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  1. Hello, did you ever tried to listen to background music while working? it helps focusing. Anyway, I'm subscribed in many music services and I create and listen to playlists. Music is fantastic as a relaxing tool and focusing tool as well. Your experiences?
  2. yes, well, there are good artists who are awful entrepreneurs 😀 but I hope that this thread will change something even for just a few of them 👍
  3. GIG description is, together with the title, another important winning factor of your career as freelancer. The description is not just the introduction to the GIG, and an initial attempt to convince the leads to become real customers with an order. Descriptions are also important for SEO reasons. In the descriptions keywords from the title must be included. But please don't do as many amateurs, filling the descriptions with keywords into useless and worthless phrases. Ending with something that can't be read. Ok, the goal here is to include the keywords, but use your creativity to create a nice and pleasant introduction, readable and charming, to attract the customers. That's all 😀👍
  4. Yes, the lower the price, the lower the idea customers have of the importance of the product.
  5. I just think it was a very confusing situation. Anyway it's better to be precise with the customers and ask details if you have doubts. Please also, don't forget to train your english skill because usually confusion comes from there.
  6. The Online Status is not instant. There's a delay between you being online and the website showing the online status icon. But it's not one hour, it's less. I think probably few minutes, but no more than 10 minutes for sure.
  7. Well, there are buyers that prefer to deal with veteran sellers, having many reviews and a solid experience. There are other buyers who want to give a chance to talented sellers and see what they can do. There are mny different kind of buyers. Just wait for your opportunity. It will arrive.
  8. Another interesting topic, probably. Ok, I explain what I've done, since I'm with Fiverr since Apr 2018. When I started, I focused myself on a single GIG. It was my best selling GIG, actually, the one about orchestral music and film music. I can't say I didn't have the skills, because I was having an important resume even before that date. But I focused on one GIG. My advice is to focus initially on one only, and then while you improve and have more skills, start more GIGs. Ok, consider the situation where you have more skills to showcase. In such case, yes, start new GIGs, each one specific for one of your skills. In my case, as example, a GIG about medieval music, and a GIG about scifi music etc etc. When to stop? when you understand you have too many GIGs and you can't deal with all of them. Maybe you don't have the time, or simply, you are not able to organize yourself and prefer less GIGs 😀👍
  9. Do you know how much powerful is your GIG title? Ok, if you are a newbie this is an astounding thing to discover 🙂 I explain. If you have as example a title like "music production for games", ok? you will appear in charts for the following keywords: music production games music production games music games production etc etc etc You are right, the keywords are based on combinations of the words! amazing yes? 🙂
  10. Ok, this is a difficult topic. I mean, very subjective, probably. The reason is that we deal with digital goods, so, there is not an initial expense to calculate. The initial expense is our time, our efforts and our dedication. Anyway, while any of us has a different idea of initial expense when producing our products, I think that the best way to calculate the final quote is toward an higher margin, than a lower margin. The reason is that we need to keep the prices "high" so the importance of our products is high as well. I explain, if you sell for just a few dollars, the word of mouth is that that specific product is worthless, not important, or mediocre. And we don't want this. Since we all work with digital goods, as example, I work with music, I want that my music is considered important, not just because it's a work of art and talent, but also because it's considered of value from a price perspective. So, when calculate your prices, consider this, do you want your product to be considered mediocre or important? Choose a balanced price of course, but toward an higher margin. That's all 😀
  11. yes, well, it was obvious that freelancers need to have skills, experience and a career. Unfortunately many "jump in the big wagon" without having the necessary skills and this ruin the freelancer image as professional. But I'm sure in the future this will change, since I see many and many pro freelancers around.
  12. Hello, this is a small advance, since I'll talk deeply about relationships between customers and sellers in my next webinar. Anyway, this advance: The importance of synergy What does mean... well, I consider when the customer is a trusted person, the same the seller, and they build together a friendly constructive relationship. In such case, I can ask the customer to interact with my creative process, and become part of it with his thoughts and ideas. The customer becomes part of my creative process! This synergy that is created leads to a successful project 100% of the times, because the customer feels the final product to be HIS product, his ideas are there. It's no more something you sell to the customer, it's something you and the customer created together. This is the synergy, and result is fantastic. Of course for creative GIGs, not for technical ones. Your ideas?
  13. Since you asked for this, here we are, my past webinar: How To Optimize Your Gig Description, SEO and Keywords https://fiverr.zoom.us/rec/share/ARhD9lmPXkMjmR8JLDsSLZmOa8YZ03ubpLXJvBgDeqq7YetmwxzINu1HZFsmBN5H.iECHKIhhiDdU-u-d Passcode: %?0@26as
  14. here you go: https://fiverr.zoom.us/rec/share/ARhD9lmPXkMjmR8JLDsSLZmOa8YZ03ubpLXJvBgDeqq7YetmwxzINu1HZFsmBN5H.iECHKIhhiDdU-u-d Passcode: %?0@26as
  15. sure, second one not ready yet... I try to find the other one in the meantime
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