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  1. Market your gigs and perform well, your gigs will move forward.
  2. Welcome to fiver! You offered unlimited revision which is not much recommend as even the order marked as completed and if the customer have any modifications you have to do it for free.
  3. This Error message will be generated that you made a transfer before the 24 hour daily limit. You can only transfer once every 24 hours. You can read the below topic as it is already discussed in this forum.
  4. Depends on seller levels as below : 7 Gigs for Sellers without a Level status. 10 Gigs for Level 1 Sellers. 20 Gigs for Level 2 Sellers. 30 Gigs for Top Rated Sellers. But do not create multiple gigs for the same service as it will not help you. Maintaining below 7 gigs is most recommended as far as i concerned. Due to if your are demoted any time then you have to delete the gigs even which are already with good reviews.
  5. To Maintain the High quality on Fiverr, Fiverr has introduced a New Level Demotion system which has been implemented from 15th January 2018. According to these New Rules, Your account can be demoted if you fail to maintain the Following Conditions within Last 60 Days. above 90% Response Rate above 90% Order completion Rate above 90% On-time Delivery above 4.9 Rating Once any of statistic went below the above, then your gig will go to the last page of its category till your statistics were getting normal. Once your statistic came to normal, then gigs will more forward as per your performance. Me too experienced in this situation on 2019.
  6. If you got an order and you have enough informations to process. Then complete and submit the order. You can message buyer through the created order. Or you can message by clicking on send message here
  7. No it is not possible! Buyer have option to review once the order is marked as completed. If it is possible then we can find most of the sellers with 5star fake reviews. At fiver all the reviews are original, given by the buyers after purchased the services.
  8. Welcome to fiver! Read below topic it will be more help-full to you.
  9. Refer the below post to know about how impression works. You can market your gigs to increase the clicks.
  10. You can not control it.. once the buyer submitted the order requirement it will start to count.
  11. Read the below topic then you can understand what is impression and how to improve it.
  12. Yes contacting CS is the only way to refund. But without doing it you can offer a discount from your next order to the same buyer as it will more benefit you and also there will be problem with your statistics.
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