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  1. Having an interesting profile picture on Fiverr is essential for pleasantly attracting clients. First impressions matter, and a well-chosen photo represents not only you as a professional but also the industry you work in. In my case, working in the computer games sector, it's crucial that the image conveys both creativity and technical competence. For an example of what I'm explaining, you can check my profile picture on Fiverr (I'm an avatar in a game world), where I clearly demonstrate visually what I'm describing in this post. A professional smile is important: not exaggerated, but one that expresses warmth and trust. You need to appear pleasant yet serious, to highlight the professionalism and significance of your work. Additionally, it's advisable that the colors in the image reflect those of your brand, like those in the graphics of your GIGs. This creates visual consistency that reinforces your brand identity and makes it easier for clients to recognize you. A well-thought-out image can make a significant difference in capturing attention and building your credibility on Fiverr.
  2. Although I agree with your point about not making assumptions about what buyers want, sometimes it's necessary to understand the client more than they understand themselves. This is because there are clients who don't really know what they want and need guidance. Of course, a novice seller might not be able to do this effectively—it requires a veteran seller with years of experience. You can often tell a client is unsure when they initially ask for an electronic track and then switch to wanting something orchestral, for example. It's in these moments of trial and error that you need to step in and help steer them towards the right choice for their project.
  3. I definitely know there are tons of new sellers, and this obviously flips the rankings month by month. Unfortunately, it's a highly meritocratic and competitive system. But then again, all of freelancing is like that, being a global phenomenon means there's a lot of competition. Sadly, there's no solution other than to keep doing what you believe in, your art and passion, give it your all, and wait for the following years to reap the benefits of your work.
  4. I understand you; after all, every seller's experience has had its ups and downs, but three months is really not much time. I've been on Fiverr since 2018, and I am both Top Rated and a PRO, but I can assure you that I've worked really hard. As much as many wouldn't want to hear it (due to the lack of sleep), I've worked day and night. I've put in a lot of effort, and I'm sorry about your situation, but truly, three months is a short time. You need to dedicate yourself, despite the changes in algorithms, and give your best. Only after years can you truly reap the expected benefits. (As it should be, I believe, since it’s a highly meritocratic and competitive system).
  5. @jherfanI'm sorry for what happened, but I believe that the solution lies in surveys. These have a HUGE impact. I don’t know the exact metrics, of course, since they are hidden, but I imagine they're tens of times more important than simple public reviews. After all, it's the place where customers honestly express what they really think of your work. Clearly, many have complained, and obviously, you can’t know about it.
  6. many thanks 😊 Yes, I use Cubase Pro 13 and keep it updated year after year because it's absolutely worth it. Each year brings even more incredible features, and I truly adore it—it's exceptional. I've been following it since its beginnings as software for the Atari ST computer in the late '80s. Later, it expanded to other platforms like Macintosh and PC. Now, on the PC, it's performing at its best, and I'm very pleased with Cubase on this platform. I have 64GBs of ram 😉
  7. I was featured in 'Remixed' on Fiverr, where a select group of professional composers were invited to remix tracks, and I joined in with my remix, showcasing my talent—naturally incorporating orchestral sounds. It was an incredible experience, especially because I was the only one to take such an approach. Here's the video and the specific moment where I make my appearance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTZgvRjUM44&t=548s My best topics:
  8. i appreciated you


  9. all wonderful hobbies!! thanks for the fantastic posts! 😊 I forgot to add that in the past I liked also to paint miniatures, exactly medieval lead miniatures. Depending the miniature, I used first a white spray (or a black spray with monsters) as base, then I used my brush with different colors. I'm not an expert, but it just relaxed me. I should start again painting miniatures 😊
  10. hello, yes, you need months to obtain the first orders. the portfolio is very important, add examples so to show what you can do, to the customers.
  11. hello, it took months for me as well, consider that there are many reaching those goals, but only the best of the best are chosen, I don't know exactly the stats for this, but probably a very small percentage. You have to focus and continue to bring quality and improve your stats.
  12. Yes, consider that remote working will become more important in the next months, for different reasons (maybe also the pandemic situation). I believe that sooner or later this evolution of the jobs marketplace was destined to appear. It's linked also to new technologies, internet speed and multimedia companies needs. We have the honour to be in this wonderful transition moment 😊
  13. exactly, I mean the risk is that the "let's try" philosophy attracts amateurs, ruining the marketplace and the reputation of specific roles. It's an open market but when you destroy the composers role (as example) giving your customers crap and they begin to think that it's fault of the entire category that works remotely, then it's a big problem.
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