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  1. Banned? What was the email explanation for it? In other words, what Fiverr ToS did you violate?
  2. Well, it took me over a year to get my first Fiverr job. That was five years ago before tens of thousands of newbies joined because of COVID. I say that because it means that you, me and everyone else who answers your post now have a lot more competition than we once did before. As @uk1000 has pointed out, some small tweaks to your profile and Gig may help, but remember, you are competing with a huge number of additional freelancers offering the same services as you. It won’t be easy, but if you stick it out, you may be pleased with the results.
  3. Well, if I were you, I’d message again in the Gig message box. If you do not receive a reply after waiting a reasonable amount of time (for me that would be a day, maybe two days) I’d cancel the order. Again, that’s what I would do.
  4. Yah. That pretty much sums it up. That being said, you have to remember that there are thousands of top notch, professional freelancers here as well. They are the ones who don’t normally offer their services for $5.
  5. You probably were. Sadly, there are many Sellers here who are new to freelancing and are eager (translation: desperate) to earn some cash thanks to COVID eliminating or downsizing many jobs. While that doesn’t make it right, it does mean that the old saying “Buyer Beware” is more true no than ever.
  6. Big mistake giving someone work based on a “promise” of an order. I think you stepped into this one on your own. You should change the title of this thread to: “How I Cheated Myself Out Of An Order.”
  7. Great topic idea! Like most posts already here, I get tired of saying the following: “Did you read the Fiverr ToS?” “I suspect you are not telling us all the details on why your account got banned.” “Fiverr is NOT Google. Ranking does not exist” “The Fiverr ToS clearly states ‘Gig position is not permanent.’” “I have been a full-time freelancer since 2016.” “Don’t call me, Bro. Or Dear.” “That Buyer/Seller sounds like a creep” “I’d report him/her then block him/her.” “I wonder if I forgot to turn off the stove?” “Don’t pester Buyers/Sellers with messages.” “I need to buy some hot dog relish.” “I use multiple streams of income, so stats on Fiverr don’t matter to me.” “I smell something burning.” “I have a home office.” “The Moon looks pretty tonight.” “This thread is enough to make me start drinking again.” “Fiverr ToS has better things to do than answer your question about your Gig.” “Don’t include unlimited revisions in your Gig.” “Don’t use an auto refresher.” “I think I need some coffee.” “I’m a tea drinker.” What was the question, again?
  8. Okay. Did you contact a Buyer through a message soliciting business? Did you ask a Seller to leave you a good review? Did you contact a previous Buyer requesting to do more work for them? There would have been something you had done (even if you think it wasn’t a ToS violation type activity) that earned you the “permanently disabled” status. There is something missing from your story as Fiverr doesn’t just “ban” people without just cause. You would have also received warnings to give you a chance to “clean up your act” and that is why I suspect you are leaving out some details here.
  9. I’m going to suggest that the next time you have a job, why not just use the search function to locate Sellers and pick them that way? Buyer Requests are filled with under-qualified Sellers desperate for a job. That’s not always the case, but it is the norm rather than the exception. Good luck.
  10. The title of your post makes me question your writing ability. Sorry, it just does. BTW, I’m also a writer.
  11. Sounds like a creep to me. He’s sending pdfs to not trigger the Fiverr message system. I’d stop working for him and report him. But that’s me.
  12. The word “tutor” is a red flag to me and could be problematic. That’s why I posted my ‘warning’ above.
  13. I’m with @vickiespencer on this one. My Fiverr business has also taken a major hit, but only in the past year and a bit which I contribute to the influx of newbies discovering Fiverr during COVID times. I also don’t just work on Fiverr. I get most of my work from non-Fiverr sources (my business website, my Google My Business page) so although my Fiverr numbers have dropped, I am as busy as I used to be thanks to multiple streams of income.
  14. Go to the Forum Home Page. Locate the search window at the top of that page. Enter: “how to send a buyer request” into that field. Read the posts that come up as search results.
  15. I hope you are not going to provide your service to students. That would be a Fiverr Terms of Service violation that could impact your account.
  16. Go to the Forum Home Page. Look for the search window at the top of the page. Enter “how to send a buyer request” in that window. Read the articles that come up as results to your question.
  17. You are a freelancer, right? Fiverr is a freelancing platform, right? Typically, after you provide the content to a Buyer in a freelance arrangement, you forfeit any rights to that work. At least that’s how I’ve always viewed freelancing (I’m a writer of web content). I would think the same thing applies to any form of freelancing, but you bring up an interesting point. Maybe one of the active music composers on the Forum can help explain this.
  18. Offering unlimited revisions is a bad idea. I would change that to no more than THREE revisions. A lot of newbies here think that offering unlimited revisions will make them look very customer-oriented. Sadly, there are Buyers out there who will take advantage of that. Don’t open an opportunity for that to happen. Change the number of revisions you offer NOW!
  19. Do NOT annoy Buyers with inbox messages unless you have been contacted first. Simple.
  20. That’s because they are trying to game the system and avoid paying through the Fiverr payment platform. I would report them, but that’s me.
  21. Did you read the Fiverr Terms of Service, as you were prompted to when you first joined? Basically, three strikes, you’re out. It’s time for you to consider your freelancing career on Fiverr over. The chances of a restricted accounts being reactivated are well, slim. But you did this yourself. Why did not not pay attention to the first and second warnings? Surely those were hints that you were violating rules.
  22. Yes, for only for a short period. I’d rather lose impressions while waiting for a “new look” Gig to surface than have regular impressions on a Gig that isn’t bringing me work.
  23. Here’s something I like to do… Every six months or so I will take a hard look at my Gigs. If any are not performing well…I delete them. Sometimes I replace those with new Gigs, sometimes not. I also go over my Gig descriptions and tweak or rewrite them to make them fresh. I also change my Gig photos to keep them from becoming tired and boring. I like to think that by changing things up on my Gigs/Profile with regularity, it keeps me relevant.
  24. Clearly, Lamar Van Dusen has no idea what freelancing is. If there is a job you can do/create using any skill you have, you can freelance. Making music is one such skill/talent.
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