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Found 23 results

  1. One of my buyer requested some work to be done, I then created the order and delivered them as soon as i can, He marked the order complete and even left a great review! Then suddenly after three days time, I got a notification saying the buyer cancelled the order and funds were refunded. And i don't even have the option to contact resolution center. I am really upset of this as fiverr did not consider sellers point of view, If there were any issues regarding my delivery, The buyer would not have left a great review, Please help me, how should i deal with this?
  2. Hello everyone Some days ago I got an order form a buyer. It was 3 days delivery time. I completed the order and send the delivery the next day within 24 hours. 2 days later the buyer ask for order cancelation and put the order in dispute. Saying the he no longer need it. As I know if I cancel the order my gig and order cancelation rate will be harmed greatly. I want to ask the experts what should I do? And how should I contact the support service in fiverr? I already decline his order cancelation offer. Please tell me what should I'm really confused. Thanks
  3. Need suggestions! 22 days ago I got an order about social media posting/managing. I'm working hard. And the order is for ONE month. 8 days are remain. Now buyer is forcing me for promote her books and bring to sell. Even she already sent me a dispute and I canceled her request. Now I'm in tension, what should I do if she will send me the dispute request again on 8 working days. Need some direction. best regards, jahan
  4. Yeah, I know this is an issue that most of us as a seller has tried to get through with overtime. And even if some clients can't get to be decisive with their choices, change their mind mid-project, or just want to be fraudulent, there are few things we can do to avoid order cancellations from genuine and well-meaning clients. However, before I start, I will like to remind you that Fiverr just as a conventional working space is a business, and the more priority you place on it, the easier it is for you to get through successfully. Below are some tips to help you avoid order cancellations: Disclaimer: This article is based on personal experience, and is not sponsored or attributed to a CS-supported system. 1. Communicate efficiently with your client: One thing I noticed is that when buyers contact sellers, they are always hesitant to get to the "can I send you a custom offer now?" And sometimes, do not even calm down to understand the job requirements. The first thing you should do is read carefully, note down vital points if possible, and analyze if it's a job you can render. It's one thing to read, and it's another to understand it. So you can do well to ask questions if you do not comprehend any point, but make sure you understand what the buyer is requesting. 2. Don't take jobs you can't do: Though not everyone is guilty, some sellers tend to take jobs they are very sure they can't deliver, maybe with the hope of outsourcing (not saying outsourcing is bad) but be sure to take a job you can adjust when revision is asked. 3. Start work on your projects ASAP: Sometimes staying on the system for days can be annoying and we want to just unwind and have fun. However, while having fun, still remember you have a business to run and it would affect you if your account has any issues one way or another. So once you receive an order, calm down and outline things you need to do, and make sure you tabulate them in easy to understand format in a craft sheet or whatever you call yourself You might not start immediately, but make sure you go a long way with the job before relaxing. Starting jobs early, help you deliver faster, and if you can deliver a job in 24 hours tell the buyer 48 hours, make sure to finish before 24 hours, so It gives you time to check for corrections before delivery. 4. Send samples: Though this point was supposed to be the first, it is important to note that just as your portfolio is important in helping you seal that deal, it is also relevant in helping you stay out of trouble. If you think a client isn't so satisfied with your communication, it is best to share your samples with them. And if you are a writer like myself; in situations when you've not written on a particular niche, trend or topic, ask them politely if you can write a 200-250 words sample so they see your writing style and check if you are a preferred seller for their project. Finally, talk to your clients passionately and understand that just as you work into a supermarket to buy groceries for the family, these clients are humans too. And sometimes they can encounter issues that mess up their days like you, so when they approach you for help even when your project is closed, just treat them with kindness. Good luck and stay safe!🌞 Kind regards, Juan_Adulf
  5. My last order was canceled on July 2021. After that I'm unavailable on Fiverr. Yesterday, I was created 7 new gigs. Will there be any problem in this?
  6. Hey! 🙂 i just delivered an order to one of my buyer last day, it was all good, the buyer left me a five star review on my gig, then 10 hours later i got a notification in the Fiverr mobile app which says “Fiverr customer support is cancelled the order, and the funds will be returned to the buyer”. I contacted the buyer after this, he sent me this 3 screenshot(attached) : his Fiverr account got disabled(probably forever), also he told me he did not asked for refund and he Still dont know What happened. So i delivered the product to the buyer, he got it in time and he was Happy with it, but i lost the money.. so Its like i worked hard free for him. I had like 3 other buyers from the same gig and none of them was disabled or anything. What do you guys think What happened? Other thing i want to ask is : will he be able to get his funds back in 90 days to his credit card? Or not?
  7. Hello Fiverr Fellows, We received orders from Spam Buyers, the get the work, complete the order and then ask for a refund. And more interesting part is that Fiverr Support Cancel the order without discussing with us. The non technical staff of the Fiverr support even don’t listen to us. Any solution for this ? Regards Umar
  8. I want to ask a question Can Fiverr support, support me and help me win a my order for me. Have did what the buyer want but he requested for more and more work in return of cancellation the order... Please what can I do please
  9. I was completed an order with all of buyer requirement. I was take 5 days for this order and I complete this order In 5 days and submitted this in 5th day. Now this buyer want to refund this order and he want to cancel this. He told me I didn't complete this order in 5 days that's why he want to cancel this order . Now what can I do for this order ? Please give me suggestions. Thank you advanced
  10. I received the 1st order from a seller 4 days after opening the account. The task was much easier for me. He had three requirements. I finish two of them very quickly. Go to the other one and go after the problem. After trying all night, I couldn't solve the problem. He couldn't even try it. I think there was a bug on his website. And the web site was running, so there was no opportunity to deactivate the other plugin. He understood the matter. Which is why he didn't give me any bad reviews. He mutually canceled the order. Now it will be okay for me to work on this new account. Or I will make a new account. Please help me 😞
  11. We are very disappointed if the order is canceled. In fact, there is nothing to be disappointed in here. In our local marketplace, we often return the product after buying it. However, if the order is canceled, the gig will be down. you have to work with more than one gig here. As if one gig is down, the other gig is in Rank. And so you will always have your order. Thanks happy freelancing 🙂
  12. My profile is down! How to rank my profile again and get more order from Fiverr? What should I do to rank my profile? Two orders have been canceled. What should I do now? Now what if I get orders from regular Fiverr? Is there a solution? Let's get the right advice. Thanks. seodesign3
  13. We all know how order cancellation affects seller's profile and Fiverr business. But when buyer ordered by mistake and immediately dispute it, if seller accept it, what would happen? Does it affect order cancellation rating? If rating goes down, why!! It is not a seller's fault. How can we handle it? Do you have any idea? I frequently face this problem. Need some suggestions. Thank You. 🙂
  14. Hi, I've been a Fiverr seller for more than 4 years. And in last 2 years I've been getting overwhelming orders. I even sometimes had to enable out of office mode because I couldn't handle the orders. But about 2 weeks ago when I came form a vacation after closing the out of office mode I started getting around 1 - 2 orders per day ( my avarage was 5 - 6 orders per day ) so it's pretty low but not concerning. But then I had to cancel a order because the buyer was unresponsive and rude, so I contacted customer support and after discussing they cancelled the order. And from then I didn't receive a single order. Only few orders by my previous clients. Also very few buyers was texting me which didn't even turn into orders. I've updated my images, changed description and lowered prices. Still no luck. So I've been thinking of using the gig promotion thingy, is it any good ? Can I use it to get some orders and start the flow and then opt out of it ? Thanks for reading :)
  15. A buyer has asked to cancel an order, citing that he's 'not satisfied'. I suspect he just doesn't want to cough up for the work I've given him. Anyway, here's my dilemma. If I cancel the order, I will definitely be demoted back down from level 1 to new seller. But if I refuse the cancellation, he will surely leave me my first ever bad review. Question 1: In terms of the damage my profile could take, which is the lesser of the two evils? Question 2: I'm happy to delete the gig, as it's new, will a bad review left on it still show up on my main profile?
  16. Hello, My order completion rate was 90%, I got canceled on an order of 15$, which comes to 80%. Then a 50$ order was completed by myself, and my order completion rate jumps up to 82% only. Why is this happening to me?
  17. My Completed Orders percentage doesn't make sense. When I've had to cancel an order, my Completed Orders percentage drops by around 7%. But when I complete an order, it either goes back up by just 1%, or doesn't go back up at all. This obviously makes no mathematical sense at all. Obviously if this is the way it is, then if I have to cancel another order in future, for example if the buyer happens to request it, it would mean I'm almost certainly going to get demoted, which would be ridiculous. Any ideas?
  18. Okay so I got an order 2 weeks ago, the buyer placed the order without discussing the limitations. She wanted to automate something using the free plan provided by IFTT. But the free plan didn't support what she needed, we both agreed on cancelling the order so I initiated the order cancelation request. She accepted it and the order was cancelled. BUT as soon as the order was cancelled, my order completion rate dropped to 67% and now it is 50%. How is this a just evaluation when something that's requested by the buyer isn't doable? OR if the buyer isn't open to suggestions? Why do we, the sellers always have to pay the price? Why can't Fiverr take into account issue like this when evaluating a profile? It's just a bot looking at order completed vs orders placed and then assigning each profile a number, if that number falls below the threshold, you're ripped off of your badges and levels and you're left there with nothing for a month (or more) FOR NO REASON!! Something that you spend months or even years on achieving is taken by a bot FOR NO REASON! How is taking badges and decrementing the scores just when you only have ONE option, cancel the order.. when you know that cancelling the order would cause a deduction in your scores and also you'll be ripped off of your badge and levels, something that most of the hardworking people here spend months and years to earn. Oh and for almost 2 weeks I couldn't find a way to submit a support ticket because the Support page in the footer only has some help docs which don't help with situations like this and the My Support Requests has no option to submit a new ticker, the only way is to open a previous ticket and there's a button to add a new one which doesn't make sense (I saw that button today). I think the button should be on the main page where all the support tickets are listed. Also, the Contact Us button at the bottom right on that page has a bug, when you click it, the button disappears (I tried 3 different browsers and also my phone - same issue). What do you guys have to say about this? Shouldn't Fiverr change it's policies about profile evaluation or order cancellation?
  19. Today I got a very unfortunate order. Buyer placed an order and opened a dispute to cancel it 2h and 15min after. They were expecting a very fast turnaround of an hour or two, as far as I understand. They did not contact me before placing the order and nowhere do I state, that I deliver my orders in such ridiculous time frame. While my gig has an extra for fast delivery, the turnaround time is 12h with that extra. The buyer opened up a dispute to cancel the order with a reason "The seller is not responding", stating: "Have a very quick deadline. Not clear from seller when the work will be done. Have found an alternative.", trying to put the blame on me. I was out from home when I got the order and I responded that I would follow up once I get back home, but the buyer canceled it before I even could do so. I have contacted the CS to hopefully cancel the order without it effecting my profile. What would you do in this situation? I will attach the chat with this post.
  20. A buyer ordered a gig through custom offer. I delivered according to the requirements they asked. After that, they asked for some extra work which wasn't part of the initial deal. But I wasn't too much. So, I agreed to do it. While I was doing it, they asked to cancel the order saying that their boss got it done by some other developer and now they don't need my delivery. Now they have sent the cancellation request. What should I do now?
  21. My 3rd order got cancelled. I have declined client's cancellation. And made cancellation of the order by customer support. Is it will be cause of my account down or lose my gig rank?
  22. I am a new here also completed 2 order, cancel 3 order, But stil not getting any job what could do I? Everyone please give me answer. Thank you. This is my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/hafej_md_ariful
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