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  1. Today i customize my one gig and after some times later i see my all gigs are denied and my account now reviewed. What can i do now?
  2. Customize your gig and share your gig on social media
  3. Please Explain it to me. I don't understand it. Disclaimer: Only use images and content created, or fully owned, by you. Do not use copyrighted images or your Gig may be restricted or removed.
  4. I want to know more about Fiverr new intro video Can I make a video without my own video or without sound about my service? Please expert freelancer help me
  5. Yes, I uses fb, linkedin, twitter, instagram. but not get any orders from there.
  6. I think so, You are going to talk customer support they will solve your problems.
  7. I have shared so that others who are not getting orders don't despair
  8. Right, Stay positive and doing marketing welly. I hope it's help for connecting buyer and getting orders.
  9. Best of luck and congratulation
  10. My first order was 5 month's later and i got 2 orders after first order 24 days later. It was fantastic. Don't give up.
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