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  1. Congratulations, keep doing good work and follow the Fiverr TOS, soon you will promoted to Level 2
  2. Hello Guys, I have successfully completed one more order with good feedback and 5-star rating. You can check my rating and reviews on my profile by clicking 5-star. Thank You!
  3. I feel very happy whenever I complete a order and see the result like this
  4. Congratulations on your First TIP. Keep doing good work.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing the most important information.
  6. Its important to complete 1st order with good rating and reviews, then only your chances will be high to get more orders.
  7. You need to focus on your niche and then you have to do a deep research about your target audience, whom you want to sell your services, what you will offer to them and based on these research, you can write the gig description.
  8. I will keep all these in my mind and avoid these buyers.
  9. It happens to me earlier, I asked to many questions regarding the same with the support team and the suggested me: Hence, I have contacted with my previous buyer and asked them for orders, they placed orders and I have tried to complete as much order as I can on time with good feedback. Now, my promoted gig is working.
  10. Congratulation bro, keep it up. You will get more tips by providing best quality services to your buyers.
  11. Avoid to use Auto Refresher, Instead of ranking the GIG it will decrease your gig ranking.
  12. Sometime it happens, but try to promote your gig on social media, send buyer request on daily basis and hopefully it will help. If anyone have better suggestion to increase gig impression, please share.
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