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  1. With the benefit of hindsight, I agree. If anything, my prices have either stayed the same or increased in the last few months and I’ve not seen much impact on my “Value of Delivery”. I do still think those that react to poorer scores by dropping prices could find themselves spiralling to lower price points, as I originally feared. (Which, if I’m not mistaken, is the point you are making?) However, someone delivering a quality service who is fortunate enough to have access to great clients, shouldn’t need to do that. So, really, I'm still concerned that this metric can result in a ‘race to the bottom’ but only for people that react in a certain way. I’m happy to have been proven wrong 😉 However, I’m also still of the opinion that the question is flawed because it is impacted by two important variables: quality and price. I think this makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to actually make sense of the score, because a 3 star rating could mean “great price but bad quality” or “great quality but bad price” or “average price and average quality” etc, etc. Having a single output for a question with multiple inputs seems very broken to me.
  2. I have noticed that this seems to be true. I’ve seen a hit on “Value of Delivery” (I think everyone has), but it’s been a small impact, really. Almost every review I’ve had has been between 4.7 and 5 stars, so that’s ok. I am lucky enough to work with a lot of buyers who are willing to pay for quality, rather than worrying about the cost. It seems counterintuitive at first, but charging more seems to improve this metric (unless the service being delivered is rubbish, of course)
  3. I was a little skeptical about the availability feature but recently switched it on for 5 days and within 10 minutes of becoming available again, my gigs had jumped back up to their prior positions and the Fiverr’s Choice badges had been restored. I’d still prefer an option to extend delivery times by the amount of time I’m taking off, rather than make the gigs disappear completely though.
  4. If it’s taking into account a specific time frame, for example the last 24 months, then changes can happen at any time. Let’s say you had a negative private review 24 months ago. As soon as you hit 24 months and one day, that negative review isn’t impacting you any more, so your score would seem to inexplicably increase. I have no idea if this is how it works, I’m just guessing at what could cause movement like this with no orders. Unfortunately, I think you’re right. However, even if you could be certain that customers completely understand it, it’s still a flawed metric. Asking for buyers to rate the price (a variable) and the quality (another variable) in one question means that any ratings left by a buyer are ambiguous at best (misleading at worst). Not to mention that buyers agreed the price when they started, so the price shouldn’t be a factor — only the quality of delivery.
  5. Agreed. However, it is very easy for Fiverr to address this concern and still implement this functionality: 1. Show an “edited” or “message deleted” tag. 2. Allow Fiverr support to see the different versions of the messages and any that have been deleted.
  6. I don’t put much stock in the “last seen…” labels. I often get order messages and open the order within seconds and it then says the buyer was last seen three hours ago or something. Either, as you suggest, there’s a massive delay in the message notification coming through or maybe the “last seen…” counter takes some time to update.
  7. I agree with this a lot. I offer training sessions via zoom. Once a buyer has had an hour of training, for example, the work is objectively done. The work is the time. I don’t have a Time Machine and I won’t be giving them more free time, so revisions are not possible and therefore not offered.
  8. I agree with a lot of this. This was my suggestion for a fix, which isn’t too dissimilar. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/307955-systematically-restrict-revisions/
  9. I tried SP after having been eligible for TRS review for over two years. on my very first review date, I was promoted to TRS. Therefore, my experience is that this feature of SP was a thing but, with the way the system has changed in the last month, it could be completely different now. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Thanks. In fairness, the score going up might have been coincidental. There are so many factors that influence the success score that we are in the dark about, so there's really no way to know.
  11. My personal experience was that several of my gig success scores went up on the day they announced it was fixed, so I’m inclined to believe it. Who knows though? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. If I offer a milestones order or subscriptions order and the buyer accepts it, will it count as one order on the "Repeat buyers" metric or as repeat business? The buyer can opt out of the deal at any stage, and decide not to continue, so each milestone or subscription renewal is a new purchase. I just want to know if it is counted as such. Thanks
  13. Just updated the app. The release notes state is has a new seller dashboard. It hasn’t changed though. Although on the help page it shows an updated one
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