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  1. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate the advice. As for numbers one and five, I fully intend to prioritize my education haha. I just really like working on fiverr, so I'd like to continue if I can. As for number two, how should I bring up that I'm a full-time student? Should I just put it as a note in the top of my gig descriptions or tie it into longer delivery times?
  2. Hi! So I just recently got my sixth order here on Fiverr and I've been thinking a lot about my future here, since I just got my first order about a month ago (crazy luck, I know. I thought it would take me much longer to get here). I know it's probably going to be slow going but I'd like to think that in a couple months I might have a steady stream of orders going (though that may be wishful thinking haha). In addition, I'll be starting my first semester of college as a freshman this fall! I've been thinking a lot about - if I do have more consistent orders by the time I start - how I'll handle both those orders and transitioning into college life. I wanted to ask your guys opinion on that. Should I put myself on vacation mode for a couple of weeks? Or maybe I should just extend my delivery time to a long amount for a little bit until I get more used to things? Should I put myself as unavailable due to having too many orders at once frequently, if I need it? Or should I limit orders in my queue per gig to a small number (I have six gigs currently, so should I set this to like 2-3?)? Should I set myself on vacation mode during finals week? I’ve been considering just making all of my orders 7 day deliveries (and some of the bigger orders longer) and telling buyers that I just set it so I can balance schoolwork, clubs, and Fiverr, but I’m worried such a long delivery time might scare people off. I mean I think I won’t need 7 days to do so but in case I get a big project at school I want to account for that! I want to continue Fiverr throughout school but I also want to focus on my education and do well, and the school I'm going to has a quarter system and is known for being extremely rigorous. How would you go about accomplishing both of these tasks? Or maybe I'll barely get any orders by that time, lol. Ah, a girl can dream! Anyway thank you for reading this.
  3. Ahhh that makes sense. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the tip! I watched the video and the argument makes sense. Should I just put 0 revisions, or perhaps 1?
  5. Here it is Most of my other gigs are focused on writing and proofreading, this one is a bit of an experiment for me because it’s very specific and based on story planning. If someone could take a look at it, I would really appreciate it! I just got my first order so I’m a bit new, I’d love some criticism.
  6. I read through it and noticed some grammar mistakes, and I checked your profile and noticed the same issue. It also mentions that you only speak conversational English, so I understand why your gig may have some issues with the writing. Regardless, it’s a bit off putting. I would find a way to fix that.
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