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Found 12 results

  1. So I'm a new and growing seller on the Fiverr platform, and my experience so far has been pretty good. However, one thing I can't seem to understand is how the inbox response time is calculated. I respond to every single message I get well within 24 hours, never more than that, but as of a few months ago I noticed that my response time randomly went from 1 hour to 2 hours. I didn't think anything of it because it didn't seem like that big of a deal, since I couldn't figure out anything that was changing on my part. But today when I logged in, I noticed that it now says 4 hours. That's ridiculous. Unless your login time on the Fiverr app counts towards the calculation, since technically you're always online with that, I could understand. But even then, even if I receive a message in the middle of the night when I'm asleep, I'm still responding within no more than 24 hours. It bothers me that as a new seller clients would think that I only respond every 4 hours, especially when that number seems to be increasing for no reason at all.
  2. Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying an international freelancing day and also doing great. I have a question and any answer or suggestion in this regard will be appreciated. I am a level-one seller on Fiverr. I have responded to every single message of buyers. For two weeks my response time is shown as zero, previously it was shown as 1 hour. So I am confused about whether the minimum response time is zero hours or one hour. Should I contact Fiverr support if this is not normal? Thanks!
  3. If we send message eatch other to our gigs (for increase response time), is this method effective for response time? or it's harmful for our gigs?
  4. I had an issue with a buyer that had difficulties implementing code that worked on my end. Customer Support ended up cancelling the order, I then appealed the order because my gig only delivers the source code. Whether or not the client was unable to implement it on their site is not part of my deliverable. The person I spoke to seemed to understand that the issues the client was facing were not my fault and I should be compensated for the work. My issues was then escalated and assigned to the "Relevant Team" for further review. It has been over a week now and there hasn't been an update on the situation. Has anyone been in a similar situation and how long did it take for you to receive an update? How long does this review process typically take?
  5. I just started as a new freelancer on the Fiverr platform and immediately came across an issue with the messaging system. Since I am new, I decided to quickly test a conversation with another known freelancer on Fiverr. Each response I gave disappeared and never made it to the receiver. About a day later, we discovered it was due to the other freelancer's status being unavailable. Once they had made their status available, I was able to have a conversation. The one problem I'm having with this is that my response rate is now 34 hours! There was nothing I could have done on my end to resolve this issue and now my newly-made profile is taking the hit. In aside from looking for a fix, is there a way my profile's stats can be reconciled due to this issue?
  6. Hello Everyone. Hope you all doing great 💝 Today a buyer (she is also a level one seller) message me to help her in her REACT project. Within few minutes, I was happily send her a beautiful message with a big YES 🤩. But I got a pop-Up notification "🛑unable to send your message" my message was not send. Then I noticed that she is unavailable. For that reason I couldn't reply to her. BUT the main problem is here. Now I can understand her unavailability, but my ⏲️ clock doesn't want to.🥲 Its just increasing the response time. Now tell me what I can do? Is there any way to stop the clock ? She will be available after 1 month, should I send him the response after one month? 🥴 Or if there is any other solutions feel free to suggest me. Thank you. Nazmul.
  7. I am really confused about my response time. Recently, I have sent buyer request at 12.30 p.m but buyer accept my offer at 6.30 A.M when I was sleeping. After 4hour later, I noticed it and reply to him but he didn't respond yet. Is it harmful to response time of my gig? Please, ensure me by experience seller suggestions.
  8. i am new on fiverr. last month i had semister exam. i forgot to swith on get unavailable option. now my response time become worse. how can i get rid of this situation. i need help of everyone.please.
  9. Hi there, I am very depressed because i lost my Level because suddenly my inbox response rate and time has been down. I am talking to my older client constantly and they ordered 2-3 but there is no improve my response time and rate. Couple of months , i didn't get any new client. has any tips to improve my response rate and time? is that any possibility to get back my level 1? N.B. I wasn't active on Fiverr for 2 days for my serious personal issues.
  10. Hello everyone,My response time isn't showing in my profile.Please tell me how can i get my response time in my profile back? Best regards Neetu
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