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  2. Open a topic and share your gig link, so that members can share opinions.
  3. Your gig title should be corrected. It has writing errors. "I will..." what ? You need a verb. The order of the words is incorrect. It is something that drives away buyers instantly. Especially when they see that the description is AI-generated.
  4. You can easily find useful info on how to start here on Forum. Explore the section "Tips From Sellers". Ofcourse, no one can guarantee you orders, but posts in this section can help you a lot to get the idea on how to edit your profile, gigs etc.
  5. Did the other buyers get this screen look too?
  6. You can't contact a buyer directly. They contact you. This is the essence rule. After some high-quality work, you might get a match with a buyer who sent a brief, but that's something not important for you right now, as you are a beginner.
  7. It seems that you issued a chargeback for 2 orders regarding thumbnails. Not sure how you accidentally made a mistake twice (10 days gap between two orders). I don't think that the support will answer since your story is very thin, no hard feelings.
  8. It easy to find solutions for starters in the Forum section "Tips From Sellers".
  9. It is, but you can ask them politely not to remove the work from the live portfolio.
  10. Easy to get down, difficult to lift up. You need to be very careful with sensitive buyers. They might rate you bad even if you ask them for additional info or time. I guess you have to have some luck too. This guys could be a landmine to your profile future.
  11. 'Recommended' tag is added to gigs based on quality metrics. It basically means that the gig, based on its current performance, has more chances to outperform the competition in the same category. Admins don't choose this manually, It's an automated tag.
  12. You can gain starting knowledge by reading the forum section "Tips From Sellers".
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