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  1. Over the five years I’ve been on Fiverr I’ve had several cancellations. It happens in any kind of business.
  2. I am a full-time freelancer. I write web content (blogs/articles). Fiverr is just one of my sources of income. It currently brings me about 30% of my income. I rarely have down-time as I have a few contracts in place (non-Fiverr, before I joined Fiverr) that bring me the majority of my work. I also have regular clients both on and off Fiverr who have found me either through my website, GMB Page or Fiverr. I would NEVER rely on just one source for freelance work.
  3. I’m suspicious. The Seller said it would take three to six hours but then completed the job in 30-minutes? I’m wondering if the quality is what you would expect from a 3 to 6 hour job or is it something that was thrown together in minutes? What I’m getting at here is this: If you feel that you have been cheated, cancel the order or take out a ticket with Fiverr CS. Good luck.
  4. I am a blog/article writer. Listening to the interview to pull out quotes doesn’t sound too farfetched if the content from the interview is essential to the article. It’s called research. Sometimes it comes in a format that requires additional time and effort. So, I would do the job.
  5. I’d go with the game art subcategory. Don’t bother with “similar” Gigs as Fiverr may issue you a warning about that (read the ToS so you know why).
  6. All I do is charge a per word fee in USD. As I am a full-time ghostwriter with several contracts in place (non-Fiverr, before I joined Fiverr) living in Canada, the exchange rate usually gives me a nice ‘extra’ that I don’t otherwise charge for. When it comes to royalties, I never give it a thought as once I release an article, I no longer own it and that is my understanding of how freelancing works. I have extensive experience in the publishing field, and have never been remotely concerned about royalties as a ghostwriter.
  7. I can’t wait to see the new format!
  8. Or, Fiverr could just charge us all an annual membership fee to be able to use their platform, payment program and more for just a small commission each time an order is completed. Your call. You don’t like it, you don’t have to stay.
  9. If you are asking as to how many Sellers offer that service, you just have to do a simple search here. As for who here uses a social media manager, you do know you shouldn’t be soliciting other Sellers on this platform, right?
  10. Also stick to the obvious. If you were looking for a recipe online for a tuna sandwich you would use terms like “tuna” and “sandwich” and “recipe.” You wouldn’t use terms like “peanut butter sandwich.” Whatever you do, don’t over think it.
  11. You could just submit something new to comply. Fiverr is also trying to protect you as well.
  12. Believe it or not, in any kind of business you will encounter customers who just cannot be satisfied. You can’t do anything about it other than work hard to please the next one. Sadly, too many newbies here think that everything they do here is worthy of a 5-Star rating where often times it is not. I’m not saying that this is your situation, but it does mean that you can’t expect to make every customer happy, regardless of the work and effort put into that.
  13. What does Instagram have to do with Fiverr? It sounds to me like the Buyer is trying to pull one over on you. I’ve been on Fiverr for five years. I’ve NEVER been asked to verify who I am by a Buyer through the use of any of my social media feeds. It sounds fishy to me.
  14. I see that you have been reading posts on the Forum (your profile shows 1-hour of read-time). I suggest you read some more and check out the Fiverr Tips For Buyers section of the Forum. There are a lot of posts there with ideas. Just remember, not all advice is good, but it should give you some ideas to consider.
  15. This is a myth. Also, it is the worst advice to offer someone.
  16. You have just 2-minutes of “read-time” on the Forum. This is how you find “tips and tricks” here: Enter the phrase “Fiverr tips and tricks” in the search window on the Forum Home Page. Then read. Read a lot. Then read some more. Not all tips here will be good, but many will help you sort out what Fiverr is about.
  17. I don’t understand how you think giving away work helps anyone. If you are a professional freelancer, you are in business to make money. This is not a hobby. If your business model follows guidelines that include giving away product just because “it may help get jobs” then I think you are not going to be very successful in business. I say this because I have extensive business experience. Losing money by giving away product does not pay the bills. Nor does it “help to get new business.” It’s bad advice that you should not be giving anyone.
  18. Simple. Not everyone here is honest. If the metrics were common knowledge there would be thousands of Fiverr newbies trying to game the system. By keeping that information protected, the platform becomes fair for all users.
  19. Why would anyone give work for free at a platform designed to make money? Free work rips off Fiverr. Not a smart idea.
  20. I’m not a new Seller, but business has been slow for me over the past year. Typically I see 3 to 4 jobs a month these days. Today (June 4) I received THREE orders at once. That could make this a good month for me!
  21. You wait longer. Just by joining Fiverr you don’t automatically get work. You have to work at it. You may not get your next job for a few weeks, months or years. There is a lot of competition here.
  22. You’ve already posted this on the Forum. Delete it before it gets flagged as it can be considered spamming the Forum.
  23. You should have received an email from Fiverr explaining why it was banned.
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