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  1. Once a balance available with your account you can add a payment account. For more information's about adding the payment account and withdrawal you can see the below link. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010530058-Getting-paid-Withdrawing-your-earnings?segment=seller
  2. You have 2 gigs and both are in active status. There for no need to worry. Search result will be different from each region.
  3. Tips to rank your gig # Optimize your gig title, Tags keywords. # Maintain, Response rate, Order Compleation, On time delivery, Rating Stats to maximum as you can. # Take the maximum use of the gig gallery, it's recommended to Upload a gig explainer video. # Promote your gigs.
  4. It's prohibited to ask the buyer for a review. Maybe when type the word” review” Fiverr will detect and issue a warning. As lloydsolutionos mentioned above fiver remind buyer to leave a review more than once. It's wrong to ask for a positive review, because if you provide him with the best service he will automatically give u 5 stars. Just trust in the service that you have provided him and hope for the best, because if the quality of our services isn't good…whatever u ask for he won't do it.
  5. Please read the below article to have a better understand about the Gig impression
  6. You log out from your account and check. Or check the link from another browser without login. That link is redirecting to the logged in users page.
  7. Yes can. You have to contact payoneer customer support to change it. This is already discussed and please see the below link to see the users shared experience as how they changed it
  8. But that link is not correct. It is not redirecting to your portfolio.
  9. hi, I have checked your gigs and i think you are referring about your UI UX design gig. The problem is now it is in the wrong category and no use of changing other thinks as this message will appear again unless you change it to the correct category. Correct Category should be "Graphics & Design > UX Design"
  10. Go through the below article then you can find out how to optimize as they mentioned above. https://blog.fiverr.com/post/how-to-optimize-your-gigs-to-maximize-your-sales
  11. Your question is not clear enough. Do you mean that the completed order got cancelled and funds refunded to buyer?
  12. If it is not normal then only CS can resolve. We only can discuss with what we know.
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