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Found 20 results

  1. Hey! I received a message a few hours ago from a potential client. He made me an offer but I can't reply to his message. Probably because he established his unavailability as a seller. And to the right of the name, there is a clock that warns me that I should reply to the message in less than 20 hours. From what I've seen from other people who have experienced the same problem, the response rate has been affected. What could I do in this situation? PS: I made a ticket and here is their response: Hi Andrei, Hope this mail finds you well. Thank you for contacting us. My name is TJ from Fiverr customer support. I understand you are concerned regarding your statistics being affected. Upon checking, I can see that the user to whom you are referring is not affecting your response rate and your response rate is 100%. I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further assistance. kind regards, For now it has not affected my response rate, but it will probably happen at the next evaluation, which is on February 15. And to be honest, I don't want to lose the level 1 (almost level 2) status that I worked for, because of a bug. In addition, the clock to the right of the customer's name turned red. He warns me that I should answer him in less than 6 hours. I read in the policy that in case of spam and solicitations I should report the message because that way it won't affect my statistics, which I did, but it seems that that clock is still there. So what should I do?
  2. Lately, I have noticed that my response rate is going down but I reply to all my buyer's messages very quickly. How can I solve it?
  3. The only reason for doing this is that I have a client on fiver that I have been working with for over 2 months, and it took more than a day for my first reply to him. After 60 days of this incident, my inbox response rate dropped to 0%. I got a reply from talking to Fiverr support, my inbox response rate has dropped because of my previous clients who last replied to me, but I have yet to reply. Did I understand correctly? And if this is the case and I spam all these clients, will there be any problem?
  4. So I'm a new and growing seller on the Fiverr platform, and my experience so far has been pretty good. However, one thing I can't seem to understand is how the inbox response time is calculated. I respond to every single message I get well within 24 hours, never more than that, but as of a few months ago I noticed that my response time randomly went from 1 hour to 2 hours. I didn't think anything of it because it didn't seem like that big of a deal, since I couldn't figure out anything that was changing on my part. But today when I logged in, I noticed that it now says 4 hours. That's ridiculous. Unless your login time on the Fiverr app counts towards the calculation, since technically you're always online with that, I could understand. But even then, even if I receive a message in the middle of the night when I'm asleep, I'm still responding within no more than 24 hours. It bothers me that as a new seller clients would think that I only respond every 4 hours, especially when that number seems to be increasing for no reason at all.
  5. Hi Guys, I want to know about 'How does the response rate works?'. Nowadays my response rate decreasing Though I have answered all messages in time. Is it applicable for only new buyers or all buyers? Thank you.
  6. I just started as a new freelancer on the Fiverr platform and immediately came across an issue with the messaging system. Since I am new, I decided to quickly test a conversation with another known freelancer on Fiverr. Each response I gave disappeared and never made it to the receiver. About a day later, we discovered it was due to the other freelancer's status being unavailable. Once they had made their status available, I was able to have a conversation. The one problem I'm having with this is that my response rate is now 34 hours! There was nothing I could have done on my end to resolve this issue and now my newly-made profile is taking the hit. In aside from looking for a fix, is there a way my profile's stats can be reconciled due to this issue?
  7. As stated in the title my response rate keeps falling off, it went from 50% to 67% and now it's back to 50% which makes no sense since I answer every single message I get. Can someone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  8. I've just been demoted for like the fifth time, this time I guess it was my "Delivered On Time" which I had no idea mattered for your Seller level. It was caused by a revision that the buyer didn't reply to until the time was already up. It was a quick request and took me like 5 minutes. Instead of wasting more time asking for an extension and waiting 3 more days for the guy to respond just so I can deliver; I just delivered it "late". **My suggestion is to please pause/reset the time when a revision is requested. Or at least let us reply with a time extension right away if one is needed. I'm also very frustrated with the Response rates. Most of the time I don't even get a notification on my phone when I get a message. So I've been logging in as much as possible to check messages, and sometimes yes there is one. If it's over 24 hours old, I now can't respond or it will poorly affect my response rating. I used to not care and just go ahead, message back and do the work. This will lower your response rate and get you demoted. So now if I have a message that's over 24 hours old, I just ignore it. That's terrible business, but what am I supposed to do? **My suggestion is to post the response rate for all buyers to see, but remove it as a requirement for keeping your seller level. +Remove the 24 hour timeframe (if you reply after 24 hours, fiverr counts this the same as not replying at all /s) In closing, I'm extremely frustrated and feeling like I'm constantly battling against Fiverr just to keep my business afloat. There is a very apparent dip in my orders every time I get demoted. For the amount of time and money I give to this site, it feels awful getting tossed to the ground and nitpicked for every little thing. Been here for 2 years semi-casually, considering leaving for good. Sellers need to be respected at least the same as buyers, instead of letting everyone walk all over us (including Fiverr itself)
  9. I am really confused about my response time. Recently, I have sent buyer request at 12.30 p.m but buyer accept my offer at 6.30 A.M when I was sleeping. After 4hour later, I noticed it and reply to him but he didn't respond yet. Is it harmful to response time of my gig? Please, ensure me by experience seller suggestions.
  10. Hello everyone, My response rate which was 100% has decreased to 97%. I received 2 messages last night and i responded in less than 5 minutes. Also there are no spam messages. Why this happened?
  11. Hi there, I am very depressed because i lost my Level because suddenly my inbox response rate and time has been down. I am talking to my older client constantly and they ordered 2-3 but there is no improve my response time and rate. Couple of months , i didn't get any new client. has any tips to improve my response rate and time? is that any possibility to get back my level 1? N.B. I wasn't active on Fiverr for 2 days for my serious personal issues.
  12. Am I the only one see the problem with Inbox response rate on iOS. On iPhone it does not stay in notifications, sometimes even does not show the number of messages in the icon - so I do not know if someone has written to me. I have now 86% and again loose level 2. It is so annoying. Does anyone have the same problem? Also, are they many people sending you messages via the Fiverr system? Cheers
  13. A month ago I blocked a buyer which brought my response rate to 96%. But over the time its still decreasing as I have replied to every other message I received. Now its 94 % I am worried it don't cross the 90%. Someone help please!
  14. Hi, so my Inbox Response Rate is reducing for some reason and I have no idea why. I've responded to every message that wasn't spam so I have no idea what's going on. Does anyone have a similar experience?
  15. Sometime, buyers are inboxing a message for requesting a work which match with my different gig service. So if i change gig package/offer as per service requirement, thus have any bad or goof impact for next impression or something lower response rate??? let me know anyone please!!
  16. Hi there, I've had quite an unusual situation with me. A guy on seller contacted me, who himself is a Fiverr Seller. But I can't respond back to him as he is on vaccation mode. This has made my response rate to fall below 80%. Please help me out
  17. Today i have faced serious error problems to receive notification, email, and even more than 8 hr delay of a buyer's text. one of my order was competed and i didn't get any option to write review and see the confirmation page. And, i didn't receive any email that was for buyer's message (which is normally sent by 2/3 min, if i didn't respond, i think) What's going on today in Fiverr system? Is there any technical issue that made all the delayed? Please let me know. thanks [i dont know this is the write section to post that !!]
  18. So I have been always replying clients who have messaged me, even replying the ones who dropped in spam folder however recently my response rate suddenly dropped down. I mostly get overseas clients so I reply them as soon as I saw their texts. I was wondering what’s the scope of this stat, for example our conversation after first message also counts? Let’s say I said “thank you” to buyer and they wrote “you are welcome” and if I don’t respond to this, would it affect my stats too? If anyone can explain, I’d be grateful!
  19. Hello. I'm Maria and I provide proofreading service. I'm experienced in editing and reconstructing others' ideas in their documents, emails and essays. I also revise people's resumes and cover letters. Unlike other proofreaders, I never employ symbols which are difficult to comprehend while delivering my job. Hence, if you are finding someone to review your content prior to publication or submission, probably I'm the choice! And, to build reputation and accumulate positive feedback on Fiverr, I would like to offer the following promotion/ limited offer: Simply click the following and ignore the gig descriptions: https://www.fiverr.com/marialelunana/proofread-and-reconstruct-5000-words-in-24-hours Remember to specify what you would like me to offer you in the "requirements" section. I'm more than happy to complete your custom orders. I'm also welcome to receiving your outsourcing orders (which you can be the middleman and earn the price difference/ so-called commission). Best Regards, Maria
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