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  1. Thanks for those tips but you should have described more each mechanism
  2. See gigs from people of same category of work. See their gig, analysis them. and create your gig based on those gigs. Do not copy paste just get the idea and be yourself.
  3. Of course you can show your previous work as sample.
  4. You shouldn't copy paste any template instead you should change some text for every request.
  5. Welcome to fiverr community brother.
  6. Looks great with different types of views but I was expecting another update from fiverr from long ago that is changing user name at-least for once.
  7. Forget about design or color. Tell me what's wrong with this. I get success with those that's why I am suggesting others.
  8. Be Active Gig promotion Send Buyer Request
  9. You should edit your gig title, description Send some buyer request Stay active
  10. gig promotion be active send buyers request
  11. Be active. Buyer request must be sent every day. Publish 7 gigs Try to edit your old gig change something inside your gig Category, Keywords, Upgrade Seo, Description.
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