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  1. I generally post a "thank you" to the Buyer in the review I leave. I don't believe I have ever done anything other than that. Usually my reviews say something like, "I have worked with this Buyer before and I always learn something from them. Thanks!" or "This is a new Buyer who asked me to write about a topic that was unusual to me. I enjoyed the research and learned something new. Thanks!"
  2. I L-O-V-E the new look! Clean, sleek, all orderly and easy to figure out. I give it two thumbs up!
  3. I visited it just twice. I got busy with a number of orders for my freelancing writing, so I focused on that. I thought I was going to miss not "checking out" the Forum daily, but I didn't. I knew there was going to be a nice, new place for me to ramble and I'm liking it so far. So, to answer my question, I got busy.
  4. I'm very impressed with the clean newness. I'm sort of in the Honeymoon Period right now. I am figuring out the navigation, but trying hard to ignore all the bells and whistles for now. I REALLY like how clean it is. I know, I'm repeating myself but that stands out more to me than anything else at this point. Plus, the layout reminds me of one or more different "blog" sites I've been on, so I'm a bit familiar with the basics. So...yes, put me down on the "LIKE" side of the Poll.
  5. The old Forum format was far too cluttered. This is a nice, slick layout.
  6. I have to admit that although this is going to take a little getting used to...I really like the 'clean' look of the new Forum layout. Bravo, Fiverr!
  7. From June 17 to June 21, this Forum is going to be in “read only” mode. The new platform will launch June 22. My question is: Will you still visit it while it is “read only” or do you plan to stay away until the 22nd?
  8. Hi man, you’re here too! How’s everything going? You still go to jogging? Yes, I do. I’m walking a lot these days as I recover from congestive heart failure. All is good.
  9. Keep it simple by answering the five W’s - who, what, where, when, and why.
  10. It wouldn’t hurt to put the following in your profile and each Gig description: “I cannot accept orders related to academic work as it is against Fiverr Terms of Service.” Or something like that. Also, in the order process where you have listed questions that only the Buyer sees when placing an order, include something that states “If this order is for academic work, I cannot accept it” or something like that. Sure, it’ll work only with those Buyers who read that stuff, but at least it covers your butt in case of a dispute.
  11. I have completed 868 jobs on Fiverr over five years. Only 77% of them have reviews. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not I get a review. I’m more interested in completing jobs on time.
  12. Auto refreshers are a no-no on Fiverr.
  13. Cancellations will impact your completion rate, as you have discovered. The only way to bring that up is to complete a number of jobs without cancellation. Simple math.
  14. You know, I’ll give you my perspective as a Seller. I have a couple of “regulars” who have the V.I.D. Badge. For me, that indicates that I am less likely to get ripped off by this type of Buyer. It also tells me that the Buyer with a V.I.D. Badge knows enough about how Fiverr works that I should have no problem working with this person. I appreciate the V.I.D. Badge as I see it as a indicator that the person with it is safe to do business with and that I’m not taking as much as a risk as I may with someone who does not have the V.I.D. Badge.
  15. Don’t call me dear. That’s inappropriate.
  16. Yah. I was confused when I saw it first thing today. I joined Fiverr five years ago this past April, but didn’t pay attention to the Forum until a few years later. I had no idea when I joined the Forum, but now I do thanks to this goofy cake icon…lol
  17. Because no new ones were added today. Simple.
  18. You go after them. Building a freelance career requires work on the part of the freelancer, it doesn’t just happen. Plus, with so much competition here, you must go out and seek work.
  19. Fiverr is far from dead. If anything, the Fiverr talent pool has been watered down considerably over the past year or two. If there is anything to blame that on it is very likely the fallout from COVID that either eliminated a number of jobs or pushed people into work-from-home situations where Fiverr became a natural fit. Sadly, if anything, Fiverr was probably not prepared for the influx of 2-million more users resulting from the COVID-related job loss/job changes. My numbers have also dropped over the past 18-months, but I don’t use Fiverr as my primary source of income. That being said, this month is the best month I’ve had here for over a year. So, Fiverr is not dead by any means.
  20. As I am a full-time freelancer who uses Fiverr as one source of income, I’ve been steady busy for the past several years. I will add that in the past month I have seen a slight increase in business coming to me from Fiverr.
  21. No, no, no, never. As a former newspaper owner/publisher I never offer samples of my work. Ever. EDIT: I may refer someone to my website to check out a blog I’ve written as an example of my work, but I will not cough up a sample.
  22. Working fine over here (Canada).
  23. It means you have to buckle your seatbelt and prepare for a bumpy ride. Naw. Just a glitch. They happen. Refresh the page. Maybe it’ll be gone. We call them bugs.
  24. I’m only going to answer a couple of the poll questions. I have completed 867 jobs over the course of 5 years on Fiverr. Only 77% of those jobs have been given ratings by Buyers.
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