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  1. There are some tips for that. Pick your title Wisely. Don't copy some else. Make your own title with at least 2 main keywords covers. SEO title: write your SEO. Many freelancer forget to write that. Choose the category according. Description is very important. Try to write good Description and in first paragraphs, write main keywords once, but naturally. Make a video for the gig. It will help you to get more impressions and clicks. Gif thumbnail is very important. Don't fit it with a lot of text. Tip: keep sending BR to clients. It will also help you to get clicks and impressions, and orders too.
  2. I am a Level 2 seller but in the last 2 months, I have not received any orders or messages from buyers. Fiverr has notified me to update the gig images in the new size. Is it important to update the gig images? Thanks
  3. One of my buyer wants my phone number. Should I share with them? I guess it is against the Rules and Regulations. Please guide.
  4. I had a gig the first page was 1 gig. But after I became a level 2 seller, my gig was not the first page. It has been 2 months since. I had no any order cancellation or any other problem. Now I can't find my gig. What can I do to get my gig t ranked on the first page again?
  5. Help me, i try to change title, gig images and description multiple times, but still not in searches, it's showing an active but not in searches, kindly let me know what i can do??
  6. Some good habits for a new seller: at first be confident on your skill to be a quick learner try to response quickly on your client sms Ask your client questions for work. try to maintain your client for next project maintain your active time at fiverr. dont push your client to give you order. Don't ask your client about good reviews. Good Price is not mendetory for a new seller, Need a Good client feedback. Friendly conversation with your client. Be professional because your client need a professional seller. Be happy and healthy.
  7. 1. A few basics about the site 2. Make Your Profile Unique 3. Use SEO to Help You Find Your Gig 4. Join the Forum 5. Active much time
  8. Due to the same internet IP for the multiple Fiverr account, there will no problems in the Fiverr account. Is this true?
  9. Hello! Experience seller. Do you know how to promote my new gig on forum??? i think every new seller intesting for this . so shear us .Thanks😊
  10. Is there a form I can fill out or any possible way to change my username? I'm a Seller and it doesn’t look good when I open my profile. that's not only what I want, Many people are facing this problem and are unable to change their usernames. I request to Fiverr Please Allow us To Change Username at Once or According to Seller Criteria! What are your suggestions?
  11. Most effective steps to get first order: 1. Choose low competition Tag/Keyword 2. Design high-quality GIG Image 3. Do SEO of GIG Image 4. Keep selected keywords in the URL 5. SEO friendly title and short title 6. GIG description will be unique and 10 percent of keywords remains whole the description 7. Must be Active always on Fiverr 8. Daily Offer send for buyer request 9. GIG Marketing on Social Media 10. Daily practice of your Service
  12. I am a new seller. I successfully completed 3 jobs. But I I haven't received any orders now. hope the experts will give their opinion.
  13. Hello Everyone, 11 months ago I created an account on Fiverr. For some reason I could not continue. But, now I want to start my work on the same account. Please advise me, "Is it okay"? I look forward to your valuable advice. Thanks
  14. Last 4 months No Order. Please suggest to me How to improve my account.
  15. Hello, I work in Digital Marketing related. Many clients ask to provide work sample files in buyer requests, can I provide a Google Drive link in buyer requests?
  16. Hey there, I've made a GIG which containing video (my service related). Please see my GIG and tell me how it is? GIG 👉 https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d649a4669f
  17. Hello Everyone I got my first order in fiverr so right now to be honest i don't know very much about fiverr but the one thing that I learned is that always have believe in yourself. 😊
  18. Today i will share of some tips for you, how can you get the first order on fiverr 1. Find your best skill wich you know the Very well ( i mean sub category niche, like -> wordpress : sub category is -> wordpress business website 2. Find your 5 low competition keyword like -> wordpress coaching website. 3. Add your gig title specific low keyword and much attractive line. 4. Write a clean description-> gig introduced, services and why you.some unique Services and try put here your main 5 keywords 5. Attached 5 tag keyword 3 low competition keyword and 2 more high competition keyword. 6. Compare your other competitor seller gig image and try do well maximum, must clean and eye catching. 7.try to put 7 gigs on your profile 8. As soon as possible clients response, good communication and do the your best and dedication work for client. And NOW if you following the step, I hope you get a first success very soon! Thank you
  19. Hello, I hope everyone are doing good in Fiverr. Just got a new order amount of $150 because of quick response to buyer. I discussed about that Quick response to a buyer is a key to get orders nowadays. My suggestion is if your gig is on the fiverr first , second or 3rd pages, you are getting messages from buyer regularly. Please try to response quickly when buyer send a message to take your service. I hope you will get more orders. Happy freelancing 🥰
  20. Hard Work Be Success 1. Be online for maximum time 2. Share your gigs on social media platforms. 3. Send all 10 buyer requests every day. 4. Add foreign languages in profile. 5. Never edit anything when you are ranked or getting orders. 6. Ping your old clients wisely. 7. Dont miss a chance 8. Try to get good avg. selling price. 9. Try to get atleast 98% order completion rate. 10. Try to get atleast 4.9 star rating. 10. Avoid cancellations.
  21. This message came from my Fiverr today, would it be better for me to join here? Or what will be the benefit? Tell me about $ 29. Thanks in advance
  22. It's a great news for me to get 5* feedback from buyers. Please try to give quality service, you will get good feedback from your buyers. Happy freelancing 😍
  23. This depends on what kind of restriction has been imposed on your account. Basically, once your Fiverr account has been restricted you can not regain it. My advice is to reinstall windows and open a new account and then start from scratch. Do not waste your time in regaining the old account, there is no guarantee that you will get it back. And make sure you read Fiverr's TOS and try to avoid any kind of conflict with Fiverr and your clients.
  24. From my experience, I think a cover letter should have mentioned 3 main keywords. First, Seller previous experience or some key skill which asked.(if you have) Second, How you gonna do the job? -main strategy. Third, Mention the price and finish with thanks. This my approach, what's your opinion regarding this??
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