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  1. What an awful video. this is stalking by any other name.
  2. Jack up your prices.. if you charge Mcdonald's prices you are going to get Mcdonald's customers along with all the aggravation that entails. Can I have more fries. My servings too small. Can you give me a large coke, im a regular customer (pun intended). people who order your gig because its sounds good and then ask what they have ordered. Revisions to infinity & beyond. What’s going to happen then?. You are going to be stuck in a vicious circle of working with low ball customers repeatedly asking for discounts, revisions and extra work. It’s a shortcut to failure and will eventually fail because the bad feedback will soon start to pile up and you will be left with a failure score that removes you from search. The only way to success with this is to hire a lot of people and whip them constantly to row faster while offering prices so low no one is going to complain. Before you know it you will be in meksell hell. If you want to do it you can do it. A lot of people on here do and they are not too hard to find. You just need to find some slaves who will do the work at a low enough price to make it profitable. I tried that at first and the only way it works is if you pump out orders at the speed of light and keep doing it. Obviously you are going to have to do something for this to work before you get overwhelmed and start looking for the nearest bridge.. The something depends on the services you are offering. If its copywriting, delegating or outsourcing or employing low cost workers is not going to work. Simply because the quality of work is going to vary enormously and it’s going to result in bad feedback from one order to the next from the same customers. If it’s copywriting though you can charge serious wonga by finding the right customers. Higher prices do translate to higher profits if you can find the customers.If. I had a lot of luck on my side. Going back a very long way someone who was a friend of the owner of Moz approached me and asked about writing reports for websites. You may not think there is a lot of money in this but trust me this is the gateway to upselling heaven.if you know what you are doing. The problems with this was at the time people were ( and still are) using software to generate reports which are meaningless & generic. The idea was to take time and write real reports and turn people into repeat customers. This was the definition of finding an opening in an existing niche. I also found some (a few). people on here who were trying to push a specific service but their pricing was wrong and their packages were worded wrong and pushed the wrong way.. I went and approached some friends and set up a business just offering this one service. We bought an office in Europe and bought in people to do the work. I then did the same for another service and bought an office somewhere very low cost, not in Europe and put someone in charge of it. The biggest problems with upscaling are this. #1 if you are going to employ people in any shape or form they are going to try and copy what you are doing or steal your customers. That’s a given and you need to work on the basis they will do this. To combat this you don’t show anyone the whole picture and just keep them focused on their own tasks. #2 regardless of how much you delegate. You will need to keep a very close eye on what people are doing that are working for you. People will always try to “do it better” AKA shortcuts. for nearly two years I was surviving on four hours sleep a night. #3 you need to find the customers if you are not selling them McDonalds.. There are corporate customers on here with single user accounts. One of them Ive known before fiverr existed and has sent me a huge number of corporate customers. This guy is the cfo of a company right at the top of the fortune 100 and there are plenty on here. Trust me on that. Where can you find people like this? Linkedin, the place is a goldmine. Also chambers of commerce . I will admit I’ve had help from some extremely wealthy individuals who I have come into contact with through other means. Biggest problem is getting help on here. When you run into problems you are going to be on your own to a large degree.. Not because people don’t want to help but do not really understand issues that are beyond their own experiences. In the distant past ive asked for things which I know would have helped me scale things on here & address issues and easily scale to at least three to four times what I was making but many things were misunderstood and I just dropped them. One thing I would pay for here are project management tools. This would make life 1000 times easier and enable everyone to scale up. Just in case you think this will not work. It will. I’ve no problem showing my earnings on here. this post is full of typos and spelling errors. I dont care. fix them yourself or whatever and go and make some money.
  3. You can do it much cheaper than this, operating differently from what you described. There are some really hard lessons to learn doing this, and at some point, you have to consider other things like your mental health as well because doing this, scaling to 7 figures plus, will eventually drive you into the ground, one way or another.
  4. if you look at what is being sent they are sending it as an image and telling people to take a screenshot and then scan the QR code. Look at the messages above, you can see this. There is nothing for Fiverr to scan. The only thing Fiverr should do is block every variation on Fiverr as a username
  5. people really need to use common sense here. If your account was suspended, you would get an email from Fiverr saying it's suspended. not an inbox message. how does a bank card verify your account when your account is not created with a bank card? the bank card could belong to anyone. There is no verification here at all. it's just a phishing attempt. Regardless of what the user name is, if someone sends you a message asking for your credit card details via your inbox alarm bells should start ringing. Any legit customer support on any platform will not ask for credit card numbers at all. Payments are sent by encrypted means to meet PCI requirements. Not by a QR code linking to a Mickey Mouse website. look at the website address. you dont need to be a security consultant to realize it's a Mickey Mouse address.
  6. here read this. https://www.connexionfrance.com/news/beware-new-scams-involving-qr-codes-in-france/623847
  7. Look at the domain. it's not a Fiverr domain. The domain is activate-user dot net and dont go opening it, even if nothing appears to be on there. they probably switch domains frequently and create a sub-page called Fiverr. Some of these people are smart enough to use geo-targeting scripts on the sites and then go from one country to the next, targeting people and blocking access from countries not yet being targeted to prolong the length of the scam. I've seen this scam on restaurant menus where they have put QR code stickers on all the menus in a restaurant and emptied everyone's accounts.
  8. I joined in 2010. said goodbye to dealing with unreal expectations, waking up on office sofas, and getting calls late into the night asking for help with problems. Again. and stress to the nth degree. Goodbye to all that, or so I thought.....plus ca change... Was supposed to be something to pass the time between taking my children to school and the rest of the day.
  9. this is for @emmaki when you come back. it looks like you were right. if it wasn't for those meddling kids.
  10. markp


    I've sent customers your way. You don't know it, but I've sent quite a few recently. You need to raise your prices substantially. Your prices are tire kicker prices for people who have no perception of value or who just want quick content, and ironically, the people who leave feedback like this will be those who can barely string a sentence together and need ChatGPT to communicate. The bigger problem now is that people are deciding between using chatGPT to generate content or ordering low-cost writers to do it, and many see low-cost writing services as just throwaway services. If they aren't happy with or do not understand what they receive, they may leave poor feedback or no feedback and will go and use ChatGPT or other LLMs to generate content instead. That is how they are working. This isn't idle speculation. This is how some customers and businesses now operate, and they have told me this is how they now operate to save time and reduce costs. Businesses have created SOP's which include this process. Someone paying 100$ for an article is more likely to discuss their requirements before ordering and communicate any issues than someone who pays 10$ and says, "Meh, whatever," when they get their order. I can't tell you how to set up your gigs, but RTO would eliminate most of these, and so would raising prices. I would also suggest giving people a questionnaire before ordering or asking substantial questions to ensure you are on the same page and there are terms of reference and, in the case of people like this, on the same planet.
  11. I provide AI services off here but make it clear they are AI services (not just hybrid content) but other services. I wouldn't risk it on here. It will probably tank your success score (mine is already in the toilet). With the hordes of people expecting to get cut-price Hamlet there is a high percentage risk of having people decimate your success score. Why? there is a perception that AI content is cheap content and should cost less as its generated content. Ive yet to hear one person make any attempt to address this & that perception is there. you had better have a good reason to justify your pricing otherwise, you are going to be on a hiding to nothing. As for using hybrid content. It's still going to get detected as AI. I spent the whole weekend testing a tool, and it detected every piece of content. Hybrid or AI. No matter how well it was written or what prompts were used. The only way to get it to pass as human-written was to use mostly human-written content. Even content from a certain blog kept coming up as AI-written. Every piece of original content that I put through it passed as human-written. It's the first tool Ive used that is highly effective. There is no way the top-notch demographic is doing this or will do it. To be brutally honest, many have enough of a problem tying their shoelaces, and AI is the only way they can string something together that is understandable. Buyers can see this when the conversation with the seller sounds like it has gone through a food blender while the content is reasonably easy to read and understand (this is something people should be told to check when ordering articles from anyone) I wonder what sellers are telling people, and I have heard some questionable statements being made to customers. I've had conversations with businesses away from here (I had a well-known language school admitting to using it), and many are not scared of using it to save time (this is the #1 reason I've been told they are using it) until you explain the potential consequences (goodbye Google rankings). If they are willing to take risks, that is up to them. A great many businesses are now aware of writers using chat GPT, even when they say they are not, and many state they are going to check for AI content and do not want this. So what are AI writers (oxymoron) telling them? Unfortunately, there are a lot of porky pies being told. Here are some I have heard a lot. #1 The tool you are using is not very accurate, and all our content is written by us & no AI detection tools work ( this is a favourite and used to be true but some tools now are very accurate) #2 The AI detector is detecting the content but google will not (yes, I've heard this a lot) #3 we use special prompts provided by us (this 99% means they copied the prompts), and the content will rank (it doesn't even get indexed) #4 All the paragraphs are short & similar in length because that is how we write them. I really want to hear from anyone how you are going to justify your pricing model and how you will get rid of the perception that Ai content (hybrid or otherwise) is not fit for purpose other than just bland, generated McDonald's content that leaves you and your readers ill after digesting it.
  12. I made a detailed reply to this but it got blocked so I deleted it. These are sites that will ship anything, anywhere and are not certified. With the way things are going on here, it's probably best to assume it's based on if it's not allowed in one country or location then it's not going to be allowed here, and on that basis I am turning away anyone, and anything that looks like it could cause issues. if there is a 1% chance of causing problems that's 1% percent too high for me.
  13. There is a specific demographic that only asks for illegal services. As soon as I see this country the answer is going to be no. Here is a list of things they have asked for. #1 selling research chemicals. (illegal in a lot of states) and if you don’t know what research chemicals are it's not what you think. #2 Selling weed #3 selling fake degrees from well-known universities. #4 selling firearms. In itself not illegal but you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the tos & when you look at the sites and see they are selling fully automatic weapons it’s a big no. #5 selling cocaine. Ive told them it’s not allowed and have been met with “Why’s that”. It’s not legal, duh. #6 selling crystal meth. #7 selling fake driving licenses, ID cards and other forms of ID #8 selling passports #9 selling chemicals to clean dye off stolen bank notes. #10 selling bank notes (probably obtained from the above) #11 selling highly protected species that are not allowed to be sold #12 selling fentanyl. When you look at the individual buying history you can see they have been working with other sellers who should know better and in one case I found a seller who built a carding site & forum for them.
  14. yes, she sleeps behind there a lot.
  15. The cat is only allowed in here when I'm here and the door is kept locked at night. This cat is completely & utterly mad and even tries to drink water out of the fish tank.
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