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  1. I like the intensity and size of this message. I am fulfilled.
  2. I was inspired by this @newsmike AI-created art that took him 15 seconds. It's a great representation of the power of science, art, and our own human desires to be completely subjugated to the power of a machine. I find it perfectly encapsulates how technological advances are pushing us all to the brink of extinction and that we're embracing it at such a pace that we'll all soon be beggars panhandling to our robot overlords as they drive past us in their AI-driven electric vehicles. And because Nye-Santa has six fingers. That's pretty fun, too. @emmaki Probably loves this image because she's got a thing for lab coats. True story.
  3. The only thing that I know is that after having created more than 15,000 Amazon product descriptions that new buyers and Fiverr both find that I'm an incompetent incapable of knowing how anything works on that platform or this one.
  4. I would really like to see a poll showing the countries of the people on Fiverr who like AI versus those who don't. I think that's all we'd all need to know to show its value. @emmaki @newsmike
  5. You're right. It could get even worse! I joke, but honestly, is it a joke?
  6. There's been a drastic change in buyer volume along with all the negative changes.
  7. How would they know how to sell on when they aren't Fiverr sellers?? Food for thought.
  8. I'm a $1.4 million earner on Fiverr with max stats and I'm in the same boat. Just wanted you to know you aren't alone.
  9. This is the world they wanted to create. They want to replace their human sellers with an AI equivalent, so they never have to deal with human sellers again.
  10. This has been my workspace for the last couple of years on Fiverr.
  11. I'm here for the party. Just want to watch the bonfire from a closer seat.
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