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  1. I believe you can set order limit in your gigs statistics page.
  2. Yeah. Easy to learn and speak but complex because a word can be pronounce different and with different meaning.
  3. If you are so concern about that particular client, my advice would be you should create a custom offer, go ahead and do the work but don't deliver it to the client untill he is able to accept the offer. You can send a preview or screenshot if possible. If the client actually need the work and not aiming to just use you, he will find means to pay the bill, so far he has seen the demo or preview.
  4. My first order was through the buyer request and have not gotten any brief since buyer request removed.
  5. Hello. My gigs impression has been going up in the past few days but I have no click despite the rate the impression is growing. Please what could be the problem, help.
  6. Yeah, its simple but its really complex. A single word can be interpret into many meanings.
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