases, You will receive reviews depending on how much a buyer is satisfied or unhappy with the final delivery. Cheers
  8. It's sad to hear what has happened, brother. Well, any online freelance platform will take the customer’s side not the other way around. I have lessons learned but not hard punch like yours. Try to send a cold message to 5 -10 your previous clients who know you very well and have a mutual understanding between both. Saying you would love to work with them if they have work for you etc..make a convincing story but acceptable. Hopefully if they give you a job with 5 star rank you have a chance to get back on the road. Cheers bro..🤞
  9. inspirational jewelry designs. 




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