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  1. Hello and thank you very much for helping us moderators with your reports. You are always accurate 

    and your reports are always there for a correct reason. Keep up the good work, don't hesitate to report

    any kind of spamming, copy pasting, thread bumping etc.  and thank you once again.


  2. Your suggestion is smart, we will look into it and let you know.
  3. Hello there, I completely understand your frustration with this rule. It seems unfair, specially for better level sellers to respond to so many orders. While answering you can always use Quick Response feature. We will talk about reviewing this rule with our staff and let you know if there will be some changes in the future. Regards
  4. Hello there, I am sorry that we didn't respond up until now. We have now full time moderators so answering will be more quickly. Did the problem got fixed in the meantime or did you contact maybe the support ?
  5. Hi there, That must be some sort of a bug. We will contact our administrator and let you know about this one in short time. Regards.
  6. Hello there, I presume that you are a new seller but you need to be patient and also here are some advices you can use: Create your gig in one specific niche. Create an eye-catching Gig Images. Add video to your gig. Write an engaging description. Keep the price low. Stay online. Use social media to promote. Also use forum, threads about improving gigs etc because a lot of people talk about this mayor question for all new sellers. Regards.
  7. That would be a useful option. At least to be able to change the username in every 6 months. We will talk about this with our support and whoever needed and provide you with some answer surely.
  8. Hello, thank you for sharing this problem with us. Rest assure that we will get back to you in short time. It will be fixed. Just send us your profile url or username.
  9. Dear customer, Could you provide us with a little more info about this. Sending a message where ? We will help you don't worry.
  10. Yes, my mistake, I did not read that the buyer put wrong requirements, but that he did not put them at all. Thanks for feedback.
  11. Dear User, The order is now incomplete, no effect on completion rate. But since the buyer is the only one who can make the order going and he is missing, you need to contact customer support. Regards.
  12. Dear user, I agree with the possibility of a price factor. That can be a problem for buyers, but also pay attention to your description, delivery time and maybe the amount of revisions you are offering. Being a new seller also could mean that you need to wait more. Regards.
  13. Hi, Changing profile picture is really not that important. It is not a factor for the ranking. Regards.
  14. Getting some negative comments for a start is normal. Because people don't usually react positively to changes. My opinion is that you can find the right buttons easily, just give yourselves some time.
  15. This topic will be locked because of spamming. Please don't post irrelevant content. Regards.
  16. Good job ! The first one is important for self-confidence and I hope it will get more easier for you in the upcoming jobs. Always pay attention to delivery time and don't set the delivery to short if you are not sure you can finish ! Regards.
  17. Hello friend, Here are some tips to improve your chances. Remember to be original and interesting overall. Offer Surprising Value. Offer Upsells and Extras. Offer a Guarantee. Keep Your Title Short.
  18. Hello friend, I would advice you not to make long titles, choose the correct category/subcategory, be original and maybe even funny with description, and also to provide smart tags in order to improve impression. Kind regards.
  19. That is very good for you. I am sure a lot of us are finding new ways to earn and amuse ourselves during this bad period.
  20. Hi there and congratulations, Getting a 5 star rating is great, but there is no obligation for the buyer to leave a review. Please don't force a buyer to do so, as it violates our terms of service.
  21. Welcome to Fiverr and be persistant. Good luck.
  22. Hello and good luck. Fiverr is a good choice 😃
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