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What languages do you know?


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I speak English and Texan.

"Rat cheer. Ouch under."

These are Texas phrases meant to describe the location of something - it is either right here, or out yonder. Wide open spaces is why we have to use those terms.


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If it's speaking we are talking about I can pull off Bangla(native), English, Hindi, Japanese.

Out of the four above, can't write Hindi at all. And in the process of learning the Japanese writing, the kanjis are a bit hard to memorize. 😅 

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Malagasy (native), English, French, Spanish (basic). I have learned basic Khmer Cambodian and Tagalog but I forgot everything. 🤪

I start learning basic Deutsch and Russian.

I am very bad at languages. But I really like seeing some people speaking many languages. It's so cool

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