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  1. Alhamduillah. My name is Shahalom. I got 3 reviews on Fiverr. But it is very low. How can I grow it like 100+?
  2. Why do Clients hardly give feedback on fiverr? This one is much needed question. My clients liked my work also inbox me say they like it. but whenever i asked them do give honest feedback about my services, they just go away. my rated order % is now 51%. Will it affect my profile?
  3. Hi I've a gig that have one bad review. This single gig review is effecting my all profile reviews. I want to delete this gig to make profile reviews good. Will my profile reviews be stable after deleting this? Please help me 🙏 I'm very confused.
  4. Hello! I'm a new seller in Fiver hence seeking for tricks to expand clicks ad reviews in my gigs. Your valuable advice's are welcome .
  5. Hey So I have 7 gigs one of them is doing crazy good and the other not really as like this gig So what happens is every time I get order from my underrated gigs i send the custom offer and i choose my most rated gigs so the rate and review will go to this gig is that should do any good or a bad strategy? should I keep every rate in his own place? and in ranking is it really matters if it was one gig that has all the reviews or it's better to have the reviews on each one of my gigs separetly? Thanks,
  6. I have completed the 150+ project today and got 100 reviews on Fiverr!! My all services related to wordpress -> Elementor... / Photoshop. It was a quite fantastic journey.
  7. Hi everyone: So I'm a new seller and I've had three potential clients and a bunch of scammers. One of the buyers was a professional writer, one was an artist and one was a newbie writer. I have a Beta/Sensitivity Reading gig so I'm wondering if I felt more comfortable with the writers? IDK. Anyway, none of these clients had a review because they're all new. My first client was pretty on point: she explained what she wanted, got me her docs (and even when she had a problem uploading it), she waited patiently for Fiverr support to help. THANK GOODNESS! The second potential buyer was an artist who requested things that were not a part of my "typical" gig package (although I could do it within the THEME of my package). I normally review writings and he wanted me to review "some writing" but with a bunch of photos. He kept going back and forth and after I would answer him, he would go invisible. Then, he would show up again, kind of asking for the same types of stuff but at a much, much lower rate. Because I didn't know we could just say "no" to people we felt we wouldn't work well with, I continued to try to please this potential buyer. He eventually requested a custom order (for more than 60% lower than what he should have paid) but since I cut out a bunch of actions, I put it down to the lowest amount I could take but kept the delivery days the same. After writing up the extensive custom order, he didn't respond. LOL. I even went back to him and asked him if he had received the order and if he had additional questions. But..... he ghosted me! lol. A few days later, I went to remove him from my message inbox and saw that he had a rating. He had selected another person to do his gig. And she was charging WAY less than me. Like, pennies. She gave him a 5 star review and he gave her a 4 star review. I don't know if she was adequate or if he was trying to get what he wanted done at a cheap rate and found out that he couldn't get it done. Sad. Anyway, I archived his messages and blocked him. The third buyer was also a writer. Again, I think I just vibe a little better with writers because I am a writer and I kind of understand a little more of what they're probably looking for (if that makes sense). Anyway, this time, I found myself asking a few more questions about his project and what inspired him to do the project. I felt that by askinig some questions, I might get to see a little bit more of what type of buyer I was dealing with in order to make a better decision as to if the buyer and I could really work together in a positive way. I'm happy to say that he seems real cool and he hired me and I accepted his project: a win-win. So after all of this, here's my question: What do you look for in a buyer when they have no reviews and you're trying to gauge if they would be a good "fit" for working with you? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  8. I just started an instagram. Am I able to share gig reviews with the buyer's permission? Is it against the ToS?
  9. Hi Fiverr community! Today I was searching for some gigs. I noticed a gig on the search results where it is 0 reviews and gig rating is 3.3. How it's possible when a gig has no reviews but have rating. Also, when I clicked and opened the gig, the gig has two 5-star reviews. So the gig on the search results, it should show 5.0 (2) instead of 3.3 (0). Did anyone noticed the same?
  10. Does a seller's Nationality determine how successful he can be on Fiverr and does buyers have preferences for sellers from specific countries/continents?
  11. Hey! I explain this all in short. Recently, I work for a client and the first order is succesfully completed and he give me the best review he also send me his recorded video that how much he like the final result. Now he give me second order and client didn't explain properly what he wanted. I give him many different versions but he didn't like so I cancel the order and the second order funds is refund to buyer. But after day pass fiverr also give my first order money to the buyer which is already completed and I have 5 star rating. I don't know why this happen. Can anybody tell me about this?
  12. I have got 630 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews today!! It was a great journey and more to go. Fiver forum helped me a lot to get this achievement . Thank you all fiver senior sellers and community members who help me through out this journey. I would love to work for many years with amazing clients. Thanks all .
  13. Let's say, the buyer has left a review and the seller forgot or doesn't have time to give their own feedback after 10 days... What will happen then? Does this seller still have a chance to leave a review for the buyer, or their chance has expired once the buyer's review has automatically been published? Any real experience with this?
  14. I don't want service reviews from buyers. I always leave it up to them. There is a question: If I don't get a review after completing an order, is there any adverse effect? (Note that: I've completed 50 orders and I got 27 reviews. 🙂 )
  15. Hi everyone, Recently I was coding for a client and he kept on asking for me to do more than what I agreed to when I first made the offer (it was a custom order). He kept on arguing that the things he asked me to add were what were specified in the brief but I never specified these things. I went back and forth with him a little bit but ended up compromising to add some but not all of these extras for no extra charge (it was my first order after a long break, so I didn't want to give him a reason to leave a bad review or cancel the order). Nevertheless, he still gave me a 2.7 star review for this even though I did more than what was agreed on and delivered two days before the agreed deadline. I know that Fiverr is quite strict regarding discussing reviews with clients, but I think this is highly unfair. What are my options for appealing this review?
  16. Once again fiverr's customer support does nothing to help the seller out. Here is my story sorry if its long I have all the pictures of the buyer lying and deceiving me and then writing a review that clearly was a lie and not fact since i told him in conversation the service as described. Then all of the bullshit customer support said with half of their automated messages. All I wanted is a lie of a review to get off of my account. I'm not gonna make this any longer than it already is so just look at all the pictures I screenshot they should be in order from the evidence to what CS had to say. PLEASE HELP Thanks for whoever took the time to read everything and hopefully this post gets traction. PS: Yes the manager is an automated message and sent the same thing twice you can see by the time stamps
  17. I don't know if this has already been implemented or not. I have an idea how to help to solve the problem of negative (1-2 star) reviews from conflict buyers. I think it would be better if buyers with better review history would have more influence on seller's rating and performance. For example, buyer #1 rated 10 orders (from different sellers) as 5-star and rated 1 seller as 3-star. The buyer #2 rated 10 orders as 3-star (average) and recently made another negative (1-star) review of a new seller. And Fiverr system could give a bigger coefficient to #1 buyer ratings, if he will place a negative review, than to a buyer #2 who seems to be too strict with all his sellers regardless of the quality of their service.
  18. I've been a seller before around a year ago, becoming pretty successful with over 90+ reviews. However, I decided to stop what I was doing before and a year later I have a new gig. I had the idea of asking family and friends if they'd be interested in ordering, but if they give me a review would that roll in buyers? I think I have a good portfolio and I think my work is good from a standpoint, but what are your thoughts? gig: https://www.fiverr.com/jacksilver/design-a-professional-and-modern-website-ui
  19. hi there, i have done many designs for many clients but most of them end up telling me that's so perfect or just in the chat telling me how good my job is, but iam not sure if I can ask them for a review cause some people say it's against the rules and others say it's only against if I asked for a ( positive review ) so if there is any advice, please tell me, thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I will be very grateful if anyone please do a bit math for me. If I am currently 4.9 on my gig. With total 15 reviews: 5 star (14) - 4 star (1) How many 5 star are needed to obtain 5 star rating. Thanks and looking forward kind replies:)
  21. Suddenly My positive review Doesn't show on my gigs
  22. I have optimized all my gigs to the fullest but all I am getting are fake spammy buyers without any real work who are just wasting my time. Should I really take a paid test on fiverr or is it okay if I just keep on grinding like usual... I need some pro tips
  23. I completed my first order a while ago. The buyer is very satisfied with my work and he gives me 5 stars and a very good review. Now how can I get more orders and what should I do Here my gig checkit: https://www.fiverr.com/share/XmAEve
  24. Hello Everyone, I'm talking with my client about Marketing related work. Please, Advice me . How to increase her product sell ? (Shopify) Thank you !
  25. As a video editor, I have to deliver the project video in the final order submission. I have noticed that though I always upload the video file separately along with a compressed file, yet the video is not shown with the buyer review. And it is not for all videos. Sometimes it is shown & another time it is not. What is the cause behind this... Does the buyer has any option to make it happen or not? I mean, can a buyer hide or deselect the content to show with his/ her review if he/ she want?
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