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  1. wordpress has vast customized themes to choose from.
  2. Have you tried reaching out to Fiverr support for clarification on how to improve your scores? Sometimes, they can provide helpful insights and guidance. Hang in there, and hopefully, things will improve soon!
  3. It's frustrating when clients overlook important details despite your efforts to make them clear. As a fellow seller, I've experienced similar challenges. One thing that might help is emphasizing key points in your gig description and communication with clients. You could also consider adding a checklist or highlighting important terms to ensure they're not missed.
  4. Tough when impressions don't lead to clicks. Expand gig description for clarity. Update gig thumbnail. Keep refining approach.
  5. you can see these options when you press "share your gig" for a single gig share. If you are connected with facebook, linkedin, twitter and whatsapp with the same browser, you can automatically share with the buttons pressed.
  6. Definitely reach out to Fiverr's customer support right away and provide all the details. They're equipped to handle situations like this and can assist you in resolving the issue. It's also wise to consider seeking legal advice to explore your options further.
  7. Pure Scam, I have received a website address with a QR code . Never scan this.
  8. Hey there! It's tough starting out as a new seller, but don't worry, you're not alone. To grow as a freelancer, try promoting your gigs on social media, engaging with the Fiverr community, and offering exceptional customer service. Don't give up, keep trying, and you'll see results!
  9. Sorry to hear about your account de-ranking. It can be frustrating. To improve your impressions, try updating your gig titles, descriptions, tags, attractive images and pricing. Also, consider promoting your gigs on social media or reaching out to previous clients for referrals. Hang in there, and keep pushing forward!
  10. Offer competitive prices. Provide excellent service. Share your gigs Stay engaged
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