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  1. Can you share the email id so that I will contact then regarding it.
  2. Can anyone provide me the contact details of Fiverr authority kindly. I will amil them regarding my concern and tell them to activate my account which is fully verified. so that I can withdraw payments to my due PayPal account.
  3. I actually was out for studies thus was not able to look for the account. After my graduation again I started working as a freelancer but the amount right here I am in need of it at this moment which I earned before. That's the reason why i am facing this issue and cannot understand more about it. I have contacted the Customer support but haven't got any answers as of now. That's the reason why I am looking for answers here. Kindly help me and guide me regarding it.
  4. How much time it took for you profile to get approved? Actually been new here, the only thing I want to know is that how much time typically it takes to get it approved after which I can easily withdraw the said amount.
  5. Generally how much time it takes to get approved? Kindly let me know about that please.
  6. I added a payout method on Fiverr. I choose PayPal as my active payout method. Then afterwards i received a email to add the email through which I want to receive the funds. The issue came when I added the email id it showed - "Your Paypal application is submitted successfully, you will receive another email once its approved." I searched everywhere, the approval generally comes in 24 hours. But I haven't received any email and the approval has also not happened. I need to withdraw my finds via Fiverr. Kindly let me know howe much time it will take for the PayPal application to get approved. . Kindly let me know, as I am really worried and confused regarding it. Help me out please regarding this.
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