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  1. Fiverr clearly states, "Gig position is not permanent" which is a nice way of saying you are wasting your time trying to "rank" on Page One. This is not Google. I can search for your Gigs and you can search for them and both of us will have different results. Those results will change each time we search. Gig rotation allows all Sellers fair exposure.
  2. Sorry, but this is horrible advice. It is a myth that started on Fiverr and is impossible to maintain. Sellers must sleep. Being the first person to respond to a request does not always result in success. Concentrate on providing quality work and jobs will follow. Using auto refresh apps is against the Fiverr Terms of Service and could result in either a warning or banning of an account. Seek proper advice, rather than listening to so-called experts on YouTube or other social media streams.
  3. Until Fiverr starts charging us all an annual "membership" fee, plus a fee to post each Gig, you can expect them to "tax" or take a commission. Personally, I'm okay with the current system because why you consider the access we get to Buyers/Sellers for just a measly commission, it's one heck of a deal.
  4. Sure, give your profile/Gigs a face-lift every so often. Check what your competitors are doing and try to do better. Freelancing is VERY competitive with some categories on Fiverr even more competitive than others. Find a skill you have that stands out and create unusual, interesting Gigs from that. Try to stay away from the Gigs that "everyone" is offering these days like logo design, business cards, social media marketing, web/blog article writing, etc. Be different. Stand out.
  5. Why not hit a broader target by creating GIgs for each? That's what I would do.
  6. If you made the "deal" via inbox communication or email, you didn't get screwed. You screwed yourself. DO NOT pay for anything on Fiverr that does not come through the Fiverr system. That means, placing an order, accepting the finished product. Nothing else.
  7. This question has been asked countless times. My answer: over a year.
  8. Visit the bottom of this page and click on Help & Support. Or visit: https://www.fiverr.com/support
  9. I would use a nickname or initial to fill the field. For example, I use W. George as my first name in most any field I have to fill out.
  10. That does happen. I am also a writer on Fiverr. I don't think I have experienced that in the five years I have been here. It really depends on the Buyer. What I mean by that, is that there are some shady Buyers out there but far more professional ones. Use your common sense. If something doesn't feel right, don't work for that person.
  11. We do things like potato wedges with a meat source, usually. A lot of tuna steaks, my wife also uses the pressure cooker function to hard boil eggs in 5-minutes. I like to use it on frozen hamburger patties, frozen sausages, frozen ribs.
  12. Agreed. There are some great features on the new Fiverr Forum. I think the "badge runners" are turning it into a game, though.
  13. I'm starting to doubt this is going to work...
  14. We have a Ninja Foodi that we use many times a week to air fry meals. The microwave and stove top are getting jealous.
  15. Gamification of the Fiverr Forum generates these kinds of posts.
  16. I'm thinking of using my Seller status to sell my badges to Newbies in order to save them time trying to earn them with five word posts that don't contribute to the thread they are posted within.
  17. Okay, my turn. I think keeping it simple is best. I think the "titles" should reflect what we are doing here on Fiverr: Seller, Buyer, Seller/Buyer. Just three possible titles, except Fiverr Staff for the obvious reasons.
  18. Interesting question. However, I don't put much faith in reviews. I prefer to concentrate on providing quality work to my clients.
  19. looseink

    Help me!

    Agreed. I would just cancel and move on. It is important to keep in mind that there are also a lot of newbie Buyers on Fiverr and possibly the one you are dealing with is one of those who doesn't completely understand how Fiverr works.
  20. I have qualified for TRS status for over a year. I know other members here who have also waited a long time. It is not automatic. I suspect that Fiverr "hand-picks" the TRS members from all the candidates who have reached that level. You may never become a TRS. That's the way it goes.
  21. You have to edit the icons of the Buyers in your screenshot as that is not allowed on the Forum. To answer your question, what does it matter if the rest of the message/post makes sense?
  22. You are not alone. Here are a few tips that may help you: 1) Only respond to the BRs that you have the correct skills to complete the job. 2) Do not use a copy 'n' paste template that is identical for each BR reply. Personalize your BR reply. 3) Do not expect responses every time. 4) Remember, you are one of hundreds, or thousands of freelancers responding to the same BRs. 5) Spend more time creating new Gigs that highlight skills you have. 6) Do not add new Gigs where there is high competition (business cards, logo design, etc.) 7) Find something about what you do that is different from others and promote that as your hook. 😎 Continue to learn new skills outside of Fiverr to assist with Gig creation. 9) Take a break away from Fiverr for a week or so to clear your mind and help you to focus on redeveloping your profile and Gig information. 10) Don't be afraid to try other online freelance platforms. 11) Check out other Gigs like yours and see what makes them stand out - do NOT copy them, but look for ideas. 12) Ask yourself why you want to be a freelancer. To make extra money is not exactly the right answer. 13) Read more posts on this Forum and follow members you think have smart ideas that you may learn from. 14) Ask questions on the Forum (like you did above) to help gain extra knowledge about freelancing and how Fiverr works. 15) Don't give up. Maybe change your game plan instad. I hope a couple of these suggestions give you some help!
  23. Neither now. But I did have a cat that lived to the ripe old age of 19. She was strictly an indoor cat. My girlfriend, who eventually became my wife, had three dogs when we got together so with my cat we used to joke that we had a blended family. The dogs were two Australian Shepherd/Border Collie crosses (females, sisters), and a male Dalmatian. All four of the pets are now long gone. We do not have children and may never get another pet as losing them was hard on both of us.
  24. Well, I happen to be one of those professionals and if I can't design it myself on my own computer, I'll go online and do it for free, so I think you may be a bit off on that assumption. You have received a lot of input, most of it saying the same things. You just have to accept it and think of going in a different direction to gain some ground on Fiverr. Doing the same old, same old no longer works.
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