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  1. Greetings, Hi, I'm Masood. I am a WordPress expert and a professional web developer. If you want to get your WordPress website done professionally, I would be happy to take the job. Whatever you want on your website will be implemented according to your wishes. In order to increase your brand awareness and find you in search engines, you need to have an amazing website Development Services. Last June 2020 I joined Fiverr. In the meantime, a lot of time has gone by to learning my work and a lot of time has been wasted. I could not stay active and work properly. I have been working on Fiverr for the last 3 months and its success is this. Everyone will pray for me. And I will say that patience is the key to success. Never Ever give up stay in your own Fashion. You Can Also Visit Us my Profile https://www.fiverr.com/codingmasterpy
  2. So I've been getting a lot of tips on Fiverr from a lot of my recent orders (not that I'm complaining in any way, thank you universe for blessing me with this positive karma), and ever since the first tip I got I was confused (well, I'm not anymore, but I was then). It reflects on you earnings page as a regular order so the first time I didn't pay proper attention and thought they were just regular orders. Till it was time for payout and I saw my earnings wasn't complete and went back to check and realized the tip had a 20% cut taken from it. Now this isn't me raising a torch flag at Fiverr, but back when I went to look for resources that explained whether they take cuts on tips or not, I found nothing. Not even posts on it on the forum. (Which, p.s, niiiiice forum update! I haven't been here in a while and was surprise by the new upgrade. I like it very much! 💕) After I got more tips from more orders I realized that this was just how things were and didn't think to question it. After all, anytime you even breath about Fiverr's commission fees, there's someone ready to rip you limb from limb and scream that "If you don't like it then leave!!!". Which isn't what I'm here to do. I just wanted to see what other sellers think about this. Do you feel it's perfectly all right to charge 20% for your tips since they provided the platform that facilitated the exchange of your services? Or do you feel no, it's kinda wrong, it's like a restaurant taking a percentage of the tips waiters earned while working there. I'm going Philly D with this and asking you what you're thoughts on the topic are and where you land on the spectrum? I'd love to hear from you! (If it turns out that they DID mention this "20% from tips" thing somewhere in the terms of service, and my monkey brain just didn't find it, then kindly just ignore this entire post.)
  3. I have 4 gigs in my profile, but suddenly my all gig doesn't show in search page, i have 1500+ review in my profile. can someone please help me in this situation? my profile www.fiverr.com/meherun_nesa
  4. I opened a new account on the fiverr. Please provide some advice that will help me get first order. maybe, i could build my career in fiverr for your important advice. Pray for me. Thanks you for your time.
  5. Hello Fiverr pro's 😍 I hope you are well. I want to clarify about revision🤔. Sometimes, I have to keep 3/5 revisions in a particular order. But I think the client can take more revision & take advantage.😥 Did you face the same thing? If yes, then please share your experience. I'd love to hear from you.🖐️ TIA 🙏
  6. Some good habits for a new seller: at first be confident on your skill to be a quick learner try to response quickly on your client sms Ask your client questions for work. try to maintain your client for next project maintain your active time at fiverr. dont push your client to give you order. Don't ask your client about good reviews. Good Price is not mendetory for a new seller, Need a Good client feedback. Friendly conversation with your client. Be professional because your client need a professional seller. Be happy and healthy.
  7. Here I'm going to share 5 very important tips to increase no. of clicks and also conversion rate for all type of Sellers. 👇 Use Video in Gig to Explain What You will exactly deliver and Why You? Try to keep Online in Core Working hours to make yourself visible in Online Seller Filter. Your Starting Price should be average of top 10 Gigs. If you keep it above the average your no. of clicks and conversions will reduce. You should have detailed Proposal including everything in it with Previous best Jobs in PDF Format to send instantly to the buyer when he/she approach to you. Try to give Basic Plan first to show your some results instead of offering Premium Plan. All these tips are from my personal experience and I'm growing myself by using all these points. KEEP WORKING AND NEVER GIVE UP 👍
  8. I think it is very important to identify the common mistakes done by new sellers and it will help to provide good byuer experience to all. also i think lot of new sellers suffered lack of orders due to some problems of the gigs communication and even their technical knowledge. so i expect good ideas from experts
  9. According to me, the community of Fiverr forum is beneficial for us. Personally, I can get a lot of tips and tricks which I never found in anywhere. There are a lot of sections like Welcome, General discussion, Fiverr Tips, Events, Verticals and so on. We have a lot to learn... Regards, Tamzid44
  10. Hello everyone, I want to know, what should I do after creating a gig to get more orders? Please, let me know. Regards crowdpi
  11. Hello! Experience seller. Do you know how to promote my new gig on forum??? i think every new seller intesting for this . so shear us .Thanks😊
  12. Dear Viewers, Thank you for opening this topic and offering suggestions. Basically, I've been working on Fiverr since 2020. My gig appears on the first page of Fiverr gigs, and I receive a lot of client messages daily. So, I decided to increase the package rate I offer. If I change my Gig Price, Does it affect my rank? I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. This is my Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/m7EZbz NOTE: I am a drafter with the Architectural Drafting and Annotations Service. Let me know what you think about this category. Can it lead to a more prosperous future? Thanks, Hafizur
  13. ] Hey all Friends, This is my fist order. I want to know that, How to get more and more orders. shopifyexpart_1
  14. Hello Everyone, I am here to tell you about my experience with Fiverr. Surely there is a lot of professional sellers, who know better than me. So if I am wrong please don't hesitate to correct my theory. I created my Fiverr account back in 2019. from then I only had 36 sales so far. But I earned a good amount of money from it. In a few days, I will be a level 2 seller. There is a lot of new sellers who are struggling to get some sales on their account. But what are they doing wrong? Well, there is a lot of things that can go wrong. Mostly it depends where are you from! Because if you are like me and you are from Bangladesh then you have a big competition ahead. Because there is a lot of seller from Bangladesh. So you have to think about how to stand out from others. When you figure that out, now it's time to create your gig and update it from time to time. But most of the new sellers most probably will not understand a word I have just said. So, I am going to explain a little bit. If you are a new seller, your focus should be on getting your first message from your gig. If you are able to achieve that, that means customers are starting to notice you. But I assume you don't know how you can get customers' attention. You have to think like a customer for this. First of all, you are a new seller. No one knows about your work quality, so what kind of customer will click on your gig? Those who have a lower budget and don't have any experience in Fiverr. So now you know who should you target, all of your gigs should be targetting those customers. This way you will probably get some messages from clients. Follow me for more tips! Thank you Sazzad Hossain
  15. I'm a Shopify and WordPress Expert. I did local and remote job but I hate my job. As I'm in a beginner level, That is why sometimes Felt depressed . Can you give me some Motivation and Tips? Give me Some Suggestions which can help me to grow a self-brand.
  16. I am a new seller on Fiverr since Dec 2021. When I created my account, impressions and clicks were high. But after one week, they started declining. Now it's under 100. How can I get rid of it? Please give your suggestions/tips/tricks. Thanks
  17. Hi i am a professional digital marketer on fiverr . i am working for Facebook page restriction and Facebook advertising . so always i need Facebook page access so i need his or her Facebook account . but if i share my Facebook profile link or others Fiverr giving me warning . now what can i do for sharing Facebook account or any other way. thank you .
  18. I am a Level 2 seller but in the last 2 months, I have not received any orders or messages from buyers. Fiverr has notified me to update the gig images in the new size. Is it important to update the gig images? Thanks
  19. One of my buyer wants my phone number. Should I share with them? I guess it is against the Rules and Regulations. Please guide.
  20. I had a gig the first page was 1 gig. But after I became a level 2 seller, my gig was not the first page. It has been 2 months since. I had no any order cancellation or any other problem. Now I can't find my gig. What can I do to get my gig t ranked on the first page again?
  21. Help me, i try to change title, gig images and description multiple times, but still not in searches, it's showing an active but not in searches, kindly let me know what i can do??
  22. Due to the same internet IP for the multiple Fiverr account, there will no problems in the Fiverr account. Is this true?
  23. Is there a form I can fill out or any possible way to change my username? I'm a Seller and it doesn’t look good when I open my profile. that's not only what I want, Many people are facing this problem and are unable to change their usernames. I request to Fiverr Please Allow us To Change Username at Once or According to Seller Criteria! What are your suggestions?
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