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  1. For myself, personally, I can design my own flyer online for free. I think you need to find a niche where there is more demand and less likelihood of a free online option.
  2. It could be a glitch. I know mine was incorrect for quite some time then it correctly itself.
  3. Well, based on what little information you provided...I tried to put myself in your place. I don't think you are being scammed, exactly. I think the Seller you chose to work with may lack the skills he/she has promoted within their profile and Gig. It is a common problem on Fiverr (and probably other freelance platforms) where Sellers set up shop and when they get jobs for skills they don't really have, they try to fake their way through it. If I were you, I'd cancel. Clearly you aren't getting anywhere at this point and a cancellation may give that Seller cause to question their place on Fiverr. You never know.
  4. Buyer Requests is a tough place to gain much of a foundation for a freelance career. It took me a year to get my first order on Fiverr (I've been here five years now). Fiverr still only brings me about 30% of my monthly income. I don't use BRs at all. However, I do get business from other sources and have been freelancing full-time since 2016. Reviews may help, but what you are dealing with is the influx of newbies that flooded the platform during COVID. I think EVERYONE here has seen a change in volume of business as a result.
  5. Yes, there are badges. They mean nothing. They do not improve your Gig SEO. They do not improve you visibility. They are just for fun.
  6. I was asked for a private review after making a purchase several months ago following the public review I left. I think the private reviews are intended for Fiverr to monitor how things are going. As matter-of-fact as I am on the Forum, I am far more forgiving in my public reviews. I don't think I've given anyone less than 4-Stars and usually 5-Stars. I'll leave a comment, as well. If it happens to be a job I wasn't pleased with I just don't order from that Seller again.
  7. I think a Seller Membership Fee has to be high enough to screen out some of the newbies who currently sign up for free to make a fast buck. I also think there has to be a screening process that further weeds out Sellers who should not be on this platform, or maybe create a Fiverr Lite for them where BRs are the only source of income and the rest of us who pay a Membership Fee gain access to Buyers not using BRs. There has to be a way to separate the cream from the rest of the barrel.
  8. Let me get this right, you are suggesting a solution that cheats the system. Do you employ the same tactics to your Fiverr customers? You should not be here at all.
  9. Where did you get that nugget of knowledge from? Totally incorrect and a ToS violation. You are lucky someone hasn't flagged your account after you posted this.
  10. Sounds to me that your Fiverr career has come to an end. Good luck on your next move.
  11. I agree with @katakaticaon this. You are offering something that some of us (myself included) can do for free online at some sites. What you need to do is sit down and take a real hard look at what skills you have. Can you draw? Can you write? Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you teach? Do you have a particular skill that makes you stand out? That is what you need to focus on - something of value that you possess that you can turn into an income generator. I hope this helps.
  12. I can't believe the number of negative comments in various threads related to the new Forum layout. C'mon folks, Fiverr didn't change it to mess you up. They did it to improve the UX here. I like it. I like it a lot.
  13. You have to remember that Buyers are not your friends. They are customers. You can't just automatically trust someone you don't really know, right? Don't do it again.
  14. I change my Gig photos, descriptions, prices, etc. at least twice a year just to stay competitive.
  15. Fiverr is NOT Google! Ranking really means nothing here and Fiverr even says so in the ToS with the statement, "Gig position is not permanent." The location of your Gigs changes all the time, every second of the day. Plus, they appear differently for each person. You can search for yours, and I can search for yours and both of us will find your Gigs in different positions on different pages. What you should be focusing on is having the right content in your Gig so when a Buyer conducts a search for the product you offer that your Gig shows up somewhere in that search.
  16. That would be a problem many thousands of Newbies to Fiverr would love to have!
  17. Totally agree. I think it is many times more than that but wanted to throw a number out there for simple math.
  18. Think of it in terms of TripAdvisor or Amazon. Do you read the very long reviews or skip over them? The word count means nothing but I can tell you, the longer the review, the quicker I skip over it to something else. Besides, it's the Star Count that matters here with many of the Sellers, not the word count.
  19. Careful. You don't know that for sure and Buyers use this Forum as well. You are better off letting it go than accusing someone of something you don't have solid proof to back up. That's not very professional.
  20. There you go! Problem solved. If you quit Fiverr, you won't have to worry about this problem again. Clearly, freelancing at this platform does not conform to your concept of freelance business. Give Fiverr CS a break. They are a busy bunch of folks.
  21. What a load of bunk! Sure, we live in a society where the most ambitious thrive and the internet has turned things that used to be worth waiting for into instant gratification machines. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is worth losing sleep over.
  22. Careful, not "everyone" has said so. I actually like it!
  23. Of the 871 orders I have completed over five years on Fiverr, only 77% of them have reviews. You can't expect every Buyer to give you a review. If it was a requirement before they could close an order with Sellers, that may be a blessing and a curse. I think if Buyers were "forced" to leave reviews there would be a lot more 2-Star, 3-Star and 4-Star reviews getting published than there are now. Remember, no review is better than a bad review.
  24. Working seven days a week will burn you out. You also need more than 3-hours of sleep per day. I think you have created a schedule that is doomed for failure. You need far more flexibility. More sleep, less work. That makes for quality work.
  25. As has been noted here, the saturation that took place on Fiverr is mostly due to COVID. I've been here just over five years. The number of Newbies arriving on the Forum asking the same five questions increased in the past 18-months to (my estimate) of 25 per day. That becomes 750 new members per month and 9,000 new members in a year. That's just the ones who find the Forum. I would hazard to guess that the percentage of Newbies here is far greater than that and probably only 25% of them find the Forum. That now puts the number at 36,000 Newbies joining Fiverr in the past year. So, yah, you are going to see an increase of responses to BRs. Remember, BRs are the lowest common denominator on Fiverr. You can't live on them as many Buyers there won't pay much and expect too much.
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