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  1. Hi Steffi, welcome to fiverr! You have a beautiful portfolio, I have no doubt that you will find some business opportunities here. Best of luck! 😊
  2. Have you completed your initial delivery before the deadline? If so, the big red "being late" counter after the revision request does not mean anything. It is an annoying feature of the platform that fiverr just does not care to fix. It depends on the volume of orders that you have completed in the last 60 days. For me personally, order completion rate dropped to 98% and now it has recovered to 99%. It might have influenced my search standings, but what happens, happens. The buyer seems to be a hassle to deal with, so you have to decide. The ratings stay on the platform forever, while completion rate does recover over time.
  3. This reminds me of a marketing sche.. Echem, a GREAT OPPORTUNITY, in which the sellers are obligated to buy their own products and religiously promote their suppliers... Hmm... 🤔
  4. Great discussion on this exact topic. Give it a read, a lot of useful insight there.
  5. Blasphemy! The only religion we believe here in the FF is Conga.
  6. It's a great platform for advertising if you know how to use it. I myself have not tried it yet, but I know freelancers and small business owners who do take full advantage of this platform.
  7. I got this message after replying to ONE post. 😄
  8. C'mon guys, you can do it! 😄 It's one word, 💥 is a similar sound to "boom", it is often used in comic books 👻 If you guess what a scary ghost would say, you have the answer 💤 🇫🇷 you have the clue as well 😄
  9. Nope. The puzzle is one word, so you're on the right track. When looking at those emojis, think of sounds.
  10. For this emoji, think of an American doing a parody of a Frenchman without knowing the language. 😄
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